Adventure. Exploration. Discovery. This is the stuff that Sorido Bay Resort is made of. Built by Max Ammer and just minutes away from Papua Diving’s other resort, Kri Eco Resort (the first in Raja Ampat), the resort is abuzz with talks of future voyages and research on potentially unidentified marine species. Also home the Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center, it’s easy to get whisked away in the excitement during your stay at Sorido Bay Resort.


Papua Diving has no shortage of enthusiasm for the area either. Located deep in the Coral Triangle – which continues to prove itself as the center of marine biodiversity – Sorido Bay Resort is a short boat ride from incredible dive sites such as Mike’s Point, Cape Kri, Blue Magic and Mioskon, among others. Two-tank trips stop at more famous sites including Manta Sandy, The Passage, and the Fam Islands. Guests can also enjoy unlimited diving at the house reef.


Between dives, guests return to the resort and enjoy a fresh fruit drink while lounging on the jetty. There is also the option to do a land excursion to visit the Birds of Paradise, hike the white sand beach or explore a trail to Kri Eco Resort through the jungle. The array of exotic creatures on the island and at the house reef will inspire the explorer in anyone. By the end of your stay, you will be itching for your next adventure!


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