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Eco Divers and Minahasa Lagoon Consolidation

Eco Divers and Minahasa Lagoon Consolidation

Eco Divers Announces Consolidation of Minahasa Lagoon

Minahasa Lagoon, Manado, has merged its dive operation with Eco Divers to further improve the dive experience of its guests.

Minahasa Lagoon Dive and Tour Club is nestled in the world famous Marine Park in Bunaken, 30 kilometers southwest of Manado in North Sulawesi. It boasts 15 seafront and mountain villas built with iron wood, architecturally styled with rustic charm and thatched roofing, plus 6 spacious garden view rooms situated against abundant tropical greenery. This 4 hectare resort spotlights unrivaled bio-diversity, complemented by its own Dive Centre and Club, swimming pool, bar, Lagoon Spa, food and beverage facilities, the hilltop Jungle Restaurant and beautiful sights to discover.

Minahasa Lagoon is well known among travelers as a premium dive and leisure resort in the Bunaken National Marine Park. Minahasa Lagoon is constantly upgrading its facilities and services for its guests; most recently it has agreed to consolidate its diving operations with Eco Divers.

Dive enthusiasts can look forward to highly engaging and personalized dive trips with Minahasa Lagoon and Eco Divers. Not only will guests enjoy staying on-site at the resort in Manado, but Eco Divers also has a unique feature at its resort in Lembeh; a 53 foot boat anchored in the famed Lembeh Strait's dive sites, providing access to the underwater world of this critter-filled destination.

Eco Divers is a well known and respected diving group internationally, with operations in Manado and Lembeh. They have been operating out of Minahasa Lagoon for the past 24 months.

Mr. Andrea Bensi, Managing Director of Eco Divers, said “the reorganization of the diving operations is a logical next step in our cooperation with Minahasa Lagoon, and this will further strengthen the partnership...I look forward to Eco Divers and Minahasa Lagoon completing its consolidation soon to allow guests to enjoy a high level of service and a seamless great diving experience in Bunaken and Lembeh at the most competitive rates.”

This development will strengthen the excellent partnership between Eco Divers and Minahasa Lagoon and will ensure a seamless, dedicated diving service.

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