Our second day in Raja Ampat brought us to the Fam Islands. That of course, after watching dawn envelop the bay where Papua Paradise is located from the hammock on our veranda (and cataloging video clips…).


The trip was just an hour and we made three dives plus walked the 320 steps up to the most classic view in Raja Ampat. Melissa’s Garden was spectacular, and I recorded some video that we’ll show during our Papua Paradise episode in 2 days. It was indeed a garden, full of hard and soft coral along gentle slopes, every piece covered in anthias, chromis, fusiliers and other small fish. Our next dive brought us to Batu Rufus, where we flew on a current around a corner and then dived along a beautiful wall full of coral before finishing near a few sand chutes. Dive three was at Anita’s Garden. While this had slightly less visibility and new cloud cover, it was also full of life. Quinn spotted 4 blacktips in the blue (could be the same one doing laps), and there were amazing corals in the shallows with a symphony of small fish life and behind them a backdrop of larger schools of fish. And without further delay, the photos:


Fam Islands Photos