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We live in Colorado and booked the trip in Colorado where they have an office. Later we met the owner at the resort and found out they are Colorado based. That means the resort was running based on American standards. Our bungalow got cleaned twice a day. Room was big and comfortable. However the only thing bothered us was that some animal somehow got into our room at night and made huge noise and left some droppings. We never found out what was it. Food was editable but definitely not enjoyable. Well, this didn't bother us much because we were there mainly for diving and relaxing. We went there in November. For almost a whole week, there were only 6-7 guests total and we were treated like 1st class customers. That was a plus. :-D

We loved diving there. The dive shop actually was running by another company and very small company - three staff total. This exactly matched what we were looking for - small boat, less divers, and extremely friendly and helpful diving guide. Diving was beautiful around the resort even though we didn't get to visit Namena Marine Reserve because they couldn't adjust the cost to drive hours to the diving site for just two of us. Right before we left, a big group came in and they went there. :-(. Well, diving is unbelievably cheap comparing to Australia dives. For all those "private trips" we thought we got a great deal. Most of time there were only two staff with us, the dive guide + captain, one helping staff. They were extremely nice to us. They always helped me put gears together, check everything for me, and helped me to get into water. I panicked under water once and the guide held my hand and safely took me back. I have never received such service anywhere else.

Overall, we were really happy about our trip and recommend the resort. However as we left, we heard the captain and dive guide was leaving the country. Hopefully they found another great guy for that position.

Visited on 11/2011 - Submitted on 08/01/2014
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