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Paul Vukovich is an English born photographer currently living between Mexico and the US.  

He has an infectious enthusiasm for the oceans and his desire to share and develop in others a deep passion for marine conservation drives his underwater photography and videography.

Paul is an experienced scuba and freediver, at ease diving beneath the waves to explore and capture striking imagery of its charismatic inhabitants.

In doing this he provides a glimpse through his lens to help others experience the beauty and wonder of the underwater world, still alien to many. With captivating scenes and thought provoking captions, Paul’s images evoke an emotional connection, encouraging viewers to engage, connect and respond to his images - developing themselves a greater curiosity and a deeper appreciation of the ocean and it’s inhabitants.

Paul is incurably curious with an infectious drive and positivity. He is always on the lookout for adventure and opportunity, building collaborations to further develop and share his skills and passions with those around him.



    • Moorea Photo Group Trip 2023
  • Sept 16 - 23, 2023
  • Our whale boat stays out all day, taking advantage of time in the early morning, mid-day, and late afternoon when many other operators (i.e. half-day boats) are not out.
  • We have selected a top-notch operator with a high level of expertise in finding whales and providing you the best chance of having a quality encounter in the water. Having an operator who knows how to get you a better whale experience is critical in Moorea.
  • Our operator’s boat has a hydrophone, which not only helps us to locate the singing male humpback whales but also provides you the opportunity to hear the whales' song in great detail!
  • 7N for only $2,995
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Paul Vukovich Humpback Whale Moorea Paul Vukovich Orca Whale Paul Vukovich Shark

  Paul Vukovich Humpback Whale Moorea Paul Vukovich Hammerhead Shark Paul Vukovich Orca Whale

  Paul Vukovich Humpback Whale Moorea Paul Vukovich Orca Whale Paul Vukovich Humpback Whale Moorea

  Paul Vukovich Shark Paul Vukovich Orca Whale Dolphin Paul Vukovich Shark

Paul Vukovich Shark Paul Vukovich Mobula Rays 


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