Another great day diving in Bunaken National Park. Eco Divers Minahasa Lagoon took Quinn and I out for two great dives at new sites (for us) in the park, both of which were classic wide-angle wall dives. Breathtaking.

We were lucky enough to be out on Eco Divers’ new boat in its 2nd day of service, which made the trip to Bunaken in just 45 minutes. The Eco Divers crew is great, as we’ll detail in our resort report tomorrow, but for now, here’s the scoop on the dive sites.


Timur, Bunaken Island

Our first dive, where I shot wide-angle video. This is a wall dive where you can see the bottom (a step, actually), covered with corals and sponges and blanketed with butterfly, triggerfish and many others. The shallows were a fishbowl playground, as is standard on Bunaken.


Mandolin, Bunaken Island

Our second dive, where I shot wide-angle photos. This wall dive has no bottom below it, feeling like you’re flying in space. Lots of fish again, big gorgonians, barrel sponges, a school of trevally and of course, turtles!


No sharks on either dive, but that’s a tradeoff for the very gentle currents we drifted in. I took a few minutes to film some fishbowl clips, which we’ll include in our Eco Divers Minahasa Lagoon resort video.

Tomorrow we do a couple macro dives then drive over to Eco Divers Lembeh Strait, for arguably the best critter diving in the world. Fun times ahead!


Photos from Mandolin