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Beqa Lagoon Resort


Bula (hello),

Following retirement my wife and I traveled to Fiji for a 2 week stay at Beqa Lagoon Resort. From the moment we arrived 'til the moment we departed we were pampered by the resort staff, taken care of by the dive operators, appetites satisfied by the kitchen personnel, greeted with smiles by all the Fijian people and the dining room ladies made sure we had all we needed for a pleasant meal 3 times daily. The rooms were extremely comfortable with A/C and ceiling fans giving us cooling moments when needed. I highly suggest the sea shell massage by the spa experts to relieve any stress or muscle ache one might have from the diving or touring of the island.

All diving was done by boat and the dive staff was always eager to find marine creatures for us tourists. Most dives had a mild current bu nothing that could not be easily managed. They treated the divers the same whether photographers or not. The boats were roomy and getting back on board was easy. I was especially satisfied when they helped me with my gear upon surfacing. I had back surgery a couple of years ago and the dive staff was happy to take my weights and BC off before I tried climbing the ladder. That made the diving even more pleasant and less stressful.

The food served was mostly Fijian style and if a person had any special dietary needs that was taken care of the the kitchen staff. They were eager to satisfy. We did not have a single bad meal the entire 2 weeks but I really should have stayed away from a couple of the desserts but the temptation was too great.

While not under the water a guest has opportunities to walk to a couple of the villages, shore dive or snorkel, get a relaxing massage, attend the mid-afternoon activities teaching about Fijian culture and the before dinner shows of dancing, singing or fire walking! The fire walking show was simply how do they do that?

Vinaka (thank you) Beqa Lagoon Resort for all the great moments you all helped to create.

Visited on 04/2014 - Submitted on 10/29/2014
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