We all have the image of being shipwrecked on a white sand beach on a tropical island. But what if you actually wanted to be there? That’s Murex Bangka.


On the northernmost tip of North Sulawesi, Murex Bangka Resort offers incredible sunsets, a relaxed atmosphere, and plenty of time to dive dive dive. Great wide-angle and macro opportunities are available, including day trips to Lembeh Strait for your critter fix and Bunaken for stunning wall dives. Or, you can combine a stay with Murex Manado and Lembeh Resort / Critters@Lembeh for a full sampling of North Sulawesi diving. Contact us for details and special pricing.


Between dives, guests can enjoy a good book on their private porch overlooking the ocean, or snooze on a hammock at the shore. Without any hassles or distractions, it is easy to reconnect with nature and those you are with. In the evenings, power is back on for charging camera batteries or to use the internet as you choose. Murex Bangka is also a small resort, so guests get to know each other during their stay, and often discuss their next trip back!


Interested in staying at Murex? Bluewater Travel is offering special rates for dive travel to North Sulawesi. Contact us for the best pricing, service, and advice.


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