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Destination: Palau

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Fish 'n Fins Palau Quick Pitch

Fish 'n Fins Dive center along with the Ocean Hunter fleet of liveaboards is owned and run by Navot & Tova Bornovski. It is Palau's leading dive and tour center. Become a Nitrox diver or dive Nitrox for free if already qualified. You can also explore the other courses they have available, as well as the offerings for technical divers.


Fish 'n Fins Palau Features

  • Dive shop offering a wide variety of diving and snorkeling gear
  • FREE Nitrox
  • Photo shop
  • Repair Shop: certified technicians servicing dive equipment and SCUBA gear, including regulators, BCDs, fins etc. for all major manufacturers.
  • Internet/Computer Access
  • Classroom
  • Hotel Pickups
  • Hot Shower
  • Rinsing Facilities
  • Gear Room: fully ventilated to allow your gear to dry. And there is a security guard on the premises 24 hours every day plus CCTV
  • Affiliated diving agencies: Fish 'n Fins is a full PADI IDC Center


How to Get There 

Continental Micronesia, a branch of Continental Airlines, holds flights to Palau via Guam (daily) or Manila (Wednesdays and Fridays). Guam can be reached from Hawaii, Western USA, Australia, Seoul and Tokyo. Manila is a major hub serviced by flights from Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, amongst others. We recommend that you make reservations ahead of time as well as purchase travel insurance in case of last-minute cancellations. At the Palau airport, you will be picked up by your hotel and transported to your accommodations.


Dive Overview 

Divers come to Palau for the amazing dive sites that have made them world-famous, dives such as Blue Corner and German Channel. Palau offers epic diving along a breathtaking archipelago with a variety of diverse sites including WWII wrecks, stunning wildlife, and Palau's famed Jellyfish Lake.


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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Fish 'n Fins Accommodation Overview 

Fish 'n Fins works with various hotels around Palau. Accommodations in Palau range from budget motels to very upscale resorts. See the packages they offer here.


Fish 'n Fins Palau Fish 'n Fins Palau


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Dive Information

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There is a flexible dive itinerary customized according to divers' wishes and Fish 'n Fins knowledge of the best dive sites for the day's conditions.

  • A morning dive trip leaves around 8:30 am and returns anywhere from 3:30-5:30 pm, earlier or later at your request.
  • In between two dives, take a one-hour surface interval in a beautiful snorkel spot where you can explore around the Rock Islands.
  • Lunch is usually after the two dives--we have a picnic on a Rock Island beach.
  • Without paying extra, you can stop and snorkel at the intact and shallow Zero plane, the giant Tridacna clams, or ask your driver about the Milky Way--you'll be in for a traditional treatment: Palauan white clay masks with a private lagoon for a spa.
  • We try to make sure everyone visits where they want to go.
  • Enjoy the scenic boat ride including WWII relics, ancient red cave paintings, and the famous Rock Island Arch.
  • Sit back, relax, and let us take you to the best sites Palau has to offer.


Dive Sites

Ocean Hunter I



At Fish 'n Fins we limit the number of divers per boat. All boats have cushioned seating, protective overhead covering, and dry storage compartments. Here are the dive boats measuring:

  • 1 x 38 feet 2 X 225 HP 4-stroke engines (Triton)
  • 5 x 35 feet 2 X 225 HP 4-stroke engines (Poseidon, Neptune, Vulcan, Apollo, Atlas)
  • 1 x 32 feet 2 X 175 HP 4-stroke engines (Nautilus)
  • 4 x 29 feet 2 X 150 HP engines (Kon-Tiki & Calypso, Thetys, Venus)


Tanks and Air 

Fish 'n Fins offers the diver a wide variety of Air Tanks: 80, 100, 70, and 63 cubic feet (12, 15, 10.5 and 9.5 liters). The NITROX tanks are aluminum 80's clearly identified with yellow/green NITROX markings. There are Standard and DIN valves available and your tanks are guaranteed to always be filled to their maximum working capacity.


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Packages & Rates

Fish 'n Fins Packages, Details and Rates 

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Rates & Availability 

For information on rates, availability and to book, drop us an email at or call us today at 310-915-6677. We will gladly help you plan your dream vacation!

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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Time Zone: UTC+9
  • Local Currency: USD (US Dollar)
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Electricity: 110 & 220 volts

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Got Questions? Ready to Book?

Call us today at 310-915-6677 or email us

And let us book your dream vacation!


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Underwater Gallery 

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Coming Soon!   


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Reviews (3)


Fish 'n Fins, operated by owner Tova, offers a dive experience with notable strengths and areas for improvement.

The dive center is conveniently located at the boat dock, providing easy access to the water. Guests are responsible for handling their gear, including setup and washing. The center also includes a shop, gear drying room, and the Barracuda Cafe Bar for post-dive refreshments.

Diving with Fish 'n Fins involves guides who vary in style, from assertive to laid-back. Each day features different guides, with an emphasis on equal work distribution among them. Dive times typically last up to 60 minutes, including a 5-minute safety stop, although durations may vary.

Dive groups usually comprise 6 to 9 divers, ranging from new to experienced, with divers using both air and nitrox. This diversity can sometimes limit dive site options and times, and multi-day divers may encounter repeated checkout dive sites, affecting their overall experience.

The best dive sites, such as Blue Corner for sharks and German Channel for mantas, are well-known and favored by divers. Strong currents on some dives are preferred for optimal fish and shark viewing, with reef hooks deployed to allow divers to observe the marine life.

The dive boats are comfortable and covered but have open sides, which can result in getting wet or windy during the ride. It's advisable to bring a light jacket for such conditions. The boats are equipped with sturdy walk-up ladders and dry boxes for personal items, although not all items may remain dry. Water, tea, and coffee are provided on board, but amenities like boat towels are not available. A pre-ordered lunch is enjoyed during a scenic beach stop.

Access and transfers are convenient, with hotel pickup and drop-off services offered. Tipping practices may vary as different guides are assigned each day.

In conclusion, Fish 'n Fins offers a diving experience with knowledgeable guides and comfortable boats. However, improvements in managing dive groups and minimizing repeated checkout dives could enhance the overall quality of the experience.

Visited on 02/2024 - Submitted on 03/24/2024

Great operation. Excellent dive sites choices. Friendly staff. Safe. Delicious lunch. Everything what was promised met my expectations. Boat is in an excellent condition. Boat driver and the guide were super friendly and provided me with a lot of information about marine life and culture. Whole day was just a lot of fun! They definitely put safety first, and being in a small group everyone had a chance to enjoy all encounters. Accommodation was excellent as well.

Visited on 07/2023 - Submitted on 08/09/2023

Fish n Fins is the first dive center to open in Palau. The current owners, Tova and Navot are very respected divers in the Palau diving community. They have a great crew of captains, divemasters and office staff that will take care of your every need. Their dive center is located minutes from downtown Koror and many of the top resorts that divers stay at. There is also a muck dive right at their dive center dock where there are mating mandarinfish. Just ask them and they will hand you a tank and show you where to go.
They have boat sizes for all groups, from smaller speed boats to luxury liveaboards, the Ocean Hunter II. The dive shop is stocked with everything you need including reef hooks. There are large rinse tanks for all your gear, including camera gear. As a bonus, they have a bar/restaurant where you can grab a beer and some local snacks when your boat returns after an awesome day of diving.

Visited on 07/2016 - Submitted on 11/05/2017


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