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Turks and Caicos Aggressor II


Loved the T&C Aggressor II. The boat was excellent, the crew was fantastic, and the food was PHENOMENAL. Chef Kevin made incredible meals every day and did a wonderful job of accommodating my dietary restriction (wheat allergy). The diving was great -- beautiful walls and sharks on every dive. Lots of octopuses, too!

The only negative is how the trip began. There was no one waiting for us at the airport (contrary to the know-before-you-go documentation). We waited over an hour before a driver showed up. We were dropped off...and there was no boat! There was someone in an office nearby (who did not work for Aggressor) who said the boat was out and they'd come back for us in a chase boat; we found out later that the Aggressor had to leave before boarding time due to low tides in the harbor. The chase boat ride was an hour long in choppy seas. We waited for the chase boat to do two more pickups over the next four hours, and we sat rocking in the open waters. I was violently seasick, and others got fairly sick as well.

With all that said, still 4-5 stars. I would like to think the start of my trip was not a typical experience, and the boat/crew/food were great overall. I would recommend confirming boat departure time with the T&C Aggressor II prior to the trip; had we known about the early departure time and the chase boat experience, we would have booked an earlier flight to avoid that.

Visited on 12/2020 - Submitted on 03/18/2021
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