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Rasdhoo Dive Center

Destination: Maldives

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Rasdhoo Dive Center Quick Pitch 

Rasdhoo Dive Center is the leading Dive Center established in AA. Rasdhoo, the Republic of Maldives since 2004, offering quality leisure diving/ snorkeling holidays on a budget.


Rasdhoo Dive Center Highlights

  • The only diving facility on the island offering Nitrox dives and nitrox training
  • Dedicated classroom, office, workshop, change room, ablution facilities, wet area
  • Full scuba equipment set-up capable of handling 40 divers simultaneously
  • Bauer Poseidon compressors capable of filling 25 tanks per hour.
  • 3 full-time instructors providing all PADI training courses
  • 4 dive masters/ dive guides
  • 2 comfortable sheltered diving boats (the traditional Maldivian Dhoni)



The island of Rasdhoo is 60km West of Malé in the Alif Alif Atoll of the Maldives. The Island can be reached by seaplane, speedboat ferry, or local ferry.


Dive Overview 

A bliss for scuba divers and ‘Vitamin Sea’ lovers, in Rasdhoo Atoll there are 19 dive sites along with 5-star dive sites making up plenty of variety for a great diving/snorkeling holiday. Ari Atoll consists of several hundred and plenty of the best dive sites in the Maldives, making your vacation & diving adventures truly unforgettable.



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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Rasdhoo Dive Lodge Rasdhoo Dive Lodge


Rasdhoo Dive Lodge 

Rasdhoo Dive Lodge is built around the needs of divers. In close proximity to the Rasdhoo Dive Center, it offers an in-house restaurant and activity booking center, making it a one-stop-shop for fun-packed holidays. The lodge has 8 rooms, adjacent to the dive center and restaurant. Private rooms are en-suite, brand new, and tastefully decorated. All rooms offer air-conditioning and complimentary Wi-Fi.

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Dive Information

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Rasdhoo Dive Lodge


Rasdhoo Dive Overview 

Rasdhoo is one of the smartest choices for divers and snorkelers since it has possibly the best coral and marine life in the Maldives. In Rasdhoo Atoll there are 19 dive sites, including 5-star dive sites making up plenty of variety for a great diving/ snorkeling holiday.

Hammerhead season is typically January till April, and we got to see several hammerheads at the same time during this April 2018. During the past year we had seen hammerheads one by one or a few, but not in big groups. Rasdhoo and Ari Atoll is the place where the best chances of seeing hammerheads are. There is a Manta cleaning station just 20 minutes boat ride away from Rasdhoo. During the season (November - April) sighting of Manta Ray is guaranteed and this will be multiple Mantas at the same time. However, Manta sighting is a throughout-the-year privilege. We also get to see different types of rays and sharks every day throughout the year. Whale sharks are not seen often but there are times we see whale sharks during our dives, while they migrate.



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Packages & Rates

Rasdhoo Dive Center Packages and Rates 

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Dive Rates

All dives include boat rides, full equipment set and all taxes.

Dive Rates


1 Dive per day


Night dive / Hammerhead dive


2 Dives per day


3 Dives per day


4 Dives per day


5 Dives per day


6 Dives package


10 Dives package


11 - 15 Dives package (per dive)


16 - 30 Dives package (per dive)


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PADI Dive Courses & Diving Experience Programs

All courses & experiences include boat rides, full equipment set, and all taxes.



Discover Scuba Diving


Bubble Maker


Scuba Diver


Open Water Diver


Scuba Diver Upgrade to Open Water Diver


Open Water Diver Course Referral


Adventures in Diving


Adventures in Diving Course


Advanced Open Water


Scuba Review




Rescue Diver


Emergency First Responder


Free Diver Open Water Course


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Rates & Availability 

For more information on rates, availability, and to book, drop us an email at info@bluewaterdivetravel.com or call us today at +1-310-915-6677. We will gladly help you plan your dream vacation!

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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Local Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)
  • International Airport: Male International Airport
  • Languages spoken: English
  • Electricity: 220 V
  • Time Zone: UTC+5

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Underwater Gallery 

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Rasdhoo Dive Center Rasdhoo Dive CenterRasdhoo Dive Center Rasdhoo Dive CenterRasdhoo Dive Center Rasdhoo Dive CenterRasdhoo Dive Center Rasdhoo Dive CenterRasdhoo Dive Center Rasdhoo Dive CenterRasdhoo Dive Center Rasdhoo Dive CenterRasdhoo Dive Center Rasdhoo Dive Center 

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