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Sudamala Resort Seraya

Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya
Sudamala Resort Seraya

Destination: Indonesia

Seraya Kecil Island, Labuan Bajo, Manggarai Barat, Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur | Room + breakfast from $195++/ppn

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The Sudamala Resort Seraya is currently undergoing enhancements to better serve its guests. Rest assured that these activities are confined away from the main guest areas, ensuring minimal disruption to guests' experiences during their stay. Completition of the project is expected by June 30, 2024. Kindly contact us for more details.

sudamala resort seraya Quick Pitch

Sudamala Resort, Seraya, is a luxurious and secluded paradise nestled on the pristine Seraya Kecil island in Flores, Indonesia. Guests can laze by the private beach or the beachfront saltwater pool, cocktail in hand, on the soft white sands, basking in endless tropical sunshine. This hidden gem offers a true sense of barefoot luxury in a tranquil setting. The resort's dedication to luxury in simplicity means attention to the smallest details for guest comfort. 


Quick Information 

  • No of Rooms: 24
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: Private beach, swimming pool, restaurant, more!
  • WiFi: Yes, free
  • Nearest International Airport: Komodo Airport
  • Airport shuttle: Yes


How to Get There

Sudamala Resort, Seraya, offers its guests a hassle-free experience with complimentary wooden boat transfers that link Kampung Ujung in Labuan Bajo to the resort. When heading from Kampung Ujung to Sudamala Resort, Seraya, the boat departures are at 11:00 am and 4:30 pm. Conversely, for journeys from Sudamala Resort, Seraya, back to Kampung Ujung, the boat service is available at 9:00 am and 2:30 pm. These schedules ensure that guests have accessible transportation options to and from the resort, providing flexibility for their travel plans.


Dive Overview

Indonesia is an absolute must-visit destination for avid scuba divers. Renowned for its extraordinary underwater ecosystems, this country stands out as a premier choice for diving enthusiasts. What sets Indonesia apart is its incredible marine diversity, boasting a remarkable collection of over 25% of the world's fish species and an astonishing 72% of the world's coral species. This wealth of marine life has rightfully earned Indonesia the esteemed reputation of being the global epicenter of marine biodiversity, a distinction it shares with a handful of other exceptional Coral Triangle destinations, including the Philippines. The unparalleled variety of underwater species and the breathtaking coral reefs establish Indonesia as an unrivaled diving paradise, offering divers the chance to encounter awe-inspiring underwater wonders.

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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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SUDAMALA RESORT seraya overview

The Beach Bungalow, a true haven for honeymooners and couples seeking a romantic escape, offers a special sanctuary sprawling across 32 square meters of wooden-paneled space. This idyllic bungalow is the epitome of tropical island living, designed to immerse guests in a dreamy coastal experience. Inside the Beach Bungalow, you'll discover a four-poster elegant bed adorned with premium bedding, perfect for a restful night's sleep. The outdoor shower adds a touch of natural luxury, allowing you to refresh while surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. The bungalow boasts a spacious wooden deck that extends directly toward the ocean, offering unobstructed views of the tranquil waters.


Sudamala Resort Seraya Sudamala Resort Seraya


The Panorama Villa stands as a unique and exclusive retreat on the hilly side of the island, offering the ultimate privacy and seclusion. As the only two-bedroom villa in the resort, it is distinctively positioned at the far end of the island, away from the rest of the resort compound. This remarkable villa boasts two bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom, ensuring comfort and convenience for up to four guests. Beyond the sleeping quarters, the Panorama Villa features a private dining room and a library, creating a welcoming space for leisure and relaxation. The outdoor amenities include a plunge pool and a wrap-around wooden deck that provides a stunning 270-degree panoramic view. From this vantage point, guests can revel in the beauty of Little Seraya's fringing reefs, the azure ocean, and the lush green of the Big Seraya Island seen in the distance, forming a surreal palette of blue and green.


Sudamala Resort Seraya Sudamala Resort Seraya


room amenities

  • Cozy King-sized or Twin bed
  • A study table
  • Private furnished balcony overlooking the beach
  • Air-conditioning
  • Water heater
  • Private bathroom (we have a variety of open-air and closed bathrooms)
  • Bathroom amenities
  • Daily turndown service
  • Mini bar (chargeable)

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Resort Facilities

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Sudamala Resort Seraya Sudamala Resort Seraya

Sudamala Resort Seraya Sudamala Resort Seraya

Sudamala Resort Seraya Sudamala Resort Seraya


sudamala resort seraya Features

  • Private Beach 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Gym
  • Dive Center
  • Tours


sudamala Resort seraya Food & Drinks

Sudamala Resort, Seraya, promises a delightful dining experience with a focus on fresh and delectable food and beverages. The resort's Lomak Restaurant offers a diverse menu that celebrates culinary creativity with a tropical touch. Guests can indulge in the finest seafood, along with a selection of Asian and Western specialties, including beloved classics. What makes dining at Lomak Restaurant truly special is its stunning beachfront setting, creating a picturesque backdrop for every meal. The restaurant also provides an opportunity to enjoy sunrise views, making breakfasts particularly memorable.

To complement the dining experience, the bar at Lomak Restaurant is known for its chic refreshments and genuine island hospitality. Guests can choose from a variety of drinks, including cocktails, wines, and other beverages, in a relaxed and welcoming environment that encourages socializing and relaxation.

Sudamala Resort Labuan Bajo

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Packages & Rates

The actual rates are based in IDR. The starting price indicated above may vary based on the current exchange rate.

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2023 Accommodation Rates

Prices are per room, based on double occupancy. Includes breakfast for 2.

Accomomdation TypeRates
Beach Bungalow$195.00
Panorama Villa$237.00


diving rates

All rates are in USD and per person.

Diving PackagesRates
Fun Dives2 Dives$151.20
3 Dives$189.00
Passenger Tag Along$50.40
From Labuan Bajo1 Dive$75.60
2 Dives$138.60
Passenger Tag Along$25.20
Discover Scuba Diving - 1 dive$157.50
Discover Scuba Diving - 2 dives$220.50
From Seraya1 Dive$63.00
Night Dive$75.60
Discover Scuba Diving - 1 dive$126.00
Discover Scuba Diving - 2 dives$239.40


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Dive Information

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dive overview

Diving in Seraya, particularly around Seraya Kecil Island in the Komodo region, is a captivating and unforgettable experience. Renowned for its rich marine biodiversity, the island offers divers a chance to explore vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish, and a wide array of pelagic species. The crystal-clear waters provide excellent visibility, making it a perfect spot for underwater photography and close encounters with marine life.

The dive sites in the Komodo National Park are diverse, suitable for divers of all levels, some known for their challenging currents and the presence of impressive pelagic species, such as sharks and rays. Manta rays are a significant draw in the area, with opportunities for up-close encounters, especially at cleaning stations. Macro diving enthusiasts will also find a paradise here, spotting small and unique critters like pygmy seahorses and nudibranchs. The region offers year-round diving, each season having its unique attractions, and places great emphasis on marine conservation.

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Dive Center Information

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Sudamala Resort Labuan Bajo Sudamala Resort Labuan Bajo



The Sudamala Resort partners with the prestigious Aqura Dive, a PADI dive center offering an exceptional range of diving and underwater experiences. With two state-of-the-art facilities in Labuan Bajo and Seraya, Aqura Dive provides divers with access to the magnificent underwater world of Komodo National Park. Aqura Dive is staffed by certified and knowledgeable dive professionals who are dedicated to providing safe, memorable, and educational underwater experiences. Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver, Aqura Dive offers a variety of dive courses and excursions to cater to all skill levels. 

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  • Electricity: 220 Volts
  • Time zone: UTC+8
  • Languages: English & Indonesian
  • Local Currency: IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
  • Accept credit card?: Credit card payments are not currently available at the resort, only cash payments (IDR or €), or bank transfer.

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