The 4 Kings. Even the name, Raja Ampat, is intriguing and begs for exploration. Today, Quinn and I made our first two dives with Papua Paradise (Gangga Divers; our 3rd Lotus resort on the Best of Southeast Asia tour) in Raja Ampat. These were local “welcome” dives at the sites Umun and AYOF.


We saw beautiful hard coral gardens, soft corals, schools of fish, including a school of barracuda), hawksbill turtles and even a couple blacktip sharks. Of course, writing can’t describe the scene, so here are today’s photos, shot with the Canon 100mm macro lens in Aquatica A5DMk3 housing and I-Torch Pro6 focus light.


Tomorrow we visit the famed Fam Islands! Stay tuned for the wide-angle photos & video!


Raja Ampat Macro Photo Gallery