Win a free liveaboard trip on the Solomons PNG Master

Win a free liveaboard trip on the Solomons PNG Master

ONE LUCKY DIVER WILL WIN A 7-Night LIVEABOARD TRIP valued at $3,440 ABOARD THE Solomons png master!

To enter:




You'll receive one entry for each review written and approved. Plus, you'll get an additional raffle entry if you're the first person to review a destination, liveaboard, or resort that hasn't been previously reviewed. 

There is no limit to the number of entries you can get to post as many reviews of destinations, resorts, and liveaboards to increase your chances of winning!



How to add a review

#1 Navigate to the destination, resort or liveaboard of your choice and click on "add a review"

#2 OR Click on add a review in the resource menu

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Rules and Guidelines for reviews

  • #1 Reviews should be helpful, objective and detailed. Instead of saying "the food was great, the rooms were great", say "the food was great because they served Tiramisu, and rooms were great because they were huge, clean and had a 50-inch TV".
  • > Resort & liveaboard reviews should discuss accommodation, what amenities the resort & rooms had, what the cuisine was, rooms, staff, how the dive operation was, and what marine life seen.
  • > Dive operator reviews should discuss the staff, dive to guide ration, size and comfort of the boats, dive time limits, marine life seen, and favorite dive sites.
  • > Destination reviews should not discuss the boat/resort but should mention what marine life is seen, how dive conditions are, favorite dive sites, how to get there, what part of the island/country to stay at, recommended topside activities, and overall impressions of the destination.
  • Here is an example of a great (but long) resort review.
  • #2 The following reviews will not be approved: reviews with profanity, slander of resorts, destinations or staff, reviews by employees or consultants of a property, reviews written by people who did not dive at the destination/property, reviews written because of a grudge, out of anger, or against a competitor.

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 About the Solomons PNG Master

Solomons PNG Master (previously known as MV Taka) is a custom designed diving vessel with 12 cabins accommodating up to 20 guests and a crew of 12 including your dive team, skipper, boat crew, and chefs. See more details on the Solomons PNG Master liveaboard


What makes the solomons PNG Master Liveaboard different:

  • Spacious yacht, custom-designed for scuba diving
  • Amazing diving in the Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea: pristine reef, remote locations, and highly diverse diving! 
  • Spacious dive deck with great amenities for underwater photographers (charging station, camera table, etc) 
  • Tech diving and re-breather friendly

Solomons PNG Master Liveaboard Solomons PNG Master Liveaboard

Solomons PNG Master Liveaboard Solomons PNG Master Liveaboard

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Prize details and rules

Drawing will be held on June 1st, 2019

  • #1 - The winner must be a certified diver, 18 years of age or older. Employees and consultants of Bluewater Travel are not eligible.
  • #2 - Prize value: $3,440 for a 7 night trip in 2019

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