3 Reasons We’re Looking Forward to Diving Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Located in the Coral Triangle and surrounded by the Bismark, Coral and Solomon Seas, PNG has an incredible array of tropical fish and corals. Divers can enjoy over 20,000 miles of reef systems with visibility ranging from 50-150 feet!

We love nothing more than dive stories and have been speaking with many divers and PNG experts. It didn’t take much to convince us that we HAD to visit Papua New Guinea to dive, but here are three of reasons that stick out to us.


1.  World-class diving. PNG rivals any destination in the world for macro, wide-angle, coral reefs, vertical walls, pelagics and wrecks. The diving is epic and diverse.

2.  Cultural opportunities. From Sing-Sing with local tribes and villages to photographing endemic bird species, PNG offers an incredible opportunity to blend cultural and land-based experiences with scuba diving.

3.  Pristine Reefs. PNG’s incredible reefs are preserved largely to the fact that they are remote, which means: less scuba impact on the reefs, less urban pollution and farming runoff and less chance of sharing the dive site with several other boats.



Our travel within Papua New Guinea


We’re very excited to be visiting Walindi Plantation Resort and Lissenung Island Resort on this trip. Ron Watkins wrote a great article on diving the area around Walindi.



You can also check out the full Bluewater Travel page for scuba travel to Papua New Guinea.


1 more day until the Best of Southeast Asia begins! 

– Quinn and Brent