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Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard

Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard
Caribbean Kraken Liveaboard

Destination: Mexico

Itineraries: Banco Chinchorro, Los Picos & Alacranes (3-7 Nights) | From $367/night

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Caribbean Kraken Quick Pitch

The first liveaboard in the Mexican Carribean, a hundred feet long with aluminum hull,  9 double cabins and great, relaxed, onboard service. 


Why You'll Like Caribbean Kraken

  • Full-board accommodation
  • Beer & wines included
  • Nitrox available
  • Taxes & fees included


Dive Overview

The Mexican Caribbean offers seasonal attractions with clear blue waters, a huge variety of fish and incredible water ambiance.

[See: Yucatan Dive Travel Guide]

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Types of Cabins, Amenities and Photos

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Kraken Liveaboard


Caribbean Kraken Accommodation Overview

  • The boat has 9 double cabins.
  • The cabins on the lower deck (cabin 1 - 5) share 2 full bathrooms on the corridor.
  • The cabins on the upper deck (cabin 6 - 9) have their own full bathrooms.
  • All cabins have bunk bed (one matrimonial, one individual) and A/C.

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General Facilities

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Kraken Liveaboard Kraken LiveaboardKraken Liveaboard Kraken Liveaboard


Caribbean Kraken Boat & Dive Features

  • Air conditioned dining room
  • Flat screens to watch videos and photos
  • Audio system
  • Bar
  • Grill
  • Dive deck with a box for each diver for their gear
  • Nitrox available

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Schedule & Rates

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2019 Schedule & Rates













Los Picos del Norte




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  • Marine park fees
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, diner, beer and wines)
  • Nitrox
  • Dives
  • Double occupancy
  • Transfer back and for to the harbor in a private van



  • Tips
  • Dive equipment

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For more information on other departure dates that are not listed above and on availability email us at or call us at +1-310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation! 

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Dive Information & Itineraries

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Banco Chinchorro

  • Kraken Liveaboard
  • Banco Chinchorro is a coral atoll of 43 km long and 28 km wide including few islands:
  • Cayo Centro (in the middle of the atoll), Cayo Norte has 2 lighthouses and Cayo Lobos (the smallest island).
  • Chinchorro has all around few shipwrecks and a prestigious coral reef made from canyons and walls. We count 18 Spanish and English galleons from the XVII to the XIX centuries.
  • The dive sites are located between 5 and 30 meters.
  • Chinchorro is known as a pristine site with a huge diversity of fauna and flora. You can have the chance to see loggerhead, green turtles, nurse shark, reef sharks, eagle rays, dolphins and a big diversity of corals and sponges.


Los Picos

Picos del Norte is a series of seamounts 60 miles offshore, north of Cancun. Big pelagic gather here along with giant mantas that use the pinnacles as cleaning stations. Depth of the dive sites: 

  • Granelero: Ship wreck that used to be a towing vessel, is located at 35 meters depth in a sandy area and the deck is at 25 meters.
  • Los Picos: It’s a wall that goes to 60meters and the top of the reef is between 20 and 3o meters.
  • El Chalan 1: It’s with a sandy bottom where you can find a wreck of a barge located between 15 and 30 meters.
  • El Chalan 2: It’s a wreck that used to be a wood fishing boat and it’s still well preserved. It´s located between 12 and 20 meters. It’s a site with moderate to strong current.



  • Kraken Liveaboard
  • Alacranes is a protected area, is the biggest coral reef in the Gulf of Mexico and it’s located at 110 kms from Puerto Progreso. It’s composed of 5 little islands where different species of bird like to nest. We can find 34 types of corals, more than 100 of fishes but also turtles, mollusks, marine mammals. We can also dive on ship wrecks. The whole biodiversity is created by the position of the archipelago and because of the nutriments brought by the currents. The beauty of the place made by the white sandy bottoms, the crystal water and the enormous natural resources, give us the feeling to dive into a pristine unexplored reef.


The Trips

Kraken Liveaboard


Banco Chinchorro 4 Night Trip (November - March) 

  • Boarding: Puerto Morelos at 7pm.
  • Disembarking: Puerto Morelos at 7 am.
  • Schedule:
  • Briefing at 8pm
  • Dinner at 8.30 pm, night navigation.
  • Dive done around the archipelago.
  • Way back on Sunday night after dinner.
  • From Thursday to Monday.
  • Day 1: Callo Centro, 4 dives through Callo Norte
  • Day 2 and 3: Callo Lobos.


Los Picos 3 Night Trip (September - October) 

  • Boarding: Cancun at 7 PM
  • Disembarking: Cancun at 8 PM
  • Schedule:
  • Briefing at 8 pm.
  • Dinner at 8.30 pm, navigation in the early morning to reach los Picos located 30 miles away from the coast.
  • Way back the Sunday night at 8 pm.
  • Day 1: Los Picos 1 y Chalan
  • Day 2: Manta Valley and Granelero
  • Day 3: Los Picos 2


Alacranes 4 Night Trip (May - August) 

  • Boarding: Thursday night. Puerto Progreso at 7pm.
  • Disembarking: Monday morning. Telchac at 7am.
  • Schedule:
  • Thursday to Monday
  • Briefing at 8 pm.
  • Dinner at 8.30pm.
  • Departure for Alacranes, night navigation.
  • Dives all around the archipelago.
  • Night Navigation after dinner.
  • Day1: Perez Island
  • Day 2: North Area
  • Day 3: North Caribbean

Kraken Liveaboard


Alacranes & Los Picos 1 Week Trip 

  • Boarding: Puerto Progreso at 7pm.
  • Disembarking: Cancún at 7 pm
  • Schedule:
  • Briefing at 8 pm.
  • Dinner at 8.30 pm,
  • Navigation in the early morning to reach Alacranes.
  • Day 1: Perez Island (4 dives)
  • Day 2: North Area (4 dives)
  • Day 3: Caribbean Area (4 dives) + night navigation to reach Granelero
  • Day 4: Granelero (2 dives) + Navigation to reach the picos
  • Day 5: Manta Valley and picos 1 (4 dives)
  • Day 6: Picos 2 (4 dives)
  • Day 7: picos 2 (2 dives)+ navigation to reach Cancun

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Other Information

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Boat Specifications

  • Length: 30 meters
  • Wide: 6 meters
  • Number of cabins: 9 double cabins
  • Year of fabrication: 1972
  • Year of renovation: 2016
  • Speed: 9 knots
  • Navigation and communication equipment: 2 GPS Brand Furuno, 2 Radars Brand Furuno, 1 Ecosonde Brand Furuno, 1 automatic Pilote COMNAV, 2 Radio VHF West Marine, Hailer RAYTHEON, 1 Radio lateral bande ICOM, 1 AIS FURUNO
  • Boat Engine: 2 engine diesel CAT 3406 Series # 9WR02619 and 9WR02621


Practical Information 

  • Time Zone: UTC-6
  • Local Currency: MXN (Mexican Peso)
  • Language Spoken: Spanish & English

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Underwater Gallery 

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Kraken Liveaboard Kraken LiveaboardKraken Liveaboard Kraken LiveaboardKraken Liveaboard Kraken LiveaboardKraken Liveaboard Kraken Liveaboard Kraken Liveaboard

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