Saba and St. Kitts


Saba in a Nutshell

Year-round diving is available in intriguing volcanic dive environments. Divers will encounter an abundance of diverse and thriving marine life throughout Saba Marine Park. 



Diving Conditions

The warm and clear water, with near to no current help make diving Saba a relaxed and enjoyable holiday.  With around 30 dive sites to explore, divers can spend a good time here either on the island or a liveaboard.  Hawksbill turtles, stingrays, sharks, and colorful tropicals are to name a few of the things you can expect to see.


Topside Activities

As the island is quite small (only 5 square miles) options are relatively limited besides diving.  There are no beaches to relax at, as majority of the island is rock cliff-faces.  With that said, the beauty of the island isn't lost, thanks to its mountainous terrain, it holds some beautiful views.  Take a day to hike up Mt. Scenery - at 3,000 ft high it is the highest point of Saba - you won't be disappointed!


Underwater and Topside Views of Saba




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