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El Galleon Dive Resort, Puerto Galera

Aerial view of El Galleon Resort
Nighttime view of the pool at El Galleon
The pier at El Galleon
Aerial view of boats and an island
Kitchen in a penthouse suite at El Galleon
Waimea houses at El Galleon
Restaurant at El Galleon
Beachside dining at El Galleon
Sushi at El Galleon
A beautiful meal at El Galleon
A bar at El Galleon
People hang out in a bar at El Galleon
People drink wine in a bubble bath at the spa at El Galleon
People enjoy a massage at El Galleon
Scuba divers practice in the pool at El Galleon
The dive center at El Galleon
Dive center at El Galleon
Scuba cylinders and equipment are prepared for diving at El Galleon
Divers on a dive boat at El Galleon
Divers on a speedboat at El Galleon
Camera room interior at El Galleon
Budget Room at El Galleon
Penthouse Room at El Galleon
Penthouse Balcony at El Galleon
Penthouse Room at El Galleon
Poolside Room at El Galleon
Poolside Room at El Galleon
Seaview Balcony at El Galleon
Seaview Room at El Galleon

El Galleon Dive Resort, Puerto Galera

Address: Sabang, Puerto Galera, Philippines | Full-board + unlimited day diving from $168/person/night

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El Galleon Dive Resort Quick Pitch

El Galleon dive resort is a great option for families, groups, single women, or anyone who doesn't want to be right in "town". It is a short 5-minute walk from the "center of action" in Puerto Galera. They have a variety of room types, from budget rooms to luxury villas, and support technical diving.

Nearby, there is golfing, zip-lining, dune-buggies, and ATVs. Verde Island, which offers awesome diving, is just 25 minutes away on their larger speedboat.

Quick Information 

  • No of Rooms: 30
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: AC, wifi, bar, conference room, swimming pool, spa, kids activities, dedicated camera room, nitrox
  • Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi in all rooms
  • Airport shuttle: Yes, with a surcharge


How to Get There

The resort is located in Puerto Galera, 2-3 hours from Manila. They offer airport transfer service for the guests.  


Dive Overview

The Philippines are home to a dense population of marine life, boasting colorful reefs and incredible macro life. El Galleon is located in a marine reserve and offers a pristine dive setting. Dives here are suitable for all levels, from your 8-year old bubblemaker to recreational holiday divers, to serious underwater photographers and even technical divers.


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Types of Rooms, Amenities, and Photos

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El Galleon Resort Room Overview

Guests choose from Seaview, Family, Poolside, or Budget rooms, or can request a Penthouse Suite or the Waimea Luxury Houses.


Seaview Room 

  • El Galleon
  • The most requested rooms are the seaview rooms, all with fantastic waterfront views. You could literally throw a stone into the sea from any of these spacious and well-appointed rooms. All 10 sea view rooms are fitted out with a queen size bed, minibar, air-conditioning and storage space and all bathrooms are equipped with hot water and a vanity area.


Family Room 

  • El Galleon
  • The three family resort rooms are all capable of one or two extra beds; family resort rooms come with one queen size bed (extra beds on request) air-conditioning, mini bar and comfortable bathrooms with vanity area.


Poolside Room 

  • El Galleon Poolside Room
  • Step outside your room and drop into the swimming pool. The 12 poolside resort rooms are equipped with a queen size bed, air-conditioning, mini bar and storage space; our poolside room bathrooms all have hot water and a vanity area. Economy & Deluxe options available.


Budget Room

  • El Galleon
  • We also offer budget rooms if you’re looking for the beach resort experience but without a view and fuss. El Galleon’s four budget rooms come either a queen size bed or two single beds, air-conditioning, mini bar and the bathrooms are like granddad used to own, old yet still charming.


Penthouse Suite 

  • El Galleon Penthouse
  • We also offer a luxury one bedroom penthouse apartment with private kitchen, large private balcony and adjoining living room, with a spectacular sea view. Your penthouse home away from home.



  • El Galleon
  • Waimea is the luxury accommodations for the truly discerning. Totally unlike anything else in Puerto Galera the Waimea annex is a five-minute walk from the El Galleon beach resort. Behind a high wall, you will find five houses nestled amongst a beautiful garden and two swimming pools. Naturally, with premises of this high caliber, there is security on the grounds 24 hours a day.


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Resort Facilities

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El Galleon El Galleon

Arthur's Restaurant (LEFT) & Barrel Bar (RIGHT)

El Galleon El Galleon

Spa (LEFT) & Camera Room (RIGHT)


El Galleon Resort Features 

  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Bars
  • Spa
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dive Shop
  • Room Service
  • Conference Room


El Galleon Resort Foods & Drinks

Arthur's Restaurant: The El Galleon restaurant's menu is full of wonderful dishes that will fulfill your wants and needs, whether it be a small snack like the scrumptious home-made pasta or baked mussels, Calamari Fritto or, a full meal like our special spaghetti, seafood plate, steak béarnaise or something from French Chef Antoine’s very own corner: Coq Au Vin, Quenelles of Fish, Quiche Lorraine, and Pot Au Feu, are just a few of the delights.

The Barrel Bar: A beautiful place to catch the sunset and enjoy the light breeze along with your favorite cocktail.

The Point Bar: It is actually a part of the excellent El Galleon Beach Resort and therefore serves the same sumptuous menu on offer at the beach resort. This is at once sophisticated yet simple, a center of entertainment and relaxation. 


El Galleon Resort Activities 

  • Sunset Cruises
  • Beach BBQ
  • Puerto Galera Museum
  • Trekking - Tukuran River
  • Mangyan Village Tour
  • Jungle Zipline
  • Ponderosa Golf Course
  • Snorkeling
  • Beach Hopping

El Galleon Resort Map

El Galleon Resort Map

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Packages & Rates

El Galleon Dive Resort Dive Packages & Room Rates

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For more information on rates, availability and to book, drop us an email at bookings@bluewaterdivetravel.com or call us today at 310-915-6677 and let us help you plan your dream dive vacation!


Dive Information

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Puerto Galera Dive Overview

Puerto Galera is situated on the northern coast of Mindoro Island (the 5th largest island in the Philippine archipelago chain of 7,107 islands), which is about 12 nautical miles south of Batangas City, Luzon.

One of the big reasons to dive here is for the amazing macro life. Underwater photographers are delighted with the vast selection of different nudibranchs that they can see on just one dive site! Pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, frogfish, sea moths, dragonets, stick pipefish, wonderous, mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish are some of the special things that divers can see.

El Galleon El GalleonEl Galleon El Galleon

Photos by Beth Watson, captured while staying at El Galleon Dive Resort, Puerto Galera

All the dive sites are replete with huge numbers of splendid fishes, huge basket sponges adorned with hundreds of multi-colored crinoids; vast numbers of hard and soft corals and gorgonian sea fans. Turtles, octopus, mantis shrimp, crabs, seahorses, and cuttlefish make guest appearances as well. There are also a few wrecks teaming with fish, that have been sunk purposely to turn into dive sites.

El Galleon El Galleon El Galleon

More photos by Beth Watson.

The Verde Island Passage is very deep, so clear water is very common to the dive sites of Puerto Galera, along with a fantastic variety of underwater flora and fauna.

Experts have called The Verde Island Passage the “center of the center” of the world’s marine biodiversity. Life-enhancing nutrients from the Pacific mix with waters of the South China Sea. You would never guess that beneath the surface are spectacular reef formations with more than 300 species of corals and underwater rock canyons that host nearly 60 percent of the world’s known shorefish species.

The World Conservation Union describes it as the marine counterpart of the Amazon River basin,” which put the passage at the peak of the “Coral Triangle” that spans the Sulawesi and the Sulu Seas in the southern Philippines and nearby Indonesia.

Learn more about diving in Puerto Galera

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Dive Center Information

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 El Galleon Dive Center Overview

Asia Divers is the Philippines’ first PADI Career Development Center (CDC), where experienced instructors and divemasters, guide guests on world-class dive sites, all only a short boat ride away. Asia Divers has been in business for 28 years and is known for its high standard of teaching across all PADI courses, from Bubblemakers for kids to Divemaster and Instructor level courses. Many of the Divemasters and Instructors working in the area were trained by Asia Divers.

El Galleon El Galleon

The dive facility is just a few years old and there is nothing like it in Asia. There is a diving platform with a large pontoon on which boats can easily dock on making it simple for guests to board and disembark.

Every diver has their own crate in the dive shop to store their gear, and there is a dedicated camera room with a computer available and rinse tank specifically for cameras.

It’s very spacious so even when the shop is busy you never feel crowded. The calm, relaxed atmosphere lets you know that you’re being well looked after by the crew who are always there to help you with anything you may need.  

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Other Information

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Practical Information 

  • Electricity: 220 Volt
  • Time zone: UTC+8
  • Languages: Filipino & English
  • Accept credit card?: Yes (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)

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Got Questions? Ready to Book?

Call us today at 310-915-6677 or email us bookings@bluewaterdivetravel.com

And let us book your dream vacation!

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Underwater Gallery

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Reviews (6)


El Galleon Resort is centrally located in Small La Laguna beach. It is a basic resort with simple rooms and a decent restaurant. Hospitality is simple but honest and warm. People start to know your name after a day or two. Prices for both accommodation and food are very reasonable. Overall, a good pleasant place to park yourself for a diving vacation, and great value.

El Galleon is affiliated with Asia Divers (on the property) for recreational diving and Tech Asia (5 min walk) for technical diving. I have not dove with Asia Divers before but reviews I have heard are generally very positive. I have been diving with Tech Asia since 2005 and they run an excellent operation and are great people too.

The bar at El Galleon is called The Point. It's a nice and relaxing place to watch the sunset, have a few drinks, and hang out after a great day of diving.

I would characterize the diving as 7/10 for recreational diving and 9/10 for technical diving. Recreational diving is definitely very good, with healthy critters and flora, BUT Anilao is just 1 hour away by boat and Anilao is a 10/10 for recreational diving. Technical diving, on the other hand, is excellent, especially with Tech Asia. The underwater topography is such that great depths can be reached just minutes off shore. The deep reefs get much fewer visitors and are pristine. Rent a scooter and get a guide from Tech Asia and they'll take you to some spectacular sites.

I generally prefer staying at Small La Laguna beach rather than in Sabang beach because it is a quieter and more secluded. Sabang is a big party town so don't expect much peace and quiet there. The walk is only 5-10 min, so El Galleon has the best of both worlds, in my view.

If you are in the area, make a point to stop by Capt'n Gregg's in Sabang town for a hearty meal.

Visited on 01/2012 - Submitted on 02/06/2014
  • Top Reviewer
Bowling Green, KY
United States

This is (IMHO) valet diving at it's Best ! It is a fairly large operation running 6-8 boats (Bankas) at a time. Dive sites are rotated and changed smoothly and efficiently. There is a large board showing when and where your dives are that changes daily. The dive staff is always alert and attentive. These guys bust their butts attending to details , like how you like your camera gear (other stuff too ) handed to you and stored(with or without lens cap, etc.). Getting you in and out of the boats is as easy as humanly possible. The dive deck is the best organized and easiest to get on and off I have ever experienced. Ample dive staff to assist with anything you could possibly need. Andy , part owner and "Genius engineer' type guy fixes anything and everything happily and well. The layout is perfect ! Very close to your rooms and the dedicated camera room. On site dive shop. You can see the dive deck from the resort so it's not easy to miss a dive if you are out and about (easy walking distance too). The dives guides are excellent and so is the marine life. Hairy frogfish, electric clams, mantis shrimp, ghost pipefish, giant clams. tiny cuddlefish and much more. This was my first photo experience and I can't think how they could have made it any easier. I never felt pushed or hurried. The staff ALL know your name early in the week. I don't know how, but they do. Also, they seem to catch on pretty quickly to how You like things too ! That includes management, housekeeping, food service and the bar staff. The food was excellent. Anton is a very French chef who makes the best pastries ever ! Plenty of fresh fruit and someone is always around when you want something. The resort is on the water, but Alan, the owner has a clear understanding with the vendors . You can sit outside and enjoy yourself without being bombarded by people constantly hawking their wares at you. There are some very cool handmade baskets available on the beach though. I went in early April and it was HOT ! My room did have good a/c and was comfortable. It is not a luxury facility but it is perfect for divers. I was able to book massages every day. The front desk will help with everything from massage to money exchanges. I highly recommend El Galleon. It is the most personable and well run dive resort I have ever been to.

Visited on 04/2013 - Submitted on 03/22/2014

Blue Water Travel booked two of us for an 8 night stay at the El Galleon Resort and for diving at the associated Asia Divers in April 2014. We asked to stay in the budget accommodations at the El Galleon, and we found them comfortable, accessible, and a good value for our money. We had breakfast included in our package, and that was helpful. It was a nice buffet breakfast offered before the morning dives began with Asia Divers. For lunch and dinner, we sampled a variety of restaurants around the resort area.

I found the overall value of this package (lodging at El Galleon, diving with Asia Divers) outstanding. The marine life in Puerto Galera offers a great sampling of the diversity found in the Philippines, and it's easily accessible following a flight into Manila. Although Anilao offers greater macro opportunities, Puerto Galera offers more diversity, comfort, and accessibility.

Visited on 04/2014 - Submitted on 05/28/2014
  • Top Reviewer
Fountain Valley, CA
United States

I booked an all-inclusive trip to El Galleon. I was met at the ferry dock by resort staff, who took my bags and led me on a short walk across the beach to the resort. I was given a welcome drink, checked in, and was taken to my room. After getting settled, I went to the on-site dive shop, Asia Divers, and checked in for diving starting the next day. They filled me in on all the procedures and the diving schedule. Meals are served at Arthur's beachfront restaurant where all meals are prepared to order from an extensive menu. There is a beautiful pool and two bars. All of the staff is super helpful and friendly.

Asia Divers offers 4 dives a day, with some night dives. Puerto Galera has very diverse diving and Asia Divers gives you a taste of everything. Their boats get you to the dive sites with ease. Their emphasis is on safety and the enjoyment of their customers.
Bottom line: This is a very comfortable resort right on the beach. Spacious, comfortable, clean rooms are welcoming when returning from your dives. The food was delicious and the portions large. Asia Divers is a professional, experienced dive operation. I was very satisfied and would return again.

Visited on 02/2016 - Submitted on 02/21/2020

Stayed for a week in June 2109 with the wife. We made our way to the island via bus and ferry on our own after a few days in Manila. This was substantially cheaper than the resort price but we've traveled for years on our own so it was not a big deal without the hand holding. If you are coming directly from the airport in Manila the resort scheduled transit to the resort would probably make sense. We were picked up from the ferry dock by boat as pre-scheduled for the trip to the resort. June is low season so not many persons at the resort during our stay. Nice room, clean, 2nd floor with large bathroom and all necessary amenities. 3 meals a day, all food good with varied selections off-menu. Diving excellent with good divemasters. most trips within 15-20 minutes max from the resort. A good variety of fish and corals and other sea life. Most of the divers on the boat were interested in macro photography.

We also took a day trip to Verde Island which was a part of our package. You MUST go to Verde Island. We were the only people on the boat (again slow season). The weather cooperated with no rain during dive times. Good happy hour, San Miguel beer, tropical drinks... 5-minute walk to town. Bulk water available there and refills (bring your own bottle) also had laundry done (wash and fold, a good deal) in a town near the end of the week as we were moving on to Singapore. Resort much better looking and location than Atlantis in town.

The diving was very much worth the trip. Diving previously mainly in the Caribbean the coral life if very different (more and more beautiful) fish life very abundant, rays, eels, turtles, sea horses, frogfish, octopus, lionfish .... more clownfish and anemone varieties than you can count, giant clams, nudibranchs. the macro photography divers (locals?) were very helpful in pointing things out along with divemasters when we were around them. Most dives <60 ft/20m so long bottom times. We always were under a minimum of 60 minutes.

Puerto Galera is a good spot for diving, close to Manila for serious (eat sleep dive) divers. I would definitely recommend El Galleon as the place to stay while there.

Visited on 06/2019 - Submitted on 03/11/2021


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