Lembeh Strait lived up to its reputation. Most divers will tell you that you need at least 5 or more days in Lembeh (without venturing to the further coral dive sites), but we were blown away with the critters found in the three days we dived. I can’t imagine diving here for a week or more on a true dive trip. Each dive delivered a new critter from my hunting list. If you haven’t yet, check out our two other Lembeh Strait underwater critter photo posts:

A Focus on Macro with Eco Divers

Subjects in the Sand at Lembeh Strait


We’ve had two great days with Critters@Lembeh and Lembeh Resort. If you haven’t yet, check out our prior Lembeh Strait posts for more critter photos. The guides have many, many years of experience and even write down the name of the critters in front of you on a slate.


These photos are from dives at Rojos, Tandurusa and Critter Hunt. Rojos is a classic sand site that we dived “Lembeh style”. What’s that?… you’ll have to visit yourself to find out! But as a hint, it’s the best way to find critters. Tandurusa is more of a muck site with abundant critters. My highlights were a harlequin shrimp couple and a wonderpus. Critter Hunt is just that… and it delivered. Blue-ringed octopus, donald-duck shrimp, razor shrimp, nudis and more – I was so busy I missed a pair of tiger shrimp and flamboyant cuttlefish eggs. Wish I could go back!

All photos shot with a Canon 5D Mk3 in Aquatica A5DMk3 Housing, Canon 100mm lens and I-Torch Pro6 focus light, and the smallest critters with a +10 diopter.


Lembeh Strait Underwater Photos