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La Paz


The La Paz dive trip was simply excellent pretty much across the board.
Travel is pretty easy, even from the Mid west. Blue Water Travel did an excellent job arranging my flights when it became problematic for me to figure it out. Customs can be a pain at times but BWP had a shuttle set up for us to travel from the airport to the hotel. Long drive but really not bad either (good company always makes for a better journey). The Hotel is very nice. Overlooking the harbor, it is within walking distance from some pretty nice dining option and one really nice restaurant. The Hotel itself has convenient options for food as well. Nice Breakfast buffet as well.
We were picked up each morning by a shuttle which took us to the boats each morning. Both BWP and the dive operations went the extra mile to take care of everyone - exceptional service! Longer boat ride out to the park but it was a great part of the experience. Some of the days we would go to beach picnic area managed by the dive shop who also provided a hot lunch which was awesome! The cook really knocked it out of the park in regards to food. By doing so, we reduced or "drive" Time going back and got more dive time as a result.

Diving. The Dive Masters really knew the sites and got us into and out of the water without any issues. The there were four types of dives; Seals, Hammerheads, reef/wreck and Whale sharks. The Seals were incredible! Basically you sit down in the water and they would come to you. Great for photography!!! shallow clear water made for long dive and fantastic interactions.
The Hammerhead dive was dice roll as to interaction but heck we rolled 7's right off the bat. nice if shy schools that were really great blue water dives (this was a better experience than the Molokai Hammerhead dives).
Reef/Wreck dive - I thought they were pretty average - not meaning bad but the other dives were almost all signature dives so it was really tough for them to compete.
The Whale sharks were a great change of pace. Its all shallow snorkeling with a little bit of kicking to keep up. We liked it so much that most of us requested a second day of whale shark diving which was also awesome!

Photo shops - What a great added value with enough oversight to provide a very strong personalized photography coaching environment. I know it certainly improved my skills.

Hints - I found the water a little be cool, so plan accordingly. These will be long dives due to the shallow depth but Wow what a great dive trip!
- I listened to music on the way out and back which made the trips more enjoyable.
- You may want to bring a surface camera the scenically is simply stunning ln these trips.
- I really didn't have much need for Peso's.
- Uber/Lyft are available.
- If you have any issues, let the staff know - they are miracle workers and the sooner they know of an issue the faster it will get resolved.

Visited on 10/2019 - Submitted on 02/13/2020
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