At Walindi Plantation Resort, you will feel as though you are truly a part of nature. The chorus of tropical birds and insects instantly awakens your sense of hearing, the paths are draped by canopies of tall rainforest trees, and a walk on the bridge over the stream is bordered in bright, flowering plants. Welcome, your bungalow awaits you.


Located on the shore of Kimbe Bay in West New Britain Province, Walindi Plantation Resort is an ideal destination for travelers wishing to dive dive dive. This area of Papua New Guinea is fed by the rich Bismark Sea in the Coral Triangle, which continues to prove itself as the center of marine biodiversity. Max and Cecilie, the owners of Walindi Resort, also established the Mahonia Na Dari Research and Conservation Center nearby which focuses on education of PNG school kids (among many other things) to help protect West New Britain’s unique marine & rainforest environments. It is no wonder that Kimbe Bay attracts some of the most renowned divers and marine scientists in the world, along with bird-watchers, NGOs and other nature groups.


The dive operation strives to create a personalized dive experience, proving that Kimbe Bay is truly different underwater. Whip coral gardens tangle with vibrant blue and orange sponges, sharks cruise along huge walls, and anthias dart in and out of the shallow hard coral fields. Check out our underwater photos for a small taste:


After a day of diving, guests can relax at any of the resort’s lounge areas, at the saltwater pool, the ever-popular Planter’s Bar, or even shop at Blue Taro Boutique. Snorkeling, bird watching, and a number of other day trips are also available to fit the needs of non-divers and family. After all, you’re in Papua New Guinea – one of the best places in the world for unique cultural experiences. Whatever you decide to do, at Walindi Plantation Resort you will get a true PNG experience.


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