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Meet the Magic Dive Resorts

Meet the Magic Dive Resorts

Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Magic Dive Resorts is a firm favorite at Bluewater Travel and our Preferred Partner in the Philippines. Since opening in 2005, they have taken full advantage of the world-class diving and exotic seclusion of the Visayas region, offering two luxury dive resorts with access to some of the best diving in the Philippines. Founders Arie Hoogendoorn & Desiree Pullens continue to pour their energy into providing visitors with an exclusive and personalized experience supported by a handpicked team of local hotel and dive staff who cater to guests’ every need. 

The original resort of Magic Island, and the newer Magic Oceans, have both been designed with an intimate boutique-style atmosphere in mind and an eco ethos aimed at preserving the surrounding countryside and house reefs. Many miles of pristine coastline provide a seemingly endless choice of dive sites and experiences, from the huge whale sharks of Cebu to incredible macro, and everything in between. Magic Dive Resorts is one of Bluewater Dive Travel’s Preferred Partners in the Philippines, and it’s easy to see why!


Magic Island Dive Resort


On the west coast of the lush, green island of Cebu, the Moalboal peninsula is home to the exclusive Magic Island Resort. Nestled in peaceful, tropical gardens, 10 tastefully decorated cottages enjoy private balconies with a sea or pool view. The unique bar and dining area create the social hub of the resort, with an open kitchen and linked tables allowing guests to share their day’s dive experiences.

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At the heart of the resort is the dive center, situated directly on the shoreline and facilitating easy access to the exceptional house reef, day and night. Three traditional ‘bangka’ dive boats whisk divers to some of the best sites in the Philippines, while the resort’s knowledgable guides are available to help at all times.

Moalboal is best known for its sardine run, a spectacular natural phenomenon that occurs on a daily basis, attracting barracudas, trevally, sharks, and other hungry predators to the waters around Panagsama Wall. Millions of sardine shoaling and bait-balling are not to be missed and can be experienced by divers and snorkelers alike. Aside from this, the marine life is exciting and varied, with vibrant and healthy corals showcasing a colorful array of fish and critters. Visitors can expect to spot pygmy seahorses, ornate ghost pipefish, cuttlefish, frogfish, and all manner of crustaceans.



Magic Oceans Dive Resort


The pearl of the tropical island of Bohol, Magic Oceans Resort is tucked away on a secluded rocky beach near the quiet town of Anda. Sixteen deluxe cottages, traditionally decorated but with modern amenities, are hidden amongst fruit trees and jungle, offering the utmost in privacy and seclusion. The resort’s poolside restaurant sports a wide range of fresh, Asian-inspired dishes as well as western-style food.

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Magic Ocean’s modern and spacious dive center can accommodate up to 35 divers, each with their own kit storage area, as well as a dedicated camera space complete with charging points and air guns. Three dive boats are run by experienced Captains and crew, on hand to assist with kitting up, entering, and exiting the water.

With nearly 10 miles of coastline offering all sorts of diving and marine life, the diving options around Anda are endless. From the biggest fish in the ocean to some of the smallest, Anda has it all. The Philippines boasts one of the biggest whale shark populations in the world, and at a secret location only one hour from the resort, Magic Oceans organizes dedicated trips to dive or snorkel with these gentle giants. Critter diving around Anda is also exceptional, with rare species such as Bargibanti’s pygmy seahorse and the black hairy frogfish exciting finds. On top of all this, killer whales and humpback whales are starting to make a regular appearance in Bohol’s waters.

Despite being dedicated dive resorts, both Magic Resorts boast luxurious spa facilities, as well as day-trips and outings into the surrounding villages and countryside. Whether you choose to dive, relax, or explore, Magic Resorts is an excellent choice for diving the Philippines.

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