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Evolution Diving Resort


I stayed and dived here for a week and I would happily come back again.

The rooms are lovely and spacious with good air conditioning, plenty of cupboard space and a nice bathroom. The patio has space to hang wet gear and a rinse bucket for your feet to save bringing all the sand into the room with you. The rooms are set far enough back from the rest of the resort that I did not hear anything at all when I was in my room.

The restaurant was great, especially with my gluten and dairy allergies; they had this written next to my name on a board in the kitchen, so even if I forgot to mention it, they all knew. They gave me a special breakfast on the boat as usually it is overnight oats for everyone. Full breakfast after the early dives was an easy switch and they even made me some special pancakes. They were happy to switch out ingredients and were always double checking things with me; they also have gluten free pasta which is rare. All the staff knew everyone's name by the first day which was lovely.

The diving is early for the Thresher Sharks, leaving before 5am but this made sure we were the first ones at the dive site with no one else around. Group sizes are kept at 4 divers to 1 guide. The boat is lovely and spacious with a separate lounging area if you need a nap and a bathroom too. The staff help with everything and I didn't have to once lift my equipment or jump in with my camera. The guides were great spotting macro which I love and were active in telling other people from other centers to keep off the reef which I like to see.
They offer an afternoon double dive and some nights a night dive too. The other sites that are not for the Threshers were lovely too; I saw flamboyant cuttlefish, octopus, ghost pipefish, leaf-fish, disco clams, nudibranchs and frogfish along with the usual array of colorful reef fish.

Visited on 06/2024 - Submitted on 06/01/2024
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We dived here only a few times as we came for the Whales and you are not allowed to scuba with them. The sites we dived were from Ha'apai Island and they were ok, I couldn't say that I would dive here again to be honest, but we didn't do enough diving to be able to comment too much on it.
But, as for the snorkelling with the whales, wow, wow, WOW! I have never had such interactions with any sea creature before and it is absolutely incredible! I still have no words for what we experienced here. We got to be in the water during a heat run with about 15 males chasing one female, all of them showing of their best bubble shows or breaches or sounds. We got to play with a mum and baby all day, the baby was so curious and you could see his eye checkin us out as he swam by, with mum sitting comfortably deeper letting us play. We had a pretty close call with a cranky male who tried to drown the poor baby so he could mate with mum again. We also got up close to a singer, he was about 20m below and my whole body was vibrating, enough to make me feel like I needed to quickly use the bathroom! You could even feel it coming up through the boat! This island is much quieter than well-known Vava'u, which meant we were often the only boat in the bay, so we had all the whales to ourselves.
I noticed that you don't really need to be able to swim to do this as the guides will help you through the water, but it did affect the rest of the group as we all had to move as one through the water towards the whales, meaning we missed out on seeing a few as they had swam away by then.
There was nothing else to do on the island other than water activities, but it suited us as we did the whale swim and relax and thats all.
I would highly recommend Tonga for whale swimming and I will definitely be returning one day.

Visited on 08/2022 - Submitted on 12/08/2023
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We chose a liveaboard over just day trips as you can reach the most popular dive site of 'Princess Alice', its a deep ocean pinnacle that sits at 35m and attracts huge schools of Mobula, Jacks, Tuna and Barracuda, I have never seen so many fish at once in all my life! We did mostly line diving here, we saw hundreds of Mobula at once and I was lucky enough to see a whale shark here too! Then for the Blue Shark dives its line diving also and we got to dive the whole day with them. We would drop down on the line at around 8m and just sit there and watch as the Blues came up and touched us and swam between us and around us, it was amazing! Then when we got low on air we would go back to the boat and change our tanks to come straight back down when we wanted to. The shore dives were ok, but nowhere near as exciting as the deep stuff, it also got a lot colder closer to the shore, a lot of the other divers with us did love the topography of the closer sites though. I feel the cold a lot and was wearing an 8mm suit with hood and gloves (you have to wear gloves around the Blues) but next time I would bring a dry-suit! We also saw dolphins, false killer whales, turtles and a baby sperm whale from the boat which was super cool!
We climbed Pico Mountain, a dormant volcano, at the end of our trip; (don't forget your no-fly times as it sits as 2300m high). I definitely recommend going with a guide for the hike and be prepared for a long day, we took around nine hours in total and we wernt the slowest, but the view from the crater (on a good weather day) is worth it; we could see the other islands of Faial & Sao Jorge.
We hired a car to explore, as you can make it around the island in around two hours, we did it in six as we stopped at every single viewpoint and meals too. There are so many beautiful stops along the way where you can enjoy the view of surrounding islands, the Unesco heritage vineyards and the black lava that covers most of Pico.
We took another day to explore Faial, which was only a short ferry ride. Horta is the town here and is the midway point for boats when crossing the Atlantic, it was lovely to see all the different boats and to explore the streets and old buildings.
I would definitely dive the Azores again, although next time with a dry suit!

Visited on 07/2020 - Submitted on 12/08/2023
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