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Maldivers Diving Center Quick Pitch 

Maldivers is a Dive Center established in the year 1999 by some very passionate divers whom all had one thing in mind, which was to share their underwater experiences with as many people possible. They have been offering SSI courses to the highest standards possible, and the programs include from one-day experience programs (Try Scuba Diving) to beginner courses and Specialty Diver courses to professional diving certifications. The dive center has also initiated a lot of clean-up programs and environmental campaigns. During all dives and courses, they like to keep the groups small to make it more enjoyable.

The staff is made up of very energetic, eager and environmentally aware diving professionals who make sure their motto “dive with someone you know, learn with someone you trust” becomes a reality, keeping in mind that customers get the best experience they can.


Maldivers Diving Center Facilities

Their facility consists of a dive room equipped with all the necessary equipment serviced to a high standard to make your diving safe, relaxing and fun. There is also a sitting area and a classroom equipped with a library of necessary materials to help students and divers with their learning.




Located at the island of Maalhos in Baa Atloll Maldives. It takes 20 minutes by Domestic Aeroplane to reach Dharavandhoo Airport and about 10-15 minutes of speedboat ride to reach the island. There are several flights per day. It is recommended to take the aeroplane to get to Maalhos.

Speedboat ferry is also available which only takes about 2-2.5 hours to reach from Malé City. Speedboats run on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Speedboat that goes to Maalhos leaves in the afternoon around 1 pm and the speedboat that goes from Maalhos to Malé City leave around 7 am.


Dive Overview 

The island is surrounded by a spectacular house reef with rich flora and fauna. Baby sharks, moray eels, rays and turtles are often found on the house reef. The house reef is accessible from the beach and is perfect for snorkelling and diving. You can also see stunning sand banks which can be reached by 5 minutes speedboat ride from Maalhos. The charming locals, the untouched beauty and simplicity will leave you wanting to come back and will make your Maldives dreams come true!


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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Madi Finolhu Guest House Madi Finolhu Guest House


Maldivers Diving Center Accommodation overview

Accommodation is arranged through their partnered guest house, Madi Finolhu Guest House. It is a small guest house with ten rooms on site. Three rooms are located at the beach front and seven rooms are located a two-minute walk away from the beach. The place is fully catered and consist of a variety of cuisine including Maldivian, Asian and International. There are a few small cafes and restaurants on the island as well. Although there is no bar on the island but transportation can be arranged to take you to a night out at a nearby resort island. There are a few small shops on the island selling some basic items.

Apart from diving and snorkelling, activities on the island include visiting sandbanks, sunset cruises, fishing, cooking classes, island tours and much more.


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Dive Information

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Rasdhoo Dive Overview 

Scuba Diving can provide a very relaxing environment where you could indulge in hours of discovery and exploration and be mesmerised by the alien life that inhabits the bottom. For those with an addiction for the rush of adrenalin; there are few things that could parallel the excitement of diving in rushing currents and the thrill of close encounters with the wonderful creatures of the deep, like sharks and rays. Underwater photographers and wildlife enthusiasts would find that the multicoloured reefs are a haven for flora and fauna.

Scuba diving took to the wind in Maldives, in the 70’s, with the establishment of the first tourist’s resorts. Diving became the primary tool of tourist attraction. The virgin waters filled with colourful marine life offer divers a place unlike anywhere else in the world. With more than 98% of Maldives consisting of sea water, we have some of the world’s most beautiful dive sites with an abundance of sea life that is matched by very few other places.

Maldives has sunny weather almost all throughout the year, except for the monsoon rains; although it does not rain continuously for long periods of time. It is ideal conditions for a warm water dive into the underwater realms. Water temperatures tend to remain constant between 27 and 30 Degree Celsius. Another factor in relation to diving is the water currents; which is quite predictable for any experienced diver or seafarer, in the Maldives Drift diving can be an easy way to experience the vast and serene underwater environment of Maldives, as it allows to see more fish life and coral formations than could otherwise be seen. Maldives has protected dive sites and locations and sea life, throughout the archipelago. Diving with consideration of these factors can be a life changing experience that is memorable.



Daily Dive Schedule

  • House Reef Dives - The house reef can be accessed quite easily so depending on the conditions we can dive there throughout the day. The Reefs and the Thilas (deep reefs) is home to a multitude of marine life including turtles, rays, tropical fish. There are several reefs to see sharks and to dive amongst the soft coral. The world-famous manta ray site, Hanifaru Bay is just a short boat ride away.
  • Two Tank Dives - Two tank dives are usually done in the morning. We leave a bit early in the morning after breakfast and return to the island for lunch. We like to vary the dive sites we go to every day and will be more than happy to take up your requests on where to go and what you would like to see.
  • Single Tank Dives - Single tank dives can be fit pretty much anytime during the day as with house reef dives.
  • Night Dives - Night dives can be conducted on the house reef or by boat. We start preparation a bit before sunset and start the dive after the sun has gone down.
  • Full Day Trips - Full day trips can be arranged upon request. Usually, we like to visit dive sites that are a bit further away during these trips.
  • Free Try Out - Regular free try out sessions are available for people who never have dived before and wants to have just a taste of it.
  • Try Scuba Diving - Scuba diving while in the Maldives is one of the must do things. If you do not have a certification but still would like to dive while under supervision, you can do the Try Scuba Diving program which takes just a few hours. You begin by diving in shallow water, and you can continue to dive on the coral reef after completing the shallow water part of the program.
  • Night Snorkeling - Night snorkeling at the house reef is quite an interesting activity where you get to see all the nocturnal life.
  • Marine Ecology Tours - For those who are interested to learn a bit more about the marine environment, the marine ecology tours would be perfect. It is suitable for both divers and snorkelers. We can focus on the marine flora and fauna which are of interest to you during the tour on top of giving you an overview of the Maldivian underwater environment.


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Packages & Rates

Maldivers Diving Center Packages and Rates 

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Dive Prices

Prices are per person in USD and includes all taxes and service charges.



House Reef Dive


1 dive with boat charges


5-10 dive package including boat charges (price per dive)


10+ dive package including boat charges (price per dive)


1 Hanifaru Bay Snorkeling


1 Snorkeling


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Room Rates

Prices are per night in USD based on double occupancy and includes all taxes and service charges.



1 Night Bed and Breakfast


1 Night Half Board


1 Night Full Board


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Prices are per person in USD and includes all taxes and service charges.



Return transfer via domestic airline


Return transfer via speed boat

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Rates & Availability 

For more information on rates, availability and to book, drop us an email at or call us today at 310-915-6677. We will gladly help you plan your dream vacation!

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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Local Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)
  • International Airport: Male International Airport
  • Language spoken: English
  • Electricity: 230 V
  • Time Zone: UTC+5

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Underwater Gallery 

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Maldives underwater photo, Manta Maldives underwater photo, Whale Shark

Maldives underwater photo, nebulosa Maldives underwater photo, Maldivian Anemone Fish

Maldives underwater photo


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