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Deep Blue Resort Utila

A sunset at Deep Blue Resort in Utila, Honduras.
Diving at Deep Blue Resort in Utila, Honduras.
Shoreline at Deep Blue Resort in Utila, Honduras.
Rooms at Deep Blue Resort in Utila, Honduras.
Dining at Deep Blue Resort in Utila, Honduras.
The clubhouse at Deep Blue Resort in Utila, Honduras.
Dive boat at Deep Blue Resort in Utila, Honduras.


Destination: Honduras

East Harbour, Honduras | Full-board + 3 dives from $136++/ppn

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Deep Blue Resort Utila is currently closed. Please contact us for some great alternatives.

Deep Blue Utila Quick Pitch 

With beachfront access to some of the world's best diving and tropical luxury accommodations, Deep Blue Resort offers divers an all-inclusive, relaxing getaway.


Quick Information 

  • No of Rooms: 10
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: AC, beach, lounge, bar, internet, photo station, library
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Nearest International Airport: Golosón International Airport
  • Airport shuttle: Yes, free


How to Get There 

Deep Blue Resort is located on Utila Island, which is just 7 miles long and is easily reached by ferry or flight. The resort is in a quiet, isolated area, and a boat trip is necessary to travel to or from town.  


Dive Overview 

Deep Blue is situated on a stunning white sand beach and offers unlimited shore diving access to their guests. Their dive center also provides 3 boat trips per day for more distant sites, so guests can design their own adventures.



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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Deep Blue Resort Utila


Deep Blue Utila Accommodation Overview

The resort has ten spacious, deluxe rooms, each with a large private balcony overlooking a white sand beach and the crystal waters of the Caribbean. With a maximum of only twenty guests at any time, it is a place where you can truly relax and make yourself at home.


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Resort Facilities

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Deep Blue Resort Utila

Deep Blue Resort Utila


Deep Blue Utila Features

  • Lounge
  • Two computers with CD burners
  • Clubhouse offering pool, darts, a small library and a selection of games
  • Bar
  • Full wireless internet with 24 hour-a-day access
  • Restaurant


Deep Blue Utila Food & Drinks

Order a sunset cocktail at the full-service bar. Stocked with top liquor brands, local drinks and wines, it's a place to relax and swap stories of the day. Enjoy a buffet breakfast and lunch, and a full-service evening meal, in the restaurant

Your meals are delicious homestyle cooking featuring plenty of choices to accommodate all tastes. They also cater to vegetarians and vegans, with some excellent wines to wash it all down.


Deep Blue Utila Activities

  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Island tours
  • Horse riding
  • Iguana station


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Packages & Rates

Deep Blue Utila Rates

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 Deep Blue Resort Utila is currently closed. Please email us or call us at 310-915-6677 for some great alternatives.

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Dive Information

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Deep Blue Resort Utila


House Reef 

Scuba diving on Utila is rich and varied with more than 90 buoyed dive sites around the island. The North side of Utila is part of the second largest barrier reef in the world with awe-inspiring sheer walls dropping to over 1,000 meters. The Southside of Utila consists mainly of shallow fringing reefs, the top of the reef at around 5 meters dropping down to between 30 & 40 meters. Then of course during the surface intervals, the whale shark search is on. Scuba diving heaven!


Whale Sharks

Surprisingly not much is actually known about the world’s largest fish. Whale Sharks are protected in Honduras and Utila is one of the few places that they can be seen all year round. A scuba diving vacation with Deep Blue Utila will provide you with the opportunity of seeing and even snorkeling with these awesome creatures.

Over the next five years, the Utila Whale Shark Research Project will provide new information to add to the slowly growing knowledge base.

Photographs taken of the Utila whale sharks are being added to ECOCEAN, an international whale shark database. In multiple years whale sharks have been tracked from Utila through three different countries, Honduras, Belize and Mexico, Utila Sharks have also been seen in the waters of Florida.



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Dive Center Information

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Deep Blue Resort Utila


Deep Blue Utila Dive Center Features

  • Dive courses
  • Rental equipment for all your needs
  • Nitrox is available at an extra cost of $125, unlimited tanks for the week
  • Night diving, boat night dives on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
  • All tanks are AL 80’s
  • Tec diving facility


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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Electricity: 110 V
  • Time zone: UTC-6
  • Languages: Spanish & English
  • Accept Credit Cards?: Yes, MasterCard, Visa & American Express

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Underwater Gallery

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Reviews (2)

  • Reviewer
Mammoth Lakes, CA
United States

We spent two weeks here in April 2014. One of them was the special "Whale Shark Week" that costs a bit more for lectures by the researcher and more focus on getting in the water near the big fellas. Unfortunately, the interaction with the whale sharks was limited by their ability to dive deep whenever we got close! Many of the dive sites had few fish and poor visibility with lots of particulate in the water that I had not experienced in Utila before. Also, we only got to the deeper wall sites on the north side twice and the visibility there is usually better.
Deep Blue Resort is situated on the beach. Very pretty, but the bugs were awful. Nothing much seems to deter the nasty bites several of our group experienced. The rooms allow the breezes to blow through--nice; and the bugs to enter--not so good. The room layout is adequate, but not particularly comfortable. The maids appear to have a hard time keeping up with a full guest load. Missing towels, dirty floors and sinks at times. Food was plentiful, but repetitive and heavy on chicken dishes. The bar does not have much variety, but Shirley will get what you request if it's available. Shirley is a wonderful owner and made us feel very welcome. She is working very hard to keep this resort running.
The dive boat is well used and somewhat crowded. Lack of repairs led to one serious accident during our trip. The captain and crew did everything they could to make our dives enjoyable. But we spent a lot of time driving back and forth to the fuel dock and most of our dives were just off the front side of the resort or barely outside the harbor. We did see a couple sea horse, and the swim throughs at Airport Caves and Labyrinth are fun to explore. Dive staff was friendly and helpful but a little disorganized. It seemed that regular staff were missing during our stay and the overall operation suffered. Shore diving was possible, but required a long rocky entry.
This is a good place for your first exposure to whale sharks, but a bit expensive for the limited interaction available. It's a good place for dedicated divers who don't mind a bit of challenge for shore diving. Some of the guests put in four dives daily!

Visited on 04/2014 - Submitted on 06/16/2014

I learned how to dive at Deep Blue Divers, so it will always have a special place in my heart! I did my open water through rescue there, as well as nitrox and deep. I also stayed in one of the rooms right on site, which was included in the price of my courses. I had a terrific instructor who was incredibly patient (Jasmin!), and overall a very nice experience! Great captain, some nice dive sites, and even saw some whale sharks. The rooms aren't anything special, but are right on the water. There is a small bar/restaurant on-site as well which was basic but nice.

If you're going to Utila, this is a great choice!

Visited on 08/2011 - Submitted on 02/12/2014


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