Minahasa Lagoon is that whimsical vacation place you see in movies or dream about when you are knee-deep in work. Sitting on a private, white-sand beach with a lagoon running throughout, the resort features 21 living areas with spectacular views. Welcome to paradise.


Eco Divers runs an amazing dive operation that will make it difficult to stay on land. Bunaken National Park is just 45 minutes away, and the diving in the Manado area offers excellent macro opportunities. Eco Divers also recently got a new boat, which allows for quick rides between dive sites for a great mix of North Sulawesi diving. The crew handles all your dive gear, and there’s even a camera room for the underwater photographers.


After a day of diving, a popular spot (perhaps second to in the ocean) is at the stylish, contemporary bar. There, guests can socialize, listen to music, sip cocktails, all while soaking their feet in the infinity pool. There’s also a spa and Jacuzzi for those desiring other luxuries. Amazing living plus amazing diving? Count me in!

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