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Moorea, French Polynesia August/September 2020 Trips


Moorea Whale SNORKEL Trips August/September 2020

This is why you must do this trip:

We would like to invite you on a very special trip. Imagine being picked up from a boat directly from your hotel restaurant. A trip where you can have a close encounter with a whale 10 minutes after leaving the dock. A location that puts you in warm, clear water and takes 1/3 the time to get to than most other humpback whale destinations, and costs half the price. A trip where the operator never cuts a whale encounter short. A trip where you are in the water with a small group of people, 6 at most, compared to 20 people on the "day boats". This is the amazing trip that Scott Gietler experienced, and has put together for you to enjoy - a trip of a lifetime. Scott had whale encounters every day he was on the water. Snorkel only, no dive certification required!

Check out this awesome video!

To get a little insight as to what the trip is like, read the report from our 2018 trips, here

Humpback whale season is from August 1st to November 1st. All trips are at the peak of the season.

Moorea Trip Moorea TripMoorea Trip Moorea TripMoorea Trip Moorea Trip

All photos were taken by Scott Gietler during a trip to Moorea in 2018.  See more amazing photos here  


Choose from 5 dates:

Aug 29 - Sept 5 / September 5-12 / September 12-19 / September 19-26

Trip Leaders: TBD

September 26 - October 3, 2020

Led by Renee Capozzola

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Only $2,995 for 7 nights


Why Book This Trip with Bluewater

  • Our whale boat stays out all day, taking advantage of time in the early morning, mid-day, and late afternoon when the other operators (i.e. half-day boats) are not out.
  • We have selected a top-notch operator with a high level of expertise in finding whales and providing you the best chance of having a quality encounter in the water. Having an operator who knows how to get you a better whale experience is critical in Moorea.
  • Our operator’s boat has a hydrophone which not only helps us to locate the whales, but also provides you the opportunity to hear these whales singing in great detail!

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  • Small group size (max 6 guests, incl trip leader)
  • 7 nights accommodation at Hotel Kaveka, twin occupancy
  • Lunch provided on the boat
  • 5 days on the water looking for whales, weather permitting, on a private boat with captain and guide and 1 day of rest to explore or relax.


  • Breakfast & dinner not included. Buying food at the grocery store can be inexpensive. Most restaurants will pick you up free of charge at the hotel, but the restaurants can be pricey. There is a reasonably priced pizza place within walking distance of Hotel Kaveka.
  • Taxi to/from Airport/Ferry and Ferry/Hotel (~$25 USD, split among passengers), 4 taxi rides total
  • Upgrading to a single occupancy room
  • Trip Insurance
  • Ferry Ride to and from Moorea ~$30 USD round trip. You can also fly, though the ferries are cheap and you can buy tickets on site (i.e. they don’t need to be purchased in advance.) There are two ferry companies: Aremiti (has 2 ferry boats) and Terevau (Has 1 ferry boat)
  • Transfer from the pier: There is a public bus service which leaves from the pier upon the arrival of the fast ferries, and the price is 350 CFP per person one way (roughly USD 3.5). There is also the ALBERT TRANSPORT mini-bus shuttle which is also on the pier upon arrival of the fast ferries and the price person one way for this is 700 CFP (roughly USD 6.7) and you may book online at or . Finally, there is also a taxi company located right on the pier also, and they charge 2.500 CFP for the cab that can seat up to eight passengers (roughly USD 25).
  • Tips


AdDitional Information

  • Please bring your own wetsuit and fins. There is no rental options on the island. A full 3mm wetsuit is highly recommended; many guests skipped the wetsuit and got very cold when the weather got windy and cloudy.
  • We are not in the water all day non-stop. There may be long periods of time when you’re on the boat, just looking for the whales. 
  • Many guests have been getting sunburn even though there is a shade on the boat, so all skin must be covered. We suggest hat, scarf for face/lips, full skin or wetsuit and plenty of sunscreen. 
  • Guests are required to be decent swimmers, and be physically able to get up a small boat ladder on their own.
  • Airbnb is getting more popular and can be recommended for a night in Tahiti.


Boat Details

Semi-inflatable 24ft / 7.5m boat.

Moorea Trip Moorea Trip

Moorea Trip

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Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1: International flight arrival at Tahiti (airport code: PPT), take ferry to Moorea, hotel arrival
  • Day 2 - 7: Look for whales 9AM - 4PM (Pickup/dropoff times are sample times and not guaranteed). With a day of rest in the middle.
  • Day 8: Depart hotel, take ferry back to Tahiti



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Moorea Trip Moorea Trip

Moorea Trip Moorea Trip


About Hotel Kaveka

Family owned and operated, The Hotel Kaveka offers incredible value for discerning travelers from around the world. Nobody knows Moorea better than the team of professionals at The Hotel Kaveka. Portable televisions with local reception are in the bungalows along with a mini refrigerator and air conditioning. The rooms included on this trip are the better rooms with air-conditioning.

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Renee Capozzola is an international award-winning underwater photographer who specializes in wide angle and over-under images. Her work is an intriguing combination of artistic talent honed through oil painting during her youth and a professional background in biology. The list of awards she has won includes first place in the 2018 Big Picture: Natural World Photography Competition, first place in the 2018 Asia Pacific UW Photo Challenge, first place winner in the 2017 Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year, and the Best-In-Show prize at the 2017 Beneath the Sea. 

Learn more about Renee here

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Payment Schedule  

Deposit: $300

Payment 2: $500, Due 9/1/19

Payment 3: $1,000, Due 3/1/20

Payment 4: Balance, Due 6/1/20

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Photo Gallery 

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Moorea Humpback Whale Photos Taken by Tommy Stylski

Moorea Humpback Whale Photos Taken by Bryan Chu



Moorea Humpback Whale Photo Taken by Erik Lukas  


Moorea Humpback Whale Photos Taken by Mark Strickland  


Moorea Humpback Whale Photos Taken by Ron Watkins  


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