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If you're looking for some sweet dive spots, Kauai is the place to be. Crystal clear waters, a bonanza of marine life, and the kind of underwater vistas that make your heart skip a beat. One of the raddest parts of our family's dive trip was teaming up with Fathom Five Divers.

From the get-go, these folks had us feeling stoked. Check out their website, - it's easy to navigate and loaded with all the info you need to plan your dives, no matter your skill level.

Diving with the Fathom Five crew was all-time. One of our favorite spots was Niihau, otherwise known as the "Forbidden Island". This place was unreal, teeming with marine life that left us in awe. We also got to explore the Sheraton Caverns, a network of caves that's practically a turtle party. Every dive spot had its own vibe and Fathom Five made sure we got the best of each one.

The Fathom Five team was dialed-in when it came to safety, always keeping a watchful eye out while we were catching the sights underwater. They made us feel safe, letting us focus on soaking up the awesomeness of our dives.

So here's the bottom line: Kauai is a diver's dream and Fathom Five Divers is the ultimate dive buddy to help you uncover all the marine magic the island has to offer. No matter if you're a seasoned diver or just getting your feet wet, they've got you covered. Our family gives Kauai and Fathom Five a big 'ol thumbs up for an off-the-charts diving experience. Catch you on the next wave!

Visited on 10/2023 - Submitted on 07/30/2023
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