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Solomon Islands on the Bilikiki 2026

Corals underwater in the Solomon Islands



Solomon Islands On The Bilikiki 2026

Join Bluewater Travel and embark on a thrilling adventure to the mesmerizing Solomon Islands aboard the renowned Bilikiki Liveaboard. Led by experienced Bluewater Trip Leader, Tim Yeo, this 10-night expedition promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of the South Pacific.

August 5 - 15, 2026

10 Nights for: 

$6,950 per person double occupancy

Led by: Tim Yeo


Why Join This Trip?

  • Explore historic WWII wrecks.
  • Choose from guided dives with an experienced guide or dive unguided if you prefer.
  • Unlimited Diving (up to 5 dives a day)
  • Free WiFi onboard

Want to know more about the Solomon Islands? Read the exciting articles of out trip leader Mark Stricklands'  Dive Adventure in the Solomon Islands.

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Trip Overview

The Solomon Islands are hailed by some underwater water photographers as one of the best diving spots in the world for underwater photography, with lots of big, wide-angle subjects (good shipwrecks, WWII artifacts), great macro critters (ghost pipefish, pigmy seahorse), and interesting terrain such as caves and crevices. With the diving being limited to a few dive boats, you're not likely to see other divers during the trip. Plus, you get the chance of having friendly encounters with locals who come out to greet the boat.

Solomon Islands 


Dive Overview

For incredible reefs, lots of fish, and very few other divers, the Solomons is the place to be. You have wrecks, caverns, wide-angle reefs, large sea fans, soft corals, lots of macro life. There is an incredible diversity of hard corals. In fact, the diversity of the Solomon's is hard to beat. The Solomon Islands rivals any other Indo-pacific destination for coral reefs, marine life, and diversity. 



Solomon Islands Typical Dive

On a liveaboard, 4 dives a day is typical and that usually includes a night dive. You can dive solo or go with friends and/or a guide. Although some dives are from the mothership, tender boats are also used. The tender is usually waiting for you - in the event that you surface early, they’re available to bring you back to the boat. Diving is fairly easy with not much current, good visibility, and plentiful marine life.

Most divers use nitrox due to the repetitive diving. Depths are standard for Info-Pacific reefs, with the best marine life between 20-80 feet deep. Motoring between sites is usually done during meals or at night, allowing you to maximize your time spent in the water.  

Bobbit Worm Nembrotha Nudi



Diving Conditions 

Water and air temperature are fairly consistent throughout the year, varying only 2 - 3 degrees all year long. Water temperatures should range between 82-85° F (28-30° C). Average visibility is around 15 meters/50 feet, though at times you’ll enjoy 21-30 meters/60-90 feet or more. 

To learn more about what you can expect from this Solomon Islands trip check out this trip report. You can also read the great reviews of the Bilikiki Liveaboard & the reviews on diving Solomon Islands here.

Fancy the trip, but not the dates? Check out other Solomon Islands liveaboards.

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  • Hotel or airport transfers
  • 10 nights onboard accommodation in a Deluxe Cabin, shared occupancy
  • All meals and snacks
  • Unlimited Diving (up to 5 dives a day)
  • Weights and belt
  • Tanks and air-fills



  • Tax ($250 per person - invoiced in advance)
  • Bar drinks
  • Nitrox ($180 per person)
  • Personal purchases
  • Medical evacuation insurance - MANDATORY  

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Trip Type

This trip is a group trip, not a photography workshop. It will be led by an experienced Bluewater trip leader who will manage the trip logistics and ensure your needs are met throughout. While this trip is designed to optimize your photography opportunities, it is not led by one of our photo instructors and so meaningful photography advice from your trip leader should not be expected.

What to expect from our Group Trips

    • Meet like-minded travelers - Our Group Trips are perfect for solo travelers who enjoy meeting other divers or photographers and enjoy the support of a pre-arranged itinerary. Your trip leader will arrange group activities such as meals or game nights to ensure everyone feels part of the Bluewater family.
    • Problems solved - Your trip leader will be on hand to assist with any issues you may have. From delayed or canceled flights, to lost room keys and dietary requirements. We have dealt with it all before and will ensure that your trip runs smoothly. 


Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1 - 3: Russell Islands
  • Dive into the pristine waters surrounding the Russell Islands, exploring mesmerizing dive sites such as Leru Cut, White Beach, Mirror Pond, and Karumolun Point.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich history of the area while discovering remnants of an American WWII base submerged beneath the surface.
  • Interact with local villagers and witness their traditional way of life, including the renowned wood carvings of the region.
  • Day 4 - 6: Mary Island
  • Journey to the uninhabited shores of Mary Island, renowned for its abundance of hard corals and vibrant marine life.
  • Spend a day exploring the underwater wonders surrounding Mary Island, encountering sharks, turtles, and bumphead parrotfish.
  • Delight in the opportunity to dive alongside majestic manta rays at Devils' Highway, a thrilling dive site known for its strong currents and adrenaline-filled encounters.
  • Day 7 - 8: Florida Islands
  • Venture to the Florida Islands, where you'll discover dive sites such as Twin Tunnels and Maravagi Bay, offering a diverse array of marine species and macro photography opportunities.
  • Explore the wreckage of the Japanese Mavis Seaplane from WW2, surrounded by fascinating marine life and historical artifacts.
  • Day 9-10: Marovo Lagoon Area
  • Conclude your journey in the picturesque Marovo Lagoon area, where you'll dive into the vibrant underwater landscapes of Kicha, Mbulo Caves, and Wickham Island.
  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of hard corals, sea fans, and diverse fish life while being serenaded by the distant sounds of the underwater volcano Kavachi.
  • Engage with local communities, discover traditional handicrafts, and immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the Solomon Islands.
  • Note: Village visits are scheduled during surface intervals to maximize dive opportunities per day. Dive sites may vary based on weather conditions and guest preferences, ensuring a dynamic and unforgettable expedition.


About The Bilikiki

The MV Bilikiki has been operating in the Solomon Islands for 27 years and was the first full-service luxury dive liveaboard to dive the Solomon Islands. Featuring 10 air-conditioned cabins with en-suite bathrooms for up to 20 divers, 3 hearty meals served buffet-style daily and ample, MV Bilikiki is just what you need to have a great dive liveaboard vacation in the Solomon Islands! 


MV Bilikiki Accommodation Details

  • Number of cabins: 10 cabins for up to 20 divers
  • Cabin Types:  10 deluxe cabins (8 with a double bed below and a single above, 2 with twin beds - no bunk)
  • Air Conditioning: Yes.
  • En-Suite Bathroom: Yes, with shower, toilet and hand basin.

MV Bilikiki Solomon Islands Bilikiki Liveaboard Solomon Islands

MV Bilikiki Solomon Islands Bilikiki Liveaboard Solomon Islands

MV Bilikiki Solomon Islands Bilikiki Liveaboard Solomon Islands 

Check out this page to see more details and customer reviews on the Bilikiki Liveaboard

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About The Trip Leader

Tim YeoTim grew up in tiny Singapore, where driving for more than an hour meant you would need a passport. Traveling was always his passion, but Tim became addicted to dive travel soon after he got scuba certified in Malaysia. As his diving addiction grew, Tim eventually became a Staff Instructor with PADI and an Instructor Trainer with SDI. After getting his instructor certification, Tim spent time teaching scuba in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Tim serves as General Manager and COO at Bluewater Travel and is the company's most seasoned trip leader. With a portfolio of leading over 30 group trips, his extensive expertise encompasses a variety of popular dive destinations such as the Galapagos, Raja Ampat, French Polynesia, Fiji, the Red Sea, Palau, Maldives, among others. His travels have taken him across all seven continents and allowed him to dive in all five oceans—the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic. Read more about Tim here.

Contact Tim at for more info about his trips.  

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Flight Information

You should book flights into and out of Honiara International Airport (code: HIR). We recommend guests arrive a day before embarkation and spend the night in Honiara. This helps ensure you start adjusting to the time difference, and gives you a buffer in case there are any flight delays or baggage issues. The following is a list of recommended hotels in Honiara.

Coral Sea Resort & Casino
The Heritage Park Hotel
The King Solomon Hotel

Please contact us if you'd like hotel rates and booking assistance.

Airport or local hotel transfers are provided on embarkation and disembarkation days. 

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Payment Schedule

Deposit: $1,200

Payment 2: $2,000, due February 1, 2025

Payment 3: $2,000, due November 1, 2025

Balance: $2,000 due April 1, 2026

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We can help with that! See more of the Solomon Islands before or after the Bluewater group trip. Here is an example of a package we can add on to your trip reservation:

*Rates are subject to change at any time; please contact us for the most updated pricing. 

5 Nights At The Uepi Island Resort

Price: $1,475 USD per person based upon double occupancy. (Room upgrades available.

Uepi Island Resort is a relaxed and intimate resort perched on the edge of the longest lagoon in the world. It's situated in a tropical rainforest interspersed with walking paths, and is a special place for the few who get to visit.

  • 5 nights Guest Room Accommodation
  • Full board meals
  • 10 dives with tanks, weights, boat, guide
  • Round trip boat transfers from Seghe airport
  • Government taxes 

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And let us book your dream vacation!

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