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Atlantis Dive Resort, Puerto Galera


Their slogan of arrive a stranger and leave a friend is not hyperbole. From the pick up at the airport, the Belmont hotel for your arrival before travel to the ferry boat the next day. The staff goes out of its way to help and ensure your trip is excellent even if your a solo traveler as I was, or as a member of a group of 20+ their level of service is the same for all.

Most dive sites are less than 12 minutes from the resort, they work with the group to ensure he site selected meets the divers bucket list or what they want to see, from frog fish, sea horses, banded sea snakes, pigmy sea horses. Hard corrals to soft corrals. With 5 dives a day and specialty dives you are well covered and will most likely see what you are looking for. Their is no up-charge if you desire the larger 100 Tanks versus 80 aluminum tanks. You only need to analize your Nitrox tanks and setup your gear once so the staff know how you prefer it setup. after that you only need to arrive with your wetsuit and walk to the boat for your dive your gear is ready and good to go for the day.

Camera Room:
Regarding the camera room its safe well maintained and every spot has 2 110v and 2 220v power plugs so you can charge your gear with or without power adaptors. High pressure air o dry your gear. The room has security cameras and is opened in the morning and closed at night and no need to worry about your gear.

The pool is very nice and relaxing. The massage room and therapists are a godsend as it helps after a long flight or many days of diving from 60-90 minutes.

The food is a la carte, breakfast has many options, Lunch and dinner usually have 3 options to select from but they will adjust for dietary restrictions with prior notification. Only one person during my stay ever order more food as the amount provided most where satisfied with.

Their is no ATM at the resort do to government restrictions and their is only one in Puerto Galera a short 5 minute walk away. It is recommended to do ATM withdrawals in Manila or before you depart the US.

Visited on 10/2022 - Submitted on 10/24/2022
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