Written from Lissenung Island Resort, Kavieng.

 Papua New Guinea is a dive destination for travelers, a place where you can still explore and go on an authentic adventure. Each dive hotspot is rich in culture, and each teases visiting divers with adding some days to their trips to enjoy the many topside excursions. Tourists beware, there are other destinations where you can enjoy a fruity drink and isolation from the country you’re visiting. In Papua New Guinea, the culture is inherent the moment you step off the plane.


The first question Quinn and I were asked when speaking about Papua New Guinea was about safety.  From our dive itinerary, we find nothing at all uncomfortable. In fact, people we’ve met are very friendly and go out of their way to help us along. The resorts are well-established in their communities and have arrangements anywhere you go for their topside tours, so there’s not a worry. Like anywhere in the world, walking alone down an alley at night is not a good idea.


The rewards are very much worth the travel time!


Today we’re at Lissenung Island Resort, which feels just like you’d expect a small, private island to feel.  Remote with a family atmosphere, and incredible diving (literally) right in front. In the past two days we’ve dived a wall cloudy with schools of fish and passing grey, whitetip and blacktip sharks. Seen huge fans, a rainbow of soft corals, a Japanese bi-plane wreck, small caves and swim-throughs, zipped along in a current past bumphead parrotfish and admired macro subjects like ghost pipefish, nudibranchs, leaf scorpionfish and pygmy seahorses.


And this is just 4 dives. We can’t wait for diving tomorrow and to share our Lissenung underwater video in just a couple days. We can’t get enough of PNG!




Featured Photo (above):  Japanese bi-plane wreck “Deep Pete” in Kavieng, PNG. Shot with Canon 5D Mk3 & Tokina 10-17mm Lens in Aquatica A5D Mk3 housing with I-Torch Venom38 Lights (no strobes used).



The stars last night. I turned around while we were watching the lunar eclipse at Lissenung Island Resort. Astro photographers will seek out high dry climates, but divers who like the stars will be amazed by the night sky at Lissenung.



Getting into the spirit of PNG! Quinn with her face painted at the Garu Hot River in Kimbe Bay. The river is as warm as a jacuzzi, and the sulfur in the clay and water leave your skin feeling better than the most expensive spa in the city.



You can’t beat this view while waiting for your plane at the airport.



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