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Alami Alor Dive Resort

A jetty extends over the sea at Alami Alor resort.
A partially covered jetty at Alami Alor resort.
Lounge chairs and an umbrella on the beach at Alami Alor resort.
A beachside building with lounge chairs at Alami Alor resort.
A bungalow with a tidy deck and chairs at Alami Alor resort.
An elegant bedroom with glass doors at Alami Alor resort.
An elegant bedroom with a sea view at Alami Alor resort.
A partially-covered outdoor bathroom with shower and sink at Alami Alor resort.
A wooden dining table set for mealtime at Alami Alor resort.
A spread of granola and breads on a table at Alami Alor resort.
A dining table and open-air lounge area at Alami Alor resort.
A set of scuba equipment sits outside the dive shop at Alami Alor resort.
A group photo of the team at Alami Alor resort.


Destination: Indonesia

Desa Wolwal, Alor Island, Indonesia | Full board + 2 dives from $267/ppn

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Alami Alor Quick Pitch

Alami Alor is located in Alor’s Kalabahi Bay and designed with avid scuba divers in mind. They are strategically placed in Kalabahi Bay to have quick and easy access to world-class muck diving sites right in front of their resort and coral reef diving in the adjacent Pantar Strait. Their mission was to create a small and personal dive resort in an area with exceptional diversity and beauty in the marine environment. At the resort, they strive to accommodate guests’ personal preferences when it comes to scuba diving, resort hospitality and cultural experiences.


Quick Information 

  • No of Rooms: 7
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: Pool, waterfront A/C bungalow accommodation, full board, coffee, tea, drinking water, wifi, laundry service, camera room, nitrox
  • Wi-Fi: Free WiFi is available
  • Nearest Airport: Alor Island Airport (Mali Airport)
  • Airport shuttle: Yes, free on Thursday & Saturday


How to Get There 

Alami Alor can arrange airport transfers for guests upon arrival. The car transfers are possible any day and will take roughly 45 minutes. 


Dive Overview

Located east of Komodo and Flores, Alor is a hidden gem boasting spectacular coral reefs and extraordinary marine diversity. Divers are treated to a kaleidoscope of underwater wonders, from vibrant coral gardens teeming with life to mesmerizing encounters with a plethora of marine species.

The reefs of Alor are renowned for their richness and variety, showcasing a plethora of hard and soft corals in an array of colors and formations. These healthy reef systems provide habitat for an abundance of marine life, including colorful reef fish, majestic rays, and even occasional sightings of elusive sharks and turtles.

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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Alami Alor Room Overview

Guest bungalows are located on the resort’s waterfront. In each air-conditioned bedroom, you will find either 1 king or 1 king plus 1 single spring bed, wardrobe and work desk. The open-air garden bathroom has a western toilet, natural stone sink and hot water rain shower. There is a seating area plus hammock or sun loungers in front of each bungalow. Each bungalow is stocked with drinking water and coffee & tea service is available at the restaurant.

Alami Alor Dive Resort  Alami Alor Dive Resort

The bedroom (LEFT) & open-air shower (RIGHT) 

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Resort Facilities

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Alami Alor Dive Resort Alami Alor Dive Resort


Alami Alor Features

  • Pool
  • Guest lounge
  • Sundeck area
  • Free WiFi
  • Dive Center
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Camera Room


Alami Alor Food & Drinks

  • Assortment of dishes influenced mostly by tropical Indonesian and Asian style, but also international cuisines
  • Local beer and wines are available for purchase
  • Dietary requirements such as vegetarian/vegan options, gluten free, and for those with lactose intolerance are available


Alami Alor Activities

  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Local tours

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Package & Rates

Alami Alor Dive Resort Rates

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For information regarding rates, availability, and packages dropus an email at or call us today at 310-915-6677 and let us help you plan your dream dive vacation!


Dive Information

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Alor Dive Overview

Scuba diving in Alor gives divers the chance to experience multiple types of tropical diving in one location and without crowds. From crystal clear coral dives to magical muck dives filled with crazy critters, there is something for everyone. Water temperatures in the bay average 26C-28C but at times there can be thermoclines as low as 20C on the coral reef dives in the southern section of the straight.


Alor Muck Diving Sites

Alor is emerging on the world scene as a top muck diving destination. Muck diving sites are typically on black sand and volcanic rock slopes which are plentiful inside the Kalanahi Bay located 2-10 minutes from the resort by speedboat. These sites are famous for at first appearing quite plain and devoid of corals and swimming fishes, but on second look be full of some of the planet’s most fascinating and bizarre bottom-dwelling creatures. Here are some of our favorite muck diving sites: 

  • SECRET BAY, Kalabahi Bay, Alor - This tiny black sand bay makes a great day muck dive but is one of our favorites for night dives. We have seen coconut, long arm and starry night octopus, dwarf cuttlefish, stargazers and some really great nudis here.
  • PERTAMINA PIER, Kalabahi Bay, Alor - This muck dive is located under the fuel depot pier with black sand under the pillars and a rocky slope to the side. The central pier section can be good for an assortment of seahorses and pipefish plus coleman shrimp, zebra crabs or brook’s urchin shrimp in the numerous fire urchins. Mandarin fish can usually be spotted in the rocky slope along with ghost pipefish and frogfish.
  • BLACK RHINO, Pura - This is one of our favorite places to go on the hunt for rhinopias. Paddle flap, weedy and lacy have all been spotted here at some point. This black sand with coral slope is also home to Indian walkmans and many types of nudibranch, shrimps and crabs.
  • MUCKY MOSQUE, Kalabahi Bay, Alor - This site does not just have a catchy name, it will also captivate you with its amazing critters. Arguably the most famous Muck site of Alor, it is home to wonderful critters such as the freaky wunderpus octopus, the elusive rhinopias and well camouflaged frogfish. Sprinkle some colourful nudis on top and you end up with a world class muck site a mere 5 minutes from Alami.
  • MATAP, Kalabahi Bay, Alor - Situated right at the mouth of the bay, this site is a Muck dive with a surprisingly nice top reef. Coral bommies add pops of colour to the muckiness and are home to different crustaceans - we have spotted harlequin shrimps here munching on starfish!
  • LOTHAR'S PLACE, Kalabahi Bay, Alor - Named after one of Alami's first ever guests, underwater photographer and explorer Lothar from Germany. Now a guests' favorite with its sandy/rocky/mucky bottom and loads of things to find, especially seahorses and ghost pipefish.


Alor Coral Reef Dive Sites

Each site in the Strait is diverse with its own topography and color scheme including walls, slopes and seamounts. Some sites are known for their beautiful panoramas of dense coral, anemone and sponge coverage mixed with smaller reef fish and unique macro life such as anemone fish and shrimp, eels, frogfish, leaf and bearded scorpionfish, pygmy seahorses, schools of black snapper and unicornfish, stingrays, sea snakes, reef sharks, a wide assortment of nudibranchs and more. Others provide us with the chance to experience pelagic fish given the right tide and moon phase. Here are some of our favorite coral reef dive sites: 

  • CATHEDRAL, Alor - Cathedral is a beautiful coral wall covered in both soft and hard corals with a small cave swim through. Located in south Alor, this site can get some big thermoclines from 27C on the surface reaching as little as 14C deeper than 30m! The cooler water that tends to pass here is apparent in the reef condition with vibrantly colored hard and soft corals. Bargibanti and pontohi seahorses, leaf fish, scorpionfish, sea snakes, blue ring octopus can all be found on the wall with the possibility of bamboo sharks in the shallow overhangs or large marbled rays passing deep in the crystal clear cold water.
  • MAX’S POINT (Max’s Big Blue), Alor - You never know what will be seen in the blue here. We have had schools of unicornfish, schools of pickhandle barracuda, grey reef and white tip reef sharks, mola-mola, huge marble rays, dolphins and even a blue whale (yes, during the dive!)
  • WOLANG CAVES, Alor - Two fantastic caves in the south of Alor. The first cave we enter offers great wide angle shots with a chance of white tip reef sharks towards the back of the cave. This cave has a huge chamber where divers can surface. The second cave is covered with sponges and full of small fish, lobsters, decorator crabs and nudibranch. Great possibilities for wide-angle or macro photography.
  • APURI, Pura - South Pura is not only one of the most unique places in Alor, but in the entire world. It is the densest concentration of anemone anywhere on the planet! Apuri village is located here southeast and at the start of the fields. It provides a beautiful sloping landscape to look for macro subjects such as nudibranch and small shrimps, 
  • squat lobsters and crabs. It is a must to always keep an eye in the blue as passing thresher sharks and mola-mola are not uncommon here.
  • RED SAND BEACH & RED WALL, Pura - This large site is very unique and has something for everyone. The Red Wall is a beautiful backdrop going down to 35m+ full of overhangs followed by a coral slope and a red volcanic sand bay. The Red Wall is a good place to see sweetlips, groupers, black snappers and schools of fusiliers, while the slope and red sand bay are best for macro such as nudis, Indian Walkman, snake eels. Gas vents in the volcanic red sand spew bubbles as we complete our safety stop hunting for little critters.
  • THE GREAT WALL (of Pantar), Pantar - One of the Pantar Strait’s most beautiful walls, the Great Wall aka Bamah Wall is covered in vividly orange and pink colored sponge, soft corals and orange anthias. Aside from the spectacular condition of the reef and the topography, we can see a variety of marine life such as napoleon wrasse and bumphead parrotfish, giant and bluefin trevally, schools of black snapper and fusiliers plus tons of macro such as bargabanti pygmy seahorses, flatworms, nudis, leaf fish, and whip coral shrimp.
  • CURRENT ALLEY, Pantar - This site is great for big fish when the conditions are right. Schooling scalloped hammerheads, great hammerhead, grey reef sharks, white tip and black tip reef sharks plus giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, napoleon wrasse and also devil and eagle rays have all been spotted on this deep wall

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Dive Center Information

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Alami Alor Dive Resort Alami Alor Dive Resort


Alami Alor Dive Center Overview

The Dive Center at Alami Alor houses both an equipment room with individual guest equipment lockers and terrace with a dive scheduling board and beverages. The front terrace is where guests will meet their guide before dives and view marine-life identification books and complete log books upon return. Access to the water for boat dives and house reef dives is done via the dive center’s jetty.  


Dive Center Facilities & Services 

  • On-site photo pro 
  • On-site marine biologist
  • Rental equipment available
  • Camera room
  • Fiberglass speedboats with 4 stroke engines
  • Boats are fully equipped with drinking water, towels, first aid and oxygen, spare parts, toolkit, communication devices, and a canopy
  • Nitrox available

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Other Information

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Practical Information 

  • Electricity: 220v
  • Time zone: GMT+8
  • Payment methods: Cash (IDR, USD, EURO and GBP) & Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard)

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Underwater Gallery

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Alami Alor Dive Resort Alami Alor Dive Resort

Alami Alor Dive Resort Alami Alor Dive Resort

Alami Alor Dive Resort Alami Alor Dive Resort


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