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Roatan Diving


When I think of Roatan and diving, I think of how this location is the destination that made me fall in love with my favorite thing to do in the world: diving. I got SCUBA certified on the island in 2007 and spent 15 days there exploring, meeting locals and exploring marine life as much as I possibly could. Marine life include beautiful coral, trumpet fish, huge grouper, a variety of rays, sea turtle, barracuda, parrotfish, puffer fish. When I dream of diving, this is the destination that I always think about returning to. I went in November and the year that I went, it was one of the stormiest seasons that they had seen in approximately 30 years. Initially, this prevented us from diving, but I was able to complete my PADI course top-side and when the storms cleared, visibility ranged from 15 feet (right after heavy storms and low visibility was only experiences once or twice) to approximately 95 feel. Even despite the stormy season, I still completed 14 dives while there-each as beautiful as the next.

Top-side, there are restaurants, bars, beach lounging opportunities and plenty of exploration to be done. Roatan is only about 30 miles long, so depending on how long your trip is, you have an opportunity to explore much of the island. From hiking, to renting a car and taking a day trip to loop the island and explore different communities, to just spending time lounging at the dive shop and meeting locals. In addition, if interested, you can also take some time and go to the mainland to explore other areas of Honduras.

On a side-note, Roatan is a cruise destination as well. On the days that cuise ships come in, locals raise their prices and are much more adamant about trying to get you to come into shops. The culture and community are a little different on these days and on non-cruise days, the culture and community are much more laid back, calm and inviting.

Diving Raotan stole my heart. For all of my friends are new divers, this is the destination that I ALWAYS say they must explore.

Visited on 11/2007 - Submitted on 03/02/2014
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Cozumel Diving


Cozumel is one of my favorite dive locations. When I visited, I did 12 dives- each different from the next. From lush coral to diving caves to high speed drift dives there is a type of site for everyone to enjoy. Night dives bring out a variety of octopus, lobster, giant crab, small jelly fish, eels and the ever-so-beautiful bioluminescence. My experiences with dive masters proved that they are highly skilled at finding and identifying even the smallest marine life-baby lobster and seahorses in particular. My favorite dive site was a more advanced drift dive called Barracuda. The lush marine life and coral is awe-inspiring...Careful if you need to slow down for a moment during your drift dives to only stop and gently stabilize on sponges with the permission of your dive masters, as to ensure that there is no damage done to the reef or other marine life.
Top-side activities are fun, though my travel-mates and I spent most of our time in the water, so I do not have too much guidance in this area. Many of the resorts have pools (and pool-side bars), and indoor bars with activities such as pool, billiards and music. In town there are a variety of restaurants, shops and while there we caught a drum circle with dancing and festivities.
Overall, if you are an avid diver and would like a destination where you can explore a variety of incredible dive locations and you aren't very particular about your top-side activities, Cozumel is a great destination.

Visited on 07/2012 - Submitted on 03/02/2014
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