Dragon Dive Komodo Shenron Liveaboard


Destination: Indonesia

North, Central & South Komodo (2-6 nights) | From $270++/night

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Dragon Dive Komodo Quick Pitch

Dragon Dive LB's Shenron, like its sister liveaboard Yoshi, is a Phinisi boat: a traditional Indonesia wooden sailing ship built in 2017. The liveaboard offers 3, 4 or 5 scuba diving day safaris to Komodo National Park, catering to a maximum of 12 guests.


Why You'll Like Dragon Dive Komodo

  • Offers short cruises
  • Ultra comfort at affordable price
  • Full board accommodation
  • 1:4 guide to diver ratio



All trips depart from Labuan Bajo.


Dive Overview

There is an amazing and huge variety of fishes, breathtaking and untouched coral reefs, big fishes hunting actions, and pelagic fishes at nearly every dive site around the Komodo National park. You will also be able to observe numerous whitetip and blacktip reef sharks and with a little bit of luck, you can encounter bigger sharks like the Grey Shark and the Hammerhead Sharks!

You will be able to dive remote dive sites that daily trips can’t reach. You will discover the beauty of the South of Komodo and its legendary dive sites such as 3 sisters, and hopefully, meet the Blue Whales sometimes spotted from the boat in South Komodo!

[See: Komodo Dive Travel Guide]


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Types of Cabins, Amenities and Photos

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Dragon Dive Komodo Liveaboard Dragon Dive Komodo Liveaboard

Dorm cabin with 4 beds (L) & Double bed cabin (R)


Dragon Dive Komodo Accommodation Overview

The boat has a double-bed dorm cabin and 2 double-deck dorm cabins. All rooms have airconditioning & an en-suite bathroom.

  • 2 double beds in the dorm room at the front of the boat
  • 1 dorm cabin with 4 beds located on the middle floor
  • 1 dorm with 4 beds located on the top floor

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General Facilities

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Dragon Dive Komodo's dining room Dragon Dive Komodo's sundeck

briefing cabin (L) & sundeck (R)


Dragon Dive Komodo Boat Features

  • Open dining room
  • Relaxing top sundeck
  • Air compressors BAUER Poseidon 200 & Coltri 270
  • 2 Speedboats
  • New closed briefing cabin
  • 2 extra outdoor desks for chill out

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Food & Drinks Aboard the shenron

The amazing chef will prepare Indonesian and international cuisine, made onboard daily.  

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Schedule & Rates

The actual rates are based in EUR. The starting price indicated below may vary based on the current exchange rate. Subject to change without prior notice.

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Cruise DateDurationDivesDorm - Top floorDorm - Middle floorDorm - Double bedAvailability
Sep 16, 20194D3N12€720€720€840Email Us
Sep 23, 20194D3N12€720€720€840Email Us
Sep 28, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Oct 2, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Oct 7, 20195D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Oct 14, 20195D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Oct 21, 20195D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Oct 30, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 2, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 6, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 11, 20195D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Nov 16, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 20, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 23, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 27, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 30, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Dec 4, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Dec 7, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Dec 11, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Dec 14, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Dec 18, 20193D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Dec 23, 20195D4N15€840€840€960Email Us

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2020 Schedule & Rates

Cruise DateDurationDivesDorm - Top floorDorm - Middle floorDorm - Double bedAvailability
Feb 1, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Feb 8, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Feb 15, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Feb 20, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Feb 26, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Feb 29, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Mar 4, 19303D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Mar 7, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Mar 14, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Mar 18, 20207D6N21€1,356€1,356€1,596Email Us
Mar 28, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Apr 1, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Apr 4, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Apr 11, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Apr 15, 20207D6N21€1,356€1,356€1,596Email Us
Apr 25, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Apr 29, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
May 4, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
May 9, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
May 13, 20207D6N21€1,356€1,356€1,596Email Us
May 23, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
May 27, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Jun 3, 20207D6N21€1,356€1,356€1,596Email Us
Jun 11, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Jun 14, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Jun 20, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Jun 24, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Jun 28, 20207D6N21€1,356€1,356€1,596Email Us
Jul 7, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Jul 11, 20207D6N21€1,356€1,356€1,596Email Us
Jul 19, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Jul 29, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Aug 1, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Aug 5, 20207D6N21€1,620€1,620€1,860Email Us
Aug 12, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Aug 16, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Aug 22, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Aug 26, 20207D6N21€1,620€1,620€1,860Email Us
Sep 3, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Sep 6, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Sep 10, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Sep 16, 20207D6N21€1,620€1,620€1,860Email Us
Sep 26, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Sep 30, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Oct 10, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Oct 14, 20207D6N21€1,356€1,356€1,596Email Us
Oct 24, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Oct 28, 20205D4N15€840€840€960Email Us
Nov 4, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 7, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 11, 20207D6N21€1,356€1,356€1,596Email Us
Nov 21, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Nov 25, 20207D6N21€1,356€1,356€1,596Email Us
Nov 28, 20203D2N9€540€540€600Email Us
Dec 5, 20205D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Dec 23, 20205D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us

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Cruise DateDurationDivesDorm - Top floorDorm - Middle floorDorm - Double bedAvailability
Feb 3, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Feb 10, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Feb 17, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Feb 24, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Mar 1, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us
Mar 9, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Mar 13, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Mar 17, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Mar 24, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Mar 30, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Apr 3, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Apr 7, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us
Apr 10, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Apr 15, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Apr 19, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Apr 24, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Apr 28, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
May 2, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
May 8, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us
May 16, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
May 22, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
May 29, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Jun 2, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us
Jun 5, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Jun 10, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Jun 14, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Jun 19, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Jun 23, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Jun 29, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Jul 3, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us
Jul 11, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Jul 14, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Jul 18, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Jul 24, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Jul 28, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us
Aug 5, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Aug 9, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Aug 15, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Aug 21, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Aug 25, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us
Sep 2, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Sep 6, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Sep 12, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Sep 15, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Sep 19, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Sep 25, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Sep 29, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Oct 2, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Oct 6, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us
Oct 14, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Oct 18, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Oct 24, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Nov 3, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Nov 6, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us
Nov 14, 20213D2N9€660€660€780Email Us
Nov 20, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Nov 27, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Dec 4, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Dec 11, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Dec 15, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Dec 19, 20215D4N15€900€900€1,020Email Us
Dec 25, 20217D6N21€1,560€1,560€1,680Email Us

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  • Meals, coffee, and snacks between dives
  • Dive guides
  • Excursions in Rinca



  • Hotel or Airport transfers to Dragon Dive Komodo Labuan Bajo not included but can be arranged
  • Aircraft tickets
  • Visas, airport charges and extra luggage
  • Cancellation, diving, travel and repatriation insurance are not included
  • Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks
  • Staff tips (allow 25 USD per participant)
  • The reusable aluminum containers and mugs available must remain on board
  • Port, Komodo Marine Park: Rp 275,000 per person per day (& 350,000 per holiday), per departure
  • Komodo rangers & Trekking fees will have to paid on RINCA island directly (Rp 90,000/pax)
  • Basic equipment (BCD, reg, wetsuit, mask, fins, weights, tank)
  • Dive courses 

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Rates & Availability

For more information on the rates and on availability email us at info@bluewaterdivetravel.com or call us at 310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation!

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Dive Information & Destinations

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Trip Overview

You will find an impressive and immense variety of fishes, absolutely fascinating and garnished reefs, as well as all kinds of predators such as groupers, karangs, tunas or reef sharks. From time to time pelagics such as the famous Mola Mola can be seen in the north of Komodo Park.

All this undersea life will make absolutely incredible scuba diving memories. With a little luck, you can also come across grey sharks and hammerhead sharks!

One of the main reasons for coming to Komodo is the annual abundance of Manta Rays that will daily perform ballets in front of you.


Dragon Dive Komodo's dive map


3 Days / 2 Nights 9 Dives, Central, North & Trekking Komodo Itinerary

  • Day 1: 2 dives Central + Night Dive
  • Day 2: Trekking in Rinca + 2 dives Central & Night Dive
  • Day 3: 3 dives on North Side: Crystal Rock, Castle Rock & Cauldron
  • End of Dive 2PM


4 Days / 3 nights 12 Dives, Central, South & North, rinca & Trekking padar Itinerary

  • Day 1: 3 Dives & Night Dive
  • Day 2: Hiking in Rinca + 2 Dives
  • Day 3: Hiking in Padar + 2 dives & Night Dive
  • Day 4: 3 dives on North Side: Crystal Rock, Castle rock & Cauldron
  • End Of Dive 2PM


5 days / 4 Nights 15 Dives, South Komodo & Padar Itinerary

  • Day 1: Departure from Labuan Bajo around 8/9:00am, 2 dives & 1 night dive
  • Day 2: 3 Dives in South Rinca
  • Day 3: Cruise to South Komodo (following meteo), 1 or 2 dives on Manta Alley + 1 Night Dive
  • Day 4: 1 dive around South Komodo , 2 Dives in Padar (ex: Three Sisters, Pilaarsteen (Stone Pillar), Secret Garden), Trekking on Padar.
  • Day 5: 1 Dive in Padar Padar, 2 dives in Central Komodo (ex: Batu Bolong & Siaba Kecil) Return to Labuan Bajo around 5/6:00 PM.
  • Total of 15 dives with 2 night dives.



  • Day 1: Departure from Labuan Bajo around 8/9.00 Am, 2 dives & 1 night dive
  • Day 2: 3 Dives in Central Komodo
  • Day 3: 3 dives in North Komodo
  • Day 4: 3 dives in North Komodo
  • Day 5: Cruise to South Komodo (following meteo), 1 or 2 dives on Manta Alley + 1 Night Dive
  • Day 6: 1 dive around South Komodo, 2 Dives in Padar (ex: Three Sisters, Pilaarsteen (Stone Pillar), Secret Garden), Trekking on Padar.
  • Day 7: 1 Dive in Padar Padar, 2 dives in Central Komodo (ex: Batu Bolong & Siaba Kecil) Return to Labuan Bajo around 5/6:00 PM.
  • Total of 21 dives with 3 night dives.

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Other Information

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Boat Specifications

  • Length: 24 Meters
  • Width: 4.5 Meters
  • Materials: Ironwood Hool & Teak wood
  • Capacity: 120 Tons
  • Building Year: 2017 (modified in July 2019)
  • Speed: Up to 12 Knots/Hour
  • Engines: 6 Cylinder Mitshubishi & 4 Cylinder backup
  • Backup Electricity Battery Solar Panel 12V
  • Fresh Water: 6,000 Liter
  • Navigation: GPS, Compass
  • Communication: VHF Radio
  • Compressors: BAUER Poseidon 200 & Coltri 270


Practical Information

  • Time Zone: UTC+8
  • Local Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 
  • Language: English, German, French, Spanish, and Indonesian
  • Electricity: 220 Volt


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Got Questions? Ready to Book?

Call us today at 310-915-6677 or email us info@bluewaterdivetravel.com

And let us book your dream vacation!

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Underwater Gallery

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Dragon Dive Dragon Dive

Dragon Dive Dragon Dive

Dragon Dive Dragon Dive

Dragon Dive Dragon Dive

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