What better way to spend that last 18 hours on a dive vacation than to visit some topside attractions.

Exotic Southeast Asia has all to offer, from unique cultural experiences to adrenaline filled adventures.

Here are some of our favorite topside attractions from the Best of Southeast Asia destinations:



Attend a Traditional Balinese dance.
Experience the soul of Bali by attending an ancient Balinese dance like the Legong or Kecak dance. 


Climb Mount Agung.
The highest point of Bali, Mount Agung is steeped in Balinese folklore. Choose between an advanced 7hr one way hike or a less strenuous 3.5hr one way hike.


Temple visits.
Bali is teeming with unique Hindu temples. The temple at Uluwatu is perched high up on the cliff with amazing views, and the temple at Tanah Lot is a one-of-a-kind island temple.

Bali Tanah Lot Temple

The one of a kind island temple at Tanah Lot.



Tangkoko National Park.
Home to black crested macaque monkeys, cuscus, hornbills and the world’s smallest (and cutest) primate, the tarsier.


Tomohon traditional markets.
Shop the flower market and the jungle food market in the Tomohon highlands and experience a burst of colors and local flavor.

Manado Tomohon Market

A local vegetable seller at the Tomohon food market



Observe the mating ritual of one of the most rare and beautifully colored birds, called Cendrawasih, or Birds of Paradise.

Raja Ampat Cendrawasih

Cendrawasih. Photo Credit: Reza Pratama



Talasea Plane Wrecks.
A partially disintegrated Mitchell B-25 Bomber and a Lockheed Vega Ventura abandoned in a forest is quite a sight to behold.


Fireflies Viewing.
Fireflies congregate in trees and bushes to breed, synchronizing their flashes to create an amazing light show.


Garu Hot River.
The warm bath-like temperatures of the river will entice you to soak in its mineral and sulphur rich waters, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Add the naturally exfoliating red mud for a complete spa experience.


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Garu Hot Springs

Exfoliating red mud can also be used as face paint.


No matter which destination you visit, after a wonderful day of diving, nothing beats just sitting on a lounge chair on the beach and soaking in the sunset.


Gorgeous sunsets after a day of diving