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Buddy Dive Bonaire Resort


I really enjoyed my time at Buddy Dive Resort.

But the first room we got at the resort were horrible! It was like a concrete bunker with no sunlight at all. We then asked if we could change room, which we could, we just had to wait a few hours so they had a chance to make it ready for us.
The second room we got which we stayed a week in was just perfect. View over the pool area and the ocean, afternoon sun on the balcony, great bed, great kitchen and a nice clean bathroom.

We made our own breakfast every morning, we also made dinner there every other evening to save some money. Perfect for us.
The resorts barbecue evening was great and well worth the money, lots of grilled meat and fish to choose from. Fresh and clean.

The shore diving was fun and easy, even for beginners like us. We had only done about 40 dives so far.
We bought a book at the dive shop at Buddy Dive. I can highly recommend that book, it included all the shore diving spots with explanations for example on how and where to get in the water, what could be expected to see and if there were any known difficulties on a certain dive spot, for example currents, sharp rocks and so on.
Buy the book and make the diving easier to enjoy is my suggestion, it cost somewhere around $20.

We saw alot of marine life that was new for us. Several large green Morays and my best memory from Bonaire was a curious gigant manta that came up very close to us several times. Wish I had a camera for that.
We also lots of large parrots fish, they where seen on almost every dive. Puffers, really large ones and several trunkfish.

What I didn't like was our first room, we didn't spend any time there but just the thought of living there for a week is not fun. But the staff is very helpful and seems to do everything they can to make the guests satisfied.

One negative thing was that our beach shorts got stolen from our pick up truck at the Karpata dive site. So don't leave any stuff of value in the car! We brought all our stuff with us down to the shore and what we couldn't bring with us in the water we hide near the exit point from the dive.
Bonaire is a small island and Buddy Dives location near the main road makes it easy to go back to the resort to pick up full tanks of air or just to have lunch before you go out diving again.

Visited on 12/2012 - Submitted on 04/22/2014
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