Mating Blue rings at Lembeh Resort

Mating Blue rings at Lembeh Resort


Mating Blue-ring Octopi at Lembeh Resort!


This morning a customer of Bluewater Photo reported finding mating blue-ringed octopus at Lembeh Resort. She credits her awesome dive guide Opo Kacil for finding the mating pair, whom she and her husband hired as a private dive guide. Tracey used a Nikon D7000, Sea & Sea housing and a Nikon 105mm macro lens.

Lembeh Resort is in a prime location in Lembeh Strait. It has a great house reef, and many excellent dive sites are only a few minute boat ride away. It is hard to find a better place for muck diving, critters, and cephalopods such as wonderpus, mimic octopus, and blue-rings.

Tracey says "We are in a new garden room in Lembeh Resort and it is amazing, Fresh and clean, and EVERYONE remembers us from last year"

Nice job Tracey!

You can read more about blue-rings in our awesome blue-ring octopus article.


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