Even with detailed travel guides and advice from seasoned divers, there are always new things to learn on a dive trip. Here are 5 insights from our time in the Manado / Bunaken area:


  • No need for a thick wetsuit! The water is comfortably warm in the Bunaken area, at least at this time of year. Temps are currently ranging from 80-84 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Music is HUGE in Manado (and North Sulawesi, too!). Any spare second they have, resort staff and locals are strumming away on guitars and ukuleles, singing harmonies until their next obligation.
  • On a beautiful resort on a small tropical island, it’s easy to take for granted the amenities. But every detail must be planned; staff transport to/from the island, generator power, water, fresh food and many supplies are brought daily to the island.
  • The sunsets are epic. No matter where you are in Manado or Bunaken, you will want to have your camera handy.
  • The people are exceptionally gracious. You will be welcomed with open arms, and feel right at home in their company.
  • BONUS (and best reason to visit): Incredible DIVING!! Massive walls, turtles and schools of fish in Bunaken, and corals, macro and some muck diving in Manado. Make sure to check out our Manado and Bunaken underwater photos and videos.



Bluewater Travel and advisors are constantly traveling and diving, so we learn and keep current all the insider info to plan the perfect trip for every diver.

Today is our travel day to Raja Ampat. Stay tuned as we explore both Papua Paradise and Sorido Bay!