Dominica in a Nutshell

The clear, calm waters of Dominica attract divers from all over the world. Diverse underwater landscapes feature volcanic vents, dramatic walls, and colorful marine life. 



The Diving

Dominica's topography is breathtaking both above and below the water.  Canyons, steep walls, volcanic craters, and pinnacles - it creates a very diverse layout. Basically no current.  The underwater volcanoes are the cause of Dominica's unique landscape.  Specifically "the Champagne dive site" is a unique place to see it all in action.  You can see warm bubbling water, and feel the rising water temperature, created by geothermal vents in the rocks below! Electric rays, seahorses, frogfish, gurnards, caribbean reef squid, sea snakes, and batfish are just a few of the things to keep a look out for while diving Dominica


Time to dive, water temps, and visibility

The rainy season is between July and October, but diving can be done year-round.  Water temperatures in the summer are in the mid 80s, while in the winter it moves into the 70s.  Visibility can be anywhere between 60 and 100 ft.


Topside Activities

Thanks to the surplus of rain Dominica recieves through the year - hiking can be a great treat as you stubble uppon countless waterfalls, some falling thousands of feet down (don't forget to check out the boiling lake!).  Scenic tours of the Layou River by kayak can be a nice excursion when you'd like to explore above the water.  Or take a scenic tour through Carib Territory - the Indian tribe which influenced the Caribbean Sea's naming.  The capital city, Roseau, is an easy walk and holds some great day/night markets to check out as well.








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