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M/Y Aphrodite

M/Y Aphrodite - Vessel
M/Y Aphrodite Lounge Area
M/Y Aphrodite Cabin
M/Y Aphrodite Salon
M/Y Aphrodite Sundeck
M/Y Aphrodite Dining
M/Y Aphrodite Dive Deck
M/Y Aphrodite Twin Cabin
M/Y Aphrodite Bathroom
M/Y Aphrodite

Destination: Egypt

Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone, Strait of Tiran, Fury Shoals and Rocky Zabargad Satava (7 Nights) | From $175++/night

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m/y aphrodite Quick Pitch

The M/Y Aphrodite is a luxury liveaboard yacht tailored for divers seeking an unforgettable Red Sea safari in Egypt. With a capacity for up to 23 guests, it offers a spacious and modern experience with 11 cabins. Divers will appreciate the well-designed dive deck with gear storage and rinse tanks. 


Why You'll Like m/y Aphrodite

  • Luxury liveaboard
  • Explores world-class dive sites such as Brothers,  Daedalus, and Elphinstone
  • Experienced and knowledgeable crew



The M/Y Aphrodite operates out of Port Ghalib which is located north of Marsa Alam and close to the Airport of Marsa Alam.


Dive Overview

The Red Sea truly offers a mesmerizing underwater world, teeming with thousands of fish species, vibrant coral gardens, historical shipwrecks, and awe-inspiring soft corals and pinnacles. The crystal-clear waters provide excellent visibility, making it a diver's paradise. The region boasts over one thousand fish species, a remarkable 20 percent of which are endemic, found exclusively in the Red Sea and not found anywhere else in the world. 

[See: Red Sea Dive Travel Guide]


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Types of Cabins, Amenities and Photos

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m/y aphrodite Accommodation Overview

The M/Y Aphrodite provides a comfortable and diverse range of accommodations for guests during their exhilarating liveaboard safari in the Red Sea.  Their Master Suite is located on the lower deck and features a king-sized bed and a small sofa. The Family Cabin also features a king-sized bed as well as one separate bed. The Standard Cabins located on the lower deck, middle and upper decks feature two separate beds. The cabins on the middle and upper decks come with sea views. All the cabins come complete with individually operated air-conditioning, a mini bar, and a music channel.

M/Y Aphrodite Liveaboard M/Y Aphrodite Liveaboard 

M/Y Aphrodite Liveaboard


M/Y APHRODITE Cabin Details

  • Master Cabin
  • 1 king size bed, 1 small sofa, en-suite bathroom, individually operated air-conditioning, mini bar and music channel
  • Family Cabin
  • 1 king size bed, 1 separate bed, en-suite bathroom, individually operated air-conditioning, mini bar and music channel
  • Standard Cabin
  • 2 separate beds, en-suite bathroom , individually operated air-conditioning, mini bar and music channel

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General Facilities

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M/Y Aphrodite Liveaboard  M/Y Aphrodite Liveaboard

M/Y Aphrodite Liveaboard  M/Y Aphrodite Liveaboard

M/Y Aphrodite Liveaboard



m/y aphrodite Boat Features

  • 3 sundecks
  • Outdoor covered lounge and bar area
  • Large indoor salon
  • Bar area
  • Entertainment system
  • Indoor dining area



  • DIN Adaptors
  • Nitrox available
  • Tech diving
  • Rebreather Support
  • Rinse Hoses
  • Dive deck
  • Tenders for diving
  • Sidemount Diving
  • Shaded Diving Area

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Schedule, Rates & Availability

M/Y Aphrodite Schedule & Rates

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Important dates

  • High Season: September 3 - December 2, 2023
  • Medium Season: July 30 - September 2, 2023
  • Low Season: June 24 - July 29, 2023



For more information on other departure dates, rates, and on availability email us at info@bluewaterdivetravel.com or call us at +1-310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation!

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Dive Information & Destinations

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Red Sea Dive Overview

  • Wrecks, abundant reef fish life, multiple macro critters, dolphins and awesome coral gardens.
  • Water temperature: 74 - 82F, 23 - 28C.
  • A 3-5mm wetsuit is recommended for summer and 7mm in the winter.
  • 7-night charters


diving the red sea

Scuba diving in the Red Sea is a true delight, offering an abundance of marine life that includes over a thousand fish species, with an impressive one-fifth of them found exclusively in this unique body of water. The region's sunny and favorable conditions promote coral growth, resulting in a stunning array of over 200 soft and hard coral species that form extensive gardens along the Red Sea's shallow shelves. Beneath the lively reefs, the median central trench plunges to remarkable depths of over 7000 feet, creating a water circulation system that supports a thriving and healthy marine environment.

The Red Sea's outer pinnacles and islands, such as The Brothers and Daedalus, act as a magnet for magnificent pelagic creatures, including majestic manta rays, playful dolphins, and various awe-inspiring shark species. Divers can have the extraordinary opportunity to encounter oceanic whitetips, hammerheads, threshers, and observe the flourishing populations of reef sharks.

For those with a fascination for underwater wrecks, the Red Sea does not disappoint, featuring an impressive range of wrecks, from traditional wooden-hulled sailing vessels to iron steamships, and even a modern liveaboard. These wrecks have been artfully adorned by the Red Sea's abundant marine life, adding a captivating blend of variety and drama to the already enthralling reef system.

[See: Red Sea Dive Travel Guide]

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Other Information

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Boat Specifications

  • Year Built: 2008
  • Length: 35 meters
  • Engines: 2X Mann TD 1200 HP
  • Passengers: 22
  • Number of cabins: 11
  • Number of bathrooms: 11


Practical Information

  • Time Zone: GMT+2
  • Local Currency: EGP (Egyptian Pound)
  • Languages Spoken: Arabic, English & French
  • Electricity: 220v
  • Payment Onboard: Visa, Mastercard, or cash


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Underwater Gallery 

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