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LumbaLumba Manado Resort

LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort
LumbaLumba Manado Resort

Destination: Indonesia

Lumbalumba Diving Resort, Jalan Trans Sulawesi, Desa Mokupa 95351 Kecematan Tombariri, North Sulawesi, Indonesia | Full-board + 2 dives from $168/ppn

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lumbalumba Resort Quick Pitch

Lumbalumba Resort is an intimate dive resort in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. With six luxurious chalets (9 rooms), it offers a familiar and flexible atmosphere with personalized service. Located on a 3.5-hectare mountain slope surrounded by lush botanical gardens, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views in Manado. Additional features include an infinity pool, a private harbor with a dive center, and excellent cuisine in the onsite restaurant & bar.


Quick Information 

  • No of Rooms: 9
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: AC, private bathrooms, wi-fi, restaurant & bar, infinity pool, and private harbor with dive center, spa treatments are arranged on request
  • Internet: Free wifi is available throughout the resort
  • Nearest Airport: Sam Ratulangi International Airport
  • Airport shuttle: Round trip airport transfers are included in your package if your stay is 5 nights or longer.


How to Get There

Sam Ratulangi International Airport (also known as Manado Internatinal Airport) receives flights from all major Indonesian cities, including Bali and Jakarta, as well as international flights from Signapore. It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to get to the resort from Manado International Airport, depending on traffic. Round trip airport transfers are included in your package if your stay is 5 nights or longer, and can be arranged at an additional charge for shorter stays.


Dive Overview

Bunaken National Marine Park is an officially recognized and protected Marine Park of more than 75,000 hectares. There is a Northern section that includes the islands, Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Montehage, and Nain. This Northern section is by far the biggest part of the park. The Southern section is smaller and consists entirely of coastal area. There is excellent muck diving, and many divers rate the diving there higher than in the Lembeh Strait. On top of that, it has also one of the best walls in the whole park. Since it is closer by then the northern section of the park, we often choose to dive in that area.

Most parts of the islands are surrounded by plateau reefs, of which most end with the steep, impressive drop-offs that this park is so famous for. There are a few sites with gentle slopes, but they definitely form a minority and are not really part of the parks’ standard underwater geography.

In front of the coast of Molas there is also a dramatic Second World War shipwreck in good condition. Being located in the center of Southeast Asia’s “Golden Coral Triangle”, Bunaken National Marine Park reefs have the highest levels of marine biodiversity anywhere found on this planet. In between the two marine protected areas, there is a good range of dive sites with great muck diving. 

[Read More: Manado & Bunaken Dive Travel Guide]

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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Lumbalumba Diving has a total of 9 rooms in 3 different types of accommodation, all of which have the same facilities such as a private bathroom, air conditioning, and a terrace/veranda.


Freestanding Chalets (4 rooms)

The freestanding Chalets are named: Dolphin, Eagle Ray, Sea Horse and Turtle. They are for 2 guests maximum, each, though a baby cot would still fit in and is possible. They have the following features: 

  • Entrance hall with wardrobe, personal safe, fridge, unlimited drinking water, coffee/tea service and access to the toilet.
  • Bedroom with ceiling fan or, at choice, individually controlled air conditioning, access to the bathroom and sliding doors to the veranda.
  • Bathroom with wash basin and hot/cold shower.
  • Large veranda with hammock.
  • Stunning ocean and garden view
  • 24 hrs electricity (220 V/50 Hz, German/Dutch type
  • Free Wifi

Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort


Family Chalet (3 rooms)

The Family Chalet is located in front of the swimming pool. It has a sea view and looks out over the pool. It has three rooms which can be used individually or connected.

The three rooms are named: Starfish, Mandarin and Sepia. They all have their own facilities including private bathroom, veranda, air conditioning (or fan), fridge, and personal safe.

Starfish is the front room, has the largest veranda, an entrance hall with access to the bathroom and front view on the pool and ocean. Starfish can connect with Mandarin and Sepia if necessary.

Mandarin and Sepia are the two rooms at the back, with the veranda on the side, from there you have a view of the pool, garden and ocean. Sepia and Mandarin can connect with each other only in combination with Starfish. The rooms and veranda are different in size and therefore have also slightly different prices.

Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort

Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort


Double Chalet (2 rooms)

The Double Chalet has two rooms under one roof which are named Napoleon and Frog Fish.

They can be used individually but can also connect. Hidden behind the wardrobes is a door that can be opened if necessary. Since the bedrooms are wider than the rooms in the free-standing Chalets, a third bed is also an option.

They have a direct view of the garden and ocean, and all the same features as the Chalets.

Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort

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Resort Facilities

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Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort

Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort

Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort


lumbalumba resort Features

  • Infinity pool
  • Private harbor with dive center
  •  Restaurant
  • Bar


additional Activities

  • Cultural land tours
  • Rain forest excursions
  • White water rafting
  • Para gliding

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Packages & Rates

Lumbalumba Resort Rates


Accommodation Rates 2024

All rates are in EUR, per person, per night. Valid until December 31, 2024.

AccommodationDouble OccupancySingle Occupancy
Stand Alone Chalet€ 105€ 125
Double Chalet€ 100
€ 120
Family ChaletSepia
€ 75
€ 85
€ 85
€ 95
€ 90
€ 105
*Extra Bed
€ 50
€ 40

For 2023, Extras Beds are only available for the Double Chalet (€ 80 /€ 64) and the Mandarin Chalet (€ 70 /€ 56.).

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  • Full board meal plan
  • Water, coffee & tea
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Welcome drink

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Diving & Snorkeling Rates 2024

All rates are in EUR. Valid until December 31, 2024. Does not include a one-time mandatory fee of Rp. 150,000 / approx. € 9 to enter the national park.

Diving & SnorkelingRates
Guided boat dives per dive with Air
€ 46
 Night dive surcharge (min 2 divers)
€ 12
 Guided house reef dive 
€ 20
Guided house reef night dive
€ 30
Boat transfer Pulisan incl. 2 dives (min 2 pers)
€ 325
Day trip (2 guided snorkel sessions)
€ 55
 Day trip (2 un-guided snorkel sessions) 
€ 45
Day trip (no snorkeling)
€ 30
PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) 
€ 125
PADI Open Water Course
€ 480
PADI Advanced Open Water Course 
€ 375
PADI Nitrox Course 
€ 150

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  • Boat dives incl. guide, tanks, weights, towel and fruit/snack. 4 : 1 Guest - Guide Ratio.
  • 1x unguided house reef dive per diving day is available for experienced shore divers (no solo diving).
  • Rates incl. mask, snorkel & fins.
  • All dive courses incl. full equipment, instructor, online books and certification. DSD incl. pool training and 1 guided house reef dive.

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Tours & EXCURSION raTES 2024

Minimum 2 persons needed for Minahasa & Tangkoko tour. Both are full-day trips and rates include all fees, car, guide, water & lunch.

Rafting, paragliding, and zip-line incl. transfer to location, water & snack. Waiver release forms will be signed and for paragliding, separate insurance is included.

Tours & ExcursionsRates
Minahasa Highland Tour
€ 80
Mount Lokon hiking trip (active volcano)
€ 70
Tangkoko Nature Reserve Tour 
€ 95
White Water Rafting 
€ 95
€ 90
Zip-line excursion 
On Request 

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Dive Information & Itineraries

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Dive Overview

The stunning walls for which the Bunaken Marine Park is so famous are just 35 minutes away and with warm waters and excellent visibility, diving in Bunaken is suitable for all levels of divers. Highlights include dolphins jumping alongside the boat, two species of turtle, schooling fish, tuna, reef sharks, passing eagle rays, vibrant, healthy reefs, breathtaking underwater scenery, and an abundance of smaller critters and macro-life.

The rich marine biodiversity of the dive sites surrounding Bunaken Island will leave even the most seasoned of divers spellbound and ready for more.

Dive sites around Manado Bay offer great muck, reef, and wreck diving opportunities for all levels of divers. Highlights of diving here include a wealth of some of Indonesia’s more rare and unique critters including various octopus and cuttlefish species, stingrays, frogfish, seahorses, and an array of nudibranch and crustaceans. These dive sites are excellent macro-photography sites and also offer incredible night diving.

With such a large number of dive sites to explore, ranging topographies and the varied marine life it is no wonder that divers return to Manado time and time again.


Manado & Bunaken Dive Sites

Here are some of the dive sites in Manado & Bunaken. Feel free to ask us if you would like to know more about these and other dive sites.

  • Lekuan 1 (Bunaken Island) - Green Sea Turtle at Lekuan Lekuan 1 is the most famous dive in Bunaken national park. The huge wall is covered with enormous sponges, soft and hard corals and offers both macro-and wide-angle opportunities. The wall goes down to about 40m where it slopes out. You will find swarms of Pyramid Butterflyfish just off the wall and an occasional shark and eagle ray will pass by out of the blue. Those keen on macro will find Pygmy Sea Horses, Orang-Utang crabs, Nudibranchs, and much more. Highlights include: A colorful wall overgrown with Barrel Sponges and soft corals; Plenty of Green Sea Turtles in all sizes
  • Sachiko’s (Bunaken Island) - Sachiko’s Point is a beautiful wall dive on the north side of Bunaken Island. It is covered with Gorgonian Sea fans; Barracudas, Black Tip Reef Sharks, and Napoleon Wrasses are often spotted in the blue water. The reef shallows are perfect for snorkeling and a group of Bumphead Parrotfish is often seen feeding on the hard corals.
  • Bunaken Timur (Bunaken Island) - Timur means “East” in Indonesian and so, of course, this dive is located on the east side of Bunaken Island. It’s a 40m deep wall, covered with hard and soft corals. The reef shallow is the most pristine reef around Bunaken Island and offers the best snorkeling around the island. Some of the highlights are: Pygmy Sea Horses; Plenty of Turtles, both Green Sea and Hawksbill Turtles; Eagle Rays (if you are fortunate)
  • Pangulingan or Tanjung Kopi (Manado Tua) - Located on the northern side of Manado Tua, this is an advanced dive because of the strong currents that can sweep you across the reef. The reef plateau starts at 5m deep and slopes down slowly to 30m. At 30m the wall drops down to greater depths. Due to the current, you can often see bigger fish here. There are resident schools of Batfish and Jackfish that hang out in the current and often Napoleons make an appearance.
  • Ron’s Point (Bunaken Island) - Located on the most southern tip of Bunaken is Ron’s Point. Because two currents meet each other and we often dive to 35m, this is an advanced dive. But there are excellent rewards below: you can find Black Tip Reef Sharks patrolling the bottom and huge Tunas hanging out in the current. On the reef, you can find Leaf Scorpionfish, Pontohi Seahorses, and many other macro subjects.
  • Tanjung Bulo (Manado Bay) - A sloping reef called Tanjung Bulo, this site is famous for the number of Nudibranchs it has. These tiny and colorful critters are everywhere and it is not unusual to spot over fifteen species in one dive. Next to that, you will see Cuttlefish, Ribbon Eels, Sea Snakes, and, when you are lucky, your dive guide will show you the fabulous Harlequin Shrimp.
  • Molas Wreck (Manado Bay) - Located just north of Manado is the Molas Wreck. This is an old Dutch cargo ship that sunk just after WWII when it, unfortunately, struck a reef. Because of its depth (24 – 40m), this is an advanced dive. You will spend the first part of the dive discovering the wreck and its soft corals and sponges. When your bottom time on the wreck is finished, you will swim to the neighboring reef to finish your dive.

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Dive Center Information

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lumbalumba resort Dive Center Overview

Lumbalumba Dive Center offers its guests a unique dive adventure with its experienced dive crew, exploring the breathtaking coral reefs of the Bunaken National Marine Park. The dive center is complete with a private harbor and jetty and offers flexible diving schedules perfect for small groups. Full carry and rinse service of the equipment is also offered. The dive center also offers equipment hire, Nitrox, and PADI courses.


Diving Facilities & Services

  • Private harbor
  • Private jetty
  • Well-trained dive guides
  • Full carry and rinse service of equipment
  • Dive courses
  • Tours & excursions

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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Time zone: GMT+8:00
  • Language: English, Indonesian, Dutch, and German
  • Electricity: 220V
  • Payment methods: Visa or MasterCard, Indonesian Rupiah, Euro or US Dollar

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Underwater Gallery 

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Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort

Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort

Lumbalumba Manado Resort Lumbalumba Manado Resort

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Reviews (1)


I cannot say enough good things about Lumbalumba. This is a stunning resort. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and manicured. The cottages are comfortable and very spacious. The bathroom is huge. Each cottages has a porch that looks out over the water. The infinity pools is gorgeous with plenty of loungers lining the sand and palm trees surrounding it. Small swallows swoop in over the water creating a beautiful ambiance.

Meals are served in the main building which has a bar, seating for casual conversation, and plenty of resources to look up information about what you saw on your dives that day. The food is excellent with plenty of options for all types of palates. Of course the specialties are Asian and fish. Meals included soups, salads, sides, a choice of main course, and dessert. Each night was different and each offered 2-3 options of mains, sides, and salads.

The staff was phenomenal. Every person on the Lumbalumba team, from gardeners, to cooks, to housekeeping, to the dive team, and especially the owners bluegave 120% to ensure your stay was exactly what you had planned.

The diving in Bunaken National Park was spectacular. Beautiful wall dives, nice corals spotted rays, white tips, frog fish and lots of turtles. This truly is a great place to dive. And true to the name, dolphins escorted us to the park on a few days of the trip.

Lumbalumba also offers a variety of land tours for those who aren't diving or for no-dive days. We took a tour of the surrounding region that included a trip to the Tomahan Market, several local villages, a walk to the top of a volcano, and a visit to the rice fields in the valley.

I highly recommend this resort to anyone thinking of traveling to the Manado area.

Visited on 10/2023 - Submitted on 01/02/2024


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