Raja Ampat has many famous dive areas frequented by both resorts and liveaboards. One of the most intriguing in name and most unique of these sites is The Passage, which is situated close to Sorido Bay Resort – Papua Diving, where we’re staying.

Divers enter the channel in between islands, pulling up alongside beside topheavy mushroom rocks, limestone walls that make climbers look twice, tangled green jungle and aquamarine water. The scenery is stunning, with an occasional hornbill flying between trees.

The dive feels like a combination of ocean and river diving mixed in with a bit of speed racing. There are caverns to explore, illuminated by laser-straight shafts of sunlight. There are fallen trees, boulders, juvenile fish huddled together, soft corals, sea fans enjoying the shade beneath tree canopies and even some sharks cruising around. Once the current starts moving you zoom down the channel until ducking into an eddy for the next photo opportunity.

Our 90-minute dive with Sorido Bay Resort – Papua Diving was barely enough time to scratch the surface of this dive site. Here are a few of the photo highlights.


Scuba Diving The Passage in Raja Ampat