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Destination: Fiji

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Beqa Adventure Divers Dive Center Quick Pitch 

Beqa Adventure Divers is a PADI Dive resort specialising in some of the best shark diving the world has to offer. They are a modern dive operation fusing Fijian hospitality with world class diving facilities. Named The Best Shark Dive in the World by diving legends Ron and Valerie Taylor, their Fiji Shark Dive has been experienced by countless diving icons, professional photographers and cameramen, industry professionals and clients alike.


Beqa Adventure Divers Highlights

  • Beqa Adventure Divers' Fiji Shark Dive is the original product that has been conducted since 1999
  • A proud partner of Global Shark Diving, the world’s first the first global alliance of responsible and long-term sustainable Shark diving operators
  • This is principally a marine conservation project that includes a dive operation, and not vice versa
  • You are going to dive within Shark Reef Marine Reserve, Fiji’s first marine sanctuary dedicated to the protection of Sharks ]
  • Safety is their main concern
  • Provides for excellent and exclusive service
  • You will be able to capture stunning image, with the help of their experienced UW photographers and videographers 
  • Highly experienced and friendly crew
  • A vast array of dive courses
  • A complete selection of high-end rental gear
  • Nitrox available



The Dive Center is located at Lagoon Resort in Pacific Harbour and is ideally suited to whisk you out to the incredible shark diving or beautiful reefs and mysterious wrecks of Beqa Lagoon in a matter of minutes and provides FREE courtesy shuttle from anywhere in Pacific Harbour.


Dive Overview 

On The Shark Dive you will be able to experience the breathtaking sight of up to eight species of Sharks: Blacktip Reef Sharks, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Silvertip Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, Sicklefin Lemon Sharks, Bull Sharks and the occasional Tiger Shark. In addition, you can also encounter Giant Groupers, Maori Wrasse, Rainbow Runners, Giant Trevally, Java Morays, Eagle Rays and more than 400 species of tropical reef fish, as documented by their 2010 census.


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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Lagoon Resort Fiji Lagoon Resort Fiji

Lagoon Resort 

Lagoon Resort

Sitting on a picturesque and idyllic lagoon in the heart of Pacific Harbour, the Lagoon Resort is the perfect place to escape whether it’s business or pleasure. From the moment you arrive you will feel as though you are transported to an era of timeless colonial-style elegance.  Their professional service and facilities will make your stay an absolute delight.


Uprising Beach Resort Fiji Uprising Beach Resort Fiji

Uprising Beach Resort 


The locally owned & managed Uprising Beach Resort presents a stunning and impressive selection of authentic, Fijian-themed accommodation. With 24 traditionally thatched private rooms including 12 standard bures and 12 deluxe villas, plus a 20 bed treehouse style shared facility, the choices for affordable accommodation are unlimited at the Uprising Beach Resort. With value in mind, you’re sure to find an option that satisfies your desire for a true Fijian-style holiday.


The Pearl South Pacific Resort The Pearl South Pacific Resort

The Pearl Resort 


The Pearl Resort is an elegant, sun-drenched resort within the sublime environs of Pacific Harbour between Suva and Nadi. You can enjoy world-class facilities when you stay at The Pearl Resort and choose from four stylish accommodation options to set the perfect mood for your holiday.


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Dive Information

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On the fringes of Beqa Lagoon, Shark Reef Marine Reserve was created to study the resident shark population and in turn aid in the long-term conservation of sharks worldwide. It is here, within Shark Reef Marine Reserve, that The Shark Dive takes place.

Imagine a swirling throng of Jacks, Snappers and Groupers. Now throw into the mix up to 8 different species of sharks; Bulls, Tigers, Sicklefin Lemons, Silvertips, Grey Reefs, Whitetip Reefs, Blacktip Reefs, and Tawny Nurses. This is The Shark Dive, truly a ‘shark lovers’ dream come true.

The first Shark Dive takes place on a reef ledge next to the drop off into the abyss of Beqa Passage. Here at a depth of 30m/100ft, the feeders bring in the main attraction; the Bull Sharks. After spending 17 minutes in “The Arena”, it’s time to head on up to the shallows for the 2nd part of the Shark Dive. Up in “The Den”, the smaller shark species, Whitetip Reefs and Blacktip Reefs, can be found circling, completely at ease with the presence of divers. Photo and video opportunities abound throughout the 45-minute Shark Dive.

The hour-long surface interval between each Shark Dive allows plenty of time to change camera films and to relax. Fresh tropical fruits and tea or coffee are always on offer along with friendly Fijian hospitality.

The second Shark Dive takes place halfway down the reef slope at 16m/55ft. ‘The Take Out’ is where most of the feeding occurs. Often times the Tawny Nurses are the first species to feed before giving way to the Bulls. Having become comfortable with the divers’ presence they will approach the feeders before opening their massive jaws to take the bait on offer. Silvertips, Sicklefin Lemons and Grey Reefs come in to feed when the Bulls allow, but if one of the Tigers turn up then even the Bulls give way. Moving slowly and with purpose the Tiger will take food from the feeders’ hands giving the divers a view of one of the oceans’ top predators. A bottom time of about 35 minutes signals the end of the Shark Dive and everyone makes their way up for a safety stop before climbing back onboard the boat.

A short 20-minute boat ride and we are back at the dock, where the staff will take care of your equipment, rinsing and storing it for you. Head on into the dive shop and have your log books stamped, check out the days’ Shark Dive DVD or make your way next door where a light lunch can be had at The Lagoon Resort.



The waters of Beqa Lagoon are world renowned for their spectacular soft corals and abundant life, so much so that Beqa Lagoon has been called “The Soft Coral Capital of the World”. Everything from small critters to large pelagic species can be found in these waters while reef diving.



  • The Tasu II is a decommissioned long line fishing vessel purposefully sunk on the sandy bottom at the ‘Seven Sisters’ dive site in the late 1990’s. She is about 30m/100′ from bow to stern lying upright on her keel in about 28m/90′ of water next to the coral pinnacles that make up the Seven Sisters.
  • Having been down for so many years, a good growth of soft corals covers the wreck. Very rarely swept by strong currents, the Tasu II is an ideal site for getting in some good bottom time on a wreck. It is not uncommon to find a school of chevron barracuda circling above the wreck and groupers hiding out inside the superstructure. With a keen eye, lucky divers can spot pipefish wriggling their way across the deck and up the sides of the ship.
  • After exploring the wreck a gentle fin back to the reef finds divers in a maze of seven towering pinnacles. Zebra Sharks can frequently be found resting on the sand just out from the pinnacles and for divers that want a rest, settle down in the sand between the pinnacles and watch as a cloud of butterfly fish move in and give you a ‘clean’.
  • Without doubt, Rusi’s Pinnacle is the favourite dive site of all the staff. Lying upright on the seabed in a depth of 32m/110′ lies the largest of the wrecks in Beqa Lagoon. Measuring about 40m/140′ in length and made of two decks, this old fishing vessel is home to a diversity of life that is quite exceptional.
  • Scuttled in 2000, there is already an incredible coverage of soft corals smothered in brittle sea stars. The top deck railing is home to a giant frogfish; with it’s intricate camouflage it can be quite a challenge to spot in amongst all the encrusting sponges
  • 100ft away stands a solitary pinnacle that soars upwards to within 5m/15′ of the surface. Encrusted with a kaleidoscope of colour, this pinnacle is home to stonefish, lionfish, leaf scorpionfish and moray eels. The top of the pinnacle is carpeted with five different species of anemone fish with their different host anemones. What better way to do a safety stop than by watching these plucky little characters flitting back and forth challenging all who venture that little bit too close.

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Packages & Rates

Beqa Adventure Divers Packages and Rates 

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Rates & Availability 

For information on rates, availability and to book, drop us an email at or call us today at 310-915-6677. We will gladly help you plan your dream vacation!

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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Local Currency: Fijian Dollar (FJD)
  • International Airport: Nausori International Airport Airport
  • Language: English, Fijian and Hindi
  • Time Zone: UTC+12

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Underwater Gallery 

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Reviews (1)

Cambridge, ON

When friends heard we were going to Fiji they told us we had to do a shark dive at Beqa. We were nervous as I think anyone would be on their first shark dive. We didn't know what to expect. But Beqa Adventure Divers made us feel comfortable and safe right away. Everything was well organized and the dive briefing was thorough and we knew exactly what to expect when we go down there.

During the dive, we were surprisingly relaxed because we knew what to expect. It is a 3 level dive. First, you drop to almost 100 feet to watch the bull sharks while kneeling behind a coral ledge while the DMs hover above you with metal poles to guide away any sharks that get too close. Then you head up to the second level and hand onto a rope and watch a second feeding station with more sharks, and then you do your safety stop at 15 feet at a third feeding station with more sharks. The second dive is very similar.

I had a housing with strobes and the DMs made sure I got a spot close to the feeder so I was in position to get nice photos which I appreciated.

Unfortunately, we didn't see a Tiger Shark which we were hoping to see :(

Visited on 10/2018 - Submitted on 04/10/2020


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