Throughout the Best of Southeast Asia, we’ve had many conversations with divers about underwater photo and video, and of course, the lengths some photographers will go to for a shot. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll put in much planning, invest in travel and then hours of strenuous work for a single frame – we’re talking about photographers who harass marine life and damage the reef.


My dive buddy and fiancée, Quinn, took a couple videos of me shooting turtles at Bunaken National Park with the iPix iPhone 5 housing. I had no idea she was doing this, but upon seeing it decided to make the below “sea turtle photo etiquette video”. We added a GoPro Hero 3+ underwater video from today, which was recording while I was changing my sunburst-shot settings to prepare for a turtle as it approached. I use the Aquatica A5DMk3 housing and Ultralight arms/clamps, so major settings & strobe position changes are a breeze.


We hope this video reminds everyone to respect the turtles, kura-kuras, honus, tortugas and all marine life for that matter. Learn all about turtles in the Underwater Photography Guide‘s ‘Ultimate Guide to Sea Turtles


Etiquette for Sea Turtle Photography