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Jakare Liveaboard

Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard
Jakare Liveaboard

Destination: Indonesia

Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, Togean Iands, Halmahera & Wakatobi (3-11 nights) | From $400++/night

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jakare liveaboard Quick Pitch

The Jakare Liveaboard is a 35-meter vessel built to emphasize pleasure and comfort during life onboard. This intimate vessel only contains 4 cabins and 1 suite, as well as spacious living areas. Guests are sure to love this authentic Indonesian Phinisi.


Why You'll Like the jakare liveaboard

  • Authentic Indonesian Phinisi
  • Airconditioned cabins
  • Spacious living areas
  • Unique style of operation offers a more intimate experience for guests
  • Snorkeler Friendly
  • Dedicated Local & International Crew



The Jakare Liveaboard operates throughout various regions of Indonesia, depending on the season. Airport transfers can be arranged through the Jakare Liveaboard team.


Dive Overview

There is an amazing and huge variety of fishes, breathtaking and untouched coral reefs, big fish hunting action, and pelagics at nearly every dive site around the Komodo National park. You will also be able to observe numerous whitetip and blacktip reef sharks and, with a little bit of luck, you can encounter bigger sharks like the Grey Shark and the Hammerhead Sharks!

You will be able to dive remote dive sites that daily trips can’t reach. You will discover the beauty of the South of Komodo and its legendary dive sites such as 3 sisters, and hopefully, meet the Blue Whales sometimes spotted from the boat in South Komodo!

[See: Komodo Dive Travel Guide] 

Check out this amazing video from the Jakare Liveaboard!

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Types of Cabins, Amenities and Photos

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jakare liveaboard Accommodation Overview

The Jakare Liveaboard offers a total of 5 cabins and can comfortably accommodate 10-12 guests. The 2 Standard Front Cabins ("Banggai 1&2") feature a 120cm and an 85cm single bed. The 2 Premium Central Cabins ("Lotus 1&2") each feature a 140cm double bed and an 800cm single bed. The Premium Aft Cabin ("Dewi Sri") contains a 150cm double bed and features a beautiful wooden deck that gives direct access to the beautiful Indonesian waters.

Jakare Liveaboard Jakare Liveaboard

Banggai Cabin (L) & Lotus Cabin (R)

Jakare Liveaboard

Dewi Sri Cabin

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General Facilities

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 Jakare Liveaboard Jakare Liveaboard

Jakare Liveaboard


jakare liveaboard Boat Features

  • Large Solarium on the Upper Deck
  • Rest Area on the Rear Deck
  • Living Area 
  • Yoga Area
  • Dining Area
  • Relaxation area with comfortable bean bags
  • Private deck with bathing facility


jakare liveaboard activities

  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Yoga
  • Farniente & Relaxation
  • Kayaking
  • Trekking & Discoveries

 Jakare Liveaboard Jakare Liveaboard Jakare Liveaboard

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Food & Drinks Aboard the jakare liveaboard

The Jakare Liveaboard emphasizes well-being and relaxation, and the food is no exception. The food is served in the main common space of the vessel, where all the guests can gather and trade stories. The Jakare serves a variety of meals, combining both local and international cuisine (mainly French, Italian, and South Asian.) Spirits, cocktails, and wines are also available on board.

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Schedule & Rates

Jakare Liveaboard Rates

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Rates: 2023

Cruise Schedule: 2023 - 2024 - 2025


Jakare liveaboard RATES 2023

All rates are in USD and per person per night unless otherwise stated.

Accommodation TypeKomodo Itineraries
Raja Ampat, West Papua, Wakatobi, Halmahera, Togean Itineraries
Front Cabin (Banggai)USD 400USD 460
Middle & Rear Cabin (Lotus & Dewi Sri)USD 480USD 550
Private Charter (10 passengers)USD 4,000USD 4,500

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cruise schedule 2023

Contact us for more information on trip availability.

Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery1/6/2312 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery1/20/2312 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery2/4/237 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery2/15/2312 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery3/5/2312 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery3/19/2310 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery4/2/238 days
Raja Ampat and Triton BayDiving & Discovery4/13/2312 days
Triton Bay and Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery4/28/2312 days
Raja Ampat HalmaheraDiving & Discovery5/13/2312 days
HalmaheraDiving & Discovery5/27/238 days
Togean ArchipelagoDiving & Discovery6/11/238 days
Togean ArchipelagoDiving & Discovery6/21/238 days
Komodo National ParkDiving & Discovery7/1/236 days
Komodo National ParkDiving & Discovery7/9/237 days
Komodo National Park and WhalesharksDiving & Discovery7/19/2310 days
Komodo National Park and WhalesharksDiving & Discovery8/12/236 days
Banda SeaDiving & Discovery10/8/238 days
Banda SeaDiving & Discovery10/18/2310 days
Banda Sea and Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery10/30/2312 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery11/13/2310 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery11/26/2312 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery12/11/2310 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery12/22/2312 days

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Contact us for more information on trip availability.

Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery1/6/2410 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery1/19/2412 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery2/3/2412 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery2/18/2412 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery3/3/2410 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery3/15/2412 days
Raja Ampat and Triton BayDiving & Discovery3/30/2412 days
Triton BayDiving & Discovery4/13/248 days
Triton Bay and Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery4/23/2412 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery5/7/2410 days
Raja Ampat and HalmaheraDiving & Discovery5/19/2412 days
Banggai and Togean ArchipelagoDiving & Discovery7/1/2410 days
Togean ArchipelagoDiving & Discovery7/13/248 days
Togean and WhalesharksDiving & Discovery7/23/248 days
Whalesharks and TogeanDiving & Discovery8/3/248 days
Togean ArchipelagoDiving & Discovery8/13/248 days
Togean and WhalesharksDiving & Discovery8/24/248 days
Lembeh and HalmaheraDiving & Discovery9/3/2410 days
HalmaheraDiving & Discovery9/16/248 days
Halmahera and Banda SeaDiving & Discovery9/26/2412 days
Banda SeaDiving & Discovery10/11/248 days
Banda SeaDiving & Discovery10/21/2410 days
Banda Sea and Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery11/3/2412 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery11/17/2412 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery12/1/2410 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery12/13/248 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery12/23/2412 days

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Contact us for more information on trip availability.

Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery1/7/2512 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery1/21/2510 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery2/3/2512 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery2/17/2510 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery3/2/2512 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery3/16/2510 days
Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery3/28/2510 days
Raja Ampat and Triton BayDiving & Discovery4/10/2512 days
Triton BayDiving & Discovery4/24/258 days
Triton Bay and Raja AmpatDiving & Discovery5/4/2512 days

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  • 3 meals per day + all day snacks
  • Private cabin or private boat
  • Airport transfer–return
  • French / English speaking cruise director
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • 2 kayaksand 1 Stand Up Paddle, 1 JOBE multi-position board (Wakeboard)
  • Full crew


  • Diving package USD 200 /diver (Included in 2023)
  • Diving Equipment USD 30 / day / person
  • Nitrox: USD 15/ day / person
  • National Park Fees & Land Excursions: Komodo National Park (USD 25 / day / person), Raja Ampat & Other destinations (USD 150 / person)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities for the crew
  • Diving certification
  • Dive Computer (USD 10 / day) and Dive torch (USD 5 / day) are not included in the divingequipment package

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Rates & Availability

For more information on the rates and on availability email us at info@bluewaterdivetravel.com or call us at +1-310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation!

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Dive Information & Destinations

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Komodo - Raja Ampat - Togean Archipelago - Halmahera - Wakatobi-Sulawesi

For more itineraries and additional information, contact us.


komodo 5D/4N

  • Day 1 – Arrival and Pulau Sebayur
  • Overview
  • Pick up Guests at Labuan Bajo airport or Hotel in the morning then board Jakare in the port of Labuan Bajo. Sail to Pulau Sebayur Kecil for beach and snorkelling then sail to Pulau Kaaba / Rinca for bats watching. Anchor / overnight at Pulau Kaaba.
  • Activities
  • Welcomed drinks and snacks will be served while Cruise Director will brief the guests on the safety, onboard organization, overall itinerary and present the crew.
  • Guests will then be shown their cabins to settle in, refresh and get ready for the start of the Cruise.
  • Jakaré will sail toward Pulau Sebayur, approximately 10NM. This sailing time is usually a good time for resting and briefing on the cruise and activities.
  • The guests will enjoy the nice snorkelling in the coral garden or discover the beautiful nearby beaches in Kayak and SUP and get familiar with the equipment.
  • Jakare will then sail southward to Pulau Kaaba (10NM) after lunch and anchor just close to the small island. We will then propose a visit of Rinca Village nearby or snorkel and swim around the Jakare. Bats watching will start at sunset and will last couple of hours. Guests will be able to enjoy the sundeck and watch the stars if the sky is clear.
  • Diver option: 
  • A refresh dive at Sebayur Kecil, easy dive for everyone to test the equipment, refresh the dive skills and get familiar with the facilities.
  • Day 2 - Komodo Dragon and Pulau Padar
  • Overview
  • Visit Komodo Dragons (Varanus Komodoensis) at Loh Buaya / Rinca. Then Sail to Pulau Padar and beach, snorkelling and trekking activities. Anchoring and overnight in Pulau Padar.
  • Activities
  • Jakare will sail toward nearby Pulau Kambing early morning to arrive at mooring area around 7:30, early enough to start at dawn our walk to avoid the heat.
  • Transport from Vessel to shore at Loh Buaya will be done via Dinghy and guests will be welcomed by the rangers at the little pier and brought to the national park office where the rangers will give us instructions. Guided by one of the rangers, the amazing walk in the rinca savannah will last between 30min to 2 hours depending on the circuit chosen. Komodo dragons and wild animals like wild boar or deer are commonly observed closed to the rangers station and in the wild.
  • After the walk, guest will get back to Jakare where they will enjoy a nice refreshing swim around the boat before taking their breakfast.
  • Jakare will then heads for Pulau Padar (12NM). Upon arrival, we will propose activities like snorkelling, beach discovery or a Kayak / SUP ride along beautiful and untouched Padar coastline.
  • For the most active guests, Climb Padar view point at sunset will be organised and then return for dinner on board Jakare.
  • Diver Options: 
  • Dive at Pulau Tengah (for advanced only), this is a dynamic dive, a pinnacle well exposed in the middle of the main Komodo current stream. The walls are full of soft and hard corals and depending on the conditions, big schools of fishes can be spotted there. Turtle, sharks, jacks and other pelagic fiches play on the edge of the current
  • Dive at Three Sisters: located south east of Padar, the dive site consists of 3 main big submerged rocks ranging from 3 to 30m water depth. Well known for the nudibranchs and critters diversity but also for schools of yellow and blue fusiliers, coral fishes and as well as some pelagic fishes.
  • Alternatively, dive Padar Wreck just north of Padar Kecil with lots of sealife and kritters.
  • Day 3 – Pulau Padar and Pink Beach Area
  • Overview
  • Trekking in Pulau Padar in the early morning then head North and stopover in Namo for snorkelling and dive. Then sail to Loh Liang / Pink Beach for beach/trekking and anchor / overnight.
  • Activities
  • Wake up early morning and climb Padar for a fantastic sunrise over the Komodo archipelago. Return to Jakare and enjoy a rich breakfast and jump, swim around the boat to cool down. Or alternatively and depending on the conditions, snorkelling will be organised after the breakfast.
  • Jakare will then leave and head north. We will stop at Namo for diving and snorkelling. One or two dives will be organised there. Namo is an easy snorkelling and diving location away from the beaten track, which has a lot to offer.
  • After Namo, Jakare will stop in one of the most visited sites in Komodo: pantai merah or pink beach. Visit of the beautiful beach, snorkelling and diving.
  • From the Jakare moored at location, various activities around the nearby islands, beach, walk or snorkelling will be organised.
  • Guests will be able to enjoy sunset on the beach and getting back to Jakare where dinner will be served.
  • Diver Option:
  • Padar: Pilarsteen, a nice wall covered with colourful corals and sponges and full of marine life like large schools of fusiliers. The landscape is really interesting with caves and swimthroughs at different depths.
  • Dive Namo: often with great visibility, lots of marine life, soft and hard coral. Sharks and turtles can be spotted there.
  • Dive pantai merah or Pink Drift: this colorfull and easy dive has a lot to offer, nice coral, school of fusiliers and a good selection of critters.
  • Day 4 - Central Komodo
  • Overview
  • Wake up early and sail to Central Komodo, snorkel and dive Karang Makassar, sail and snorkel and dive in Batu Bolong or Pulau Tatawa/Siaba and sail up to Gili Lawa for overnight.
  • Activities:
  • After an early start, Guest will be able to enjoy their breakfast en route toward Komodo Central. Jakare will take a mooring or anchor at Pulau Siabah or thereabout.
  • Divers will leave with the dinghy for Karang Makassar, the famous manta rays cleaning and feeding station.
  • Karang Makassar: access will be done via dinghy. This is a rewarding snorkelling site where manta rays or eagle rays may be spotted from the surface. The site is located in 8-15m water depth and manta rays are coming from all over to get cleaned by small fishes and feed from the rich nutrient filled waters. A unique spectacle offered by these majestic fishes that should not be missed.
  • After a good break and good lunch onboard, Jakare will then move to Pulau Tatawa where snorkelling can be organised if the conditions are favourable. Another current site offering very healthy hard and soft corals and a lot of marine life. Turtles are usually spotted there.
  • Jakare will then sail up north to Pulau Gili Lawa and anchor in a peaceful bay (10NM). With a little bit of luck, guest may spot wild animals like wild boar or local deer on the beaches or savannah of Pulau Komodo.
  • Diving option:
  • Karang Makassar or Mawan to see the Manta rays
  • Batu Bolong for a colourful explosion: Batu Bolong is an emerging pinnacle in the middle of the channel and offers current dive on this dynamic reef facing directly the current. The soft and hard corals are really colourful and healthy, the all food chain is on open display there, from reef fishes feeding on rich waters full of nutrients to big pelagic including black tip and white tip sharks and giant trevally. Schools of yellow fins barracudas, yellow snappers, silver trevally are very common as well as dogtooth tunas. A must not to be missed.
  • Day 5 – North Komodo, Gili Lawa and return to Labuan Bajo
  • Overview
  • Trekking, snorkelling, beach and Kayak/SUP in Gili Lawa. Return to Labuan Bajo.
  • Activities
  • After an early morning wake up and climbing of Gili Lawa main view point, guests will enjoy the sunrise over the Komodo archipelago (subject to the island re open for trekking).
  • Snorkelling at Golden Passage: both sites of the passage are exposed to current as located in the passage between Gili Lawa Darat island and Komodo Island. Both sites offer beautiful and healthy soft and hard corals as well as plentiful marine life, including turtles and sometime pelagic hunting fishes.
  • Jakare will then make her way to East side of Gili Lawa in a nice bay at the passage between Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut.
  • If the conditions are favourable, we will then propose a snorkelling session at the entry or exit locations of the Coldron dive as these locations offers spectacular snorkelling due to their specific locations. Pelagic fishes, Mantas and turtle are often encountered there.
  • Early afternoon, Jakare will sail eastward toward Labuan Bajo (16NM).
  • Guests will have the opportunity to review and exchange their photos or films from the wonderful time spent together. A small ceremony and good-byes from the Crew will be organised on board the Jakare before leaving the boat to the airport or hotel at around 4PM.
  • Diving Options:
  • Golden Passage: see above.
  • Crystal Rock: named for its usual crystal clear waters, this dive site is an exposed pinnacle directly facing current and attracting a lot of marine life including reef fishes themselves attracting pelagic such as reef sharks, grey sharks and giant trevally. The dive site is large enough to accommodate all diving levels, with also a large number of small creatures to be found into the less exposed gentle slopes corals.
  • Coldron: the Coldron is one of the most spectacular dive of Komodo. The dive site is actually a passage between Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut creating an interesting topography and strong current that attracts a lot of sea life and have stunning hard coral gardens on each side of the path. Eagle ray and manta rays can be spotted there as well as lots of pelagic fishes like trevally, tunas and other. The Coldron is also home of a lot of tiny critters such as frogfishes and nudibranchs.

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raja ampat 10d/9n

  • Day 1 – Sorong and Mansuar Island
  • Welcome to West Papua! Arrived at Sorong airport, gateway to the Raja Ampat archipelago, you are welcomed and taken to the port. Boarding your Indonesian schooner. Welcome cocktail, presentation of the premises and installation in your cabin. Before casting off, the crew explains the safety instructions and gives you more details about your cruise in Raja Ampat. Direction the large island of Waigeo to reach the island of Kri to the east of Mansuar Island. At the end of the day, first dive into the crystal clear waters surrounded by tropical forest of Yenbuba Bay and stroll through the village.
  • Day 2 – Kri and Mansuar Islands 2 - Kri and Mansuar Islands
  • First sunrise at sea. During the cruise, you alternate between scuba diving session and snorkeling trip. In Yenbuba Bay, turtles and multicolored fish dance among the magnificent corals. Relaxation on Yenbuba beach and stroll through the village. Further afield, the waters of Cape Kri are home to 374 different species. One of the most varied underwater landscapes of Raja Ampat. Third dive in Saunderek. At the end of the day, visit the village where many encounters await you. After sunset, you return to the sea due north crossing the Equator for a night of navigation to the archipelago of Wayag.
  • Day 3 - Wayag Archipelago
  • You wake up in the heart of the Wayag archipelago, one of the most beautiful of Raja Ampat: turquoise blue atolls topped by emerald green karst mountains. It is made up of more than 600 islets and concentrates the greatest underwater diversity in the world. You get off the boat on the island of Wayag for a hike to the top of Mount Pindito, offering a unique panorama in the world. Then two dives await you as well as many aquatic activities: kayaking or stand up paddle. Underwater, you meet the majestic manta rays in a secret spot as well as superb giant clams over one meter. Night at anchor in a lagoon with an unforgettable setting.
  • Day 4 - Kawe Island and Aljui Bay
  • At dawn, you leave the Wayag Islands towards Kawe Island on your majestic ship. You cross the equator again to reach the diving and snorkeling spots of the day. At Black Rock, you swim in the middle of coral gardens where large Napoleon fish roam. You skirt the island of Kawe by the West to reach Eagle Rock. It is not uncommon to see dancing manta rays and a few carpet sharks hiding in the reefs. The navigation continues in a southeasterly direction to Aljui Bay. Anchorage in front of a pearl farm.
  • Day 5 – Wofoh Island
  • After a few days of sailing, everyone finds their place on board and harmony reigns on the boat. Before heading back to sea, you visit a pearl farm to understand the process of growing and harvesting these little gems of the Pacific. The adventure continues towards the island of Wofoh to indulge in your favorite activities: beaches, snorkeling and diving. Turtles are generally present in this corner of paradise. Go kayaking to discover the deserted white sand beaches. Masks and snorkels are enough to admire the gorgonian forests as far as the eye can see. In the afternoon, head southwest to Maniafun Island where you anchor for the night.
  • Day 6 – Pienemu Island
  • You are still sleeping when the boat weighs anchor to reach the island of Pienemu in the light of day. On the program, two renowned diving spots. Keruo Channel, an incredible passage between two islands and Melissa's Garden, refuge of the wobbegong, the famous carpet sharks. Spectacular striking beauty of a totally virgin underwater world in the middle of multicolored corals. After lunch, the boat drops anchor near the entrance to a lagoon. Stroll and exploration to admire the karstic mountains of Pienemu. Under water or on land, nature is luxuriant and preserved. In the afternoon, the cruise continues to the island of Yangello in the middle of a peaceful mangrove. Gourmet dinner on board in a heavenly setting.
  • Day 7 – Yangello and Arborek Islands
  • This morning, dives and kayak exploration of the Yangello mangrove. You board your schooner and sail towards the island of Arborek. Exceptional snorkeling off Arborek: turtles and gray reef sharks, harmless, are in the game. Stroll through the Papuan village and relax on the beach. You embark again for Manta Sandy, a real cleaning station where manta rays come to be pampered by wrasse and butterfly fish. You will have the chance to witness the ballet of huge black manta rays. From the boat, you may see them jump out of the water. As the sailboat continues on its way to the island of Mioskon, you enjoy the landscapes from the deck of the boat.
  • Day 8 – Central Raja
  • You are close to Mansuar Island. The day starts at dawn for several extraordinary diving sessions on the famous spots of Mioskon, Blue Magic, Sardines reef and other incredible places. This area of ​​the Dampier Strait is subject to currents, the seabed is made up of intact corals and schools of fish of all kinds including pygmy seahorses. From your comfortable vessel, you cruise to Friwen Island, ideally located to explore the surrounding area. Facing the setting sun, you enjoy an excellent dinner on board. Night at anchor.
  • Day 9 – Central Raja
  • Wake up early for a hike on dry land in the middle of the jungle to the sounds of birds of paradise, a species endemic to West Papua. Canoe trip followed by a 30-minute walk with your local guide. The day continues with a dive at Mike's Point or Friwen Wall, in the Dampier Strait. A festival of colorful underwater life comes alive in front of your masks. Near the island of Gam, this spot is renowned for the diversity of species evolving in the splendid coral plateau. Return to Friwen Island for swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing on the deck of the boat. In the evening, a barbecue is organized on the beach just for you.
  • Day 10 – Return to Sorong and End of the cruise
  • When you wake up, the boat has been sailing quietly for several hours already to Sorong. Enjoy the last moments on this exceptional boat. The morning is devoted to discussions with the crew who accompanied you during this cruise to Raja Ampat. Validate your dive log, exchange your photos and addresses. At the beginning of the afternoon, you leave the boat and return to dry land. It's time to say goodbye to your crew and get back on the road with your private driver for your transfer to the airport or your hotel. End of our services.

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togean archipelago 8d/7n

  • Day dedicated to the discovery of the southwestern point of Togian around Bomba which offers magnificent snorkelling and diving sites, Among them, the superb sites of Taupan, Goa Goa and Bomba Atoll which will allow you to discover three type of coral reef in the same area, namely fringing reef, atoll reef and coral reef. This first day will offer you the opportunity to dive from fabulous drop offs and practice the macro photography. In the late afternoon, the beach of Bomba will be a perfect place to watch and ponder on a beautiful sunset.
  • You will be able to visit the village of Bomba. Sail to Waleabahi and on the way stop at the B24 wreck in the south of Togean Island and possibly other dive sites like donut Reef or Saddle Back Reef. Sail the southeastern part of Togean. Anchorage will be near Cape Tanjung Balikapata on the island of Pulau Waleabahi.
  • Day will be spent discovering the island of Waleabahi which offers many opportunities for exploration diving in this little-known area. Mid-afternoon the Jakaré will sail to the northern part of the island.
  • Morning sail to the island of Malenge. Visit the village of Papan. Activities will be organised according to the timing.
  • Fantastic sunrise in the village of Papan. Morning hike with the first light of the day in the forest with a local guide to discover the preserved island of Malenge which offers a remarkable biodiversity. Sail to Una Una Island and dive on the way to California Reef. Mooring near the village of Una Una.
  • Day 6 - PULAU UNA UNA
  • Day of diving or snorkeling on the selection of the most beautiful sites of Una Una. The volcanic island reveals exceptional dives among the most beautiful in Indonesia.
  • Day 7 - PULAU UNA UNA
  • Visit the village of Una Una in the morning and then again a day of diving or snorkeling on the selection of the most beautiful sites of Una Una.
  • A morning hike, dedicated to discover the active volcano Una Una with your local guide. Alternatively diving is possible on Una Una for those who wish to. Jakare will then sail toward Ampana and may stop over at Kadidiri and other dive / snorkelling sites on the way back

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Halmahera 12D/11N 

  • Day one – Arrival at Sorong – Start of Cruise
  • Arrival at Sorong airport (early morning). Transfer to the boat and breakfast on board. Introducing the crew and general briefing on the life of the boat and the safety rules. Navigation (1h) to the island of Matan for a check dive. Then departure for Misool with an expected early morning arrival.
  • Day 2 – Farondi and Balbulol
  • Dive, snorkel and explore the unique features and landscapes of Farondi and Balbulol. We are planning to do 3 dives or snorkelling sessions and other discovery activities. The snorkel and diving sites include Three Sisters with its colourful soft corals and gigantic gorgonians, Farondi Arche and Cave, a unique and popular dive site in the Misool area and Balbulol Corner, a shallow dive with beautiful caves, a heaven for nudibranch lovers.
  • Departure in the night for Fiabacet area.
  • Day 3 – Fiabacet
  • We will explore Puri Pinnacle, Fiabacet Ridge and Whale rock, where marine live is at its best:
  • Puri Pinnacle A place known for its schools of anchovies, which attract jacks, bonitos and sometimes squadrons of Mobulas.
  • Fiabacet Ridge is an-other underwater ridge connects the two rocks of Tank Rock and Nudi Rock.
  • Whale Rock: offering a wide variety of pygmy seahorses: Barbiganti and Denise in particular.
  • Night at the anchorage of Yiliet Kecil. Home to one of the rangers in the Misool area, with its pretty little white sand beach is also a nursery for baby black-tipped sharks. A short walk is planned at the end of the day.
  • Day 4 – Boo and Magic Mountain
  • We will continue the discovery of amazing dive and snorkeling sites.
  • Boo Windows is a reference site.
  • Magic Mountain is a veritable cleaning station for the surrounding wildlife, Magic Mountain brings together everything you can hope to see when you come to Raja Ampat including manta rays.
  • Buoys are available for boats to spend the night in the area. The Wayil lagoon deserves a little dinghy ride at the end of the day.
  • Day 5 – Wayil and Pele
  • We propose another 3 superb snorkelling and diving sites at the westernmost position of Misool, before sailing to the Pisang islands.
  • Four Kings are four pinnacles with unique topography. One of Misool’s flagship sites.
  • Kaleidoscope is an underwater ridge at the northwest tip of Pele. Black coral bushes and multicolored gorgonian fields.
  • Pele’s playground is the most western point of the Waaf Island Group. It often attracts schools of anchovies and their predators.
  • Night sailing to the Pisang Islands.
  • Day 6 - Pisang Islands
  • We will stop in this lovely environment and propose activities around the islands including diving, snorkelling and beach discovery.
  • Grey Surprise is a Rock west of the Pisang Islands where many grey sharks can be seen.
  • Batuanyer Wall is located at the west of Pisang Island and consists of small rocks connected by a particularly rich coral system. The Batuanyer Dankar is a very colorful and shallow canyon. Perfect for a third dive.
  • Night sailing to PIGARAJA Island.
  • Day 7 – Pigaraja
  • This small island close to the southern coast of Bacan Island is adjacent to the village of Pigaraja, flanked by coconut plantations. We’ll do three dives there including on a wreck of a small transport boat from Copra.
  • Late night sailing to the Strait of Patintie.
  • Day 8 – Patintie strait
  • The Patintie Strait is spectacular for snorkeling and scuba diving. Located between the island of Bacan and Halmahera, it is subject to strong currents that bring back to the corals all the necessary food, and also ensures a good renewal of biomass. The area is still unknown but will certainly become a diving mecca in Indonesia. Two beautiful days are planned there.
  • Proco Chanel is a promising site in the area. This submerged underwater ridge lies between Nanas and Saleh Kecil.
  • Selat Kecil, in the small channel between Saleh Kecil and Saleh Besar has beautiful coral on a slope of white sand.
  • Tanjung Saleh Kecil is the perfect place for a third, more relaxing dive or snorkeling.
  • Jakare will be anchored for the night in a bay of Saleh Besar. A place with untouched mangroves, perfect for birdwatching.
  • Day 9 – Patintie strait
  • Snorkeling / diving in the strait continues with other beautiful sites.
  • Tobias point is a rock located north of Saleh besar. An underwater ridge stretches on its east side and offers us a very rich marine life.
  • The Tower. Point facing Saleh Besar, but on the coast of Halmahera.
  • Batu Jabu is another rock in the middle of the channel separating Halmahera from Saleh Besar, full of sealife.
  • Departure in the night for the islands of the southern goraichi archipelago.
  • Day 10 – Goraichi south
  • The Goraichi Islands have a lot to offer with superb dive sites. The first day will be dedicated to the south side and its best dive sites.
  • Batu Naga or the “Dragon Rock” owes its name to the multiple crevices, canyons and overhangs and its topography in general.
  • Batu Orange is a point with many sharks in deep area, and beautiful tables of Acropora in shallow area.
  • Last dive will be on Manta bay, a shallow reef cleaning station and food source for Manta rays.
  • Anchoring for the night in one of the quite bay of the archipelago.
  • Day 11 – Goraichi north and Siko
  • The northern Goraichi Islands is a group of islands comprising Siko, Gafi, Laigoma and Tomakomafatu. With beautiful sceneries, healthy coral reefs and pristine beaches, it is a small paradise for divers as well as for non-divers.
  • We will sail back to Ternate during the night.
  • Day 12 – Ternate – departure day
  • Breakfast and transfer to the airport or hotel of your choice.

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wakatobi - sulawesi 7d/6n

  •  Day 1 - Arrival in Wangi Wangi
  • Arriving in Wangi Wangi in the daytime, we pick you up at the airport to take you aboard the Jakaré, anchored in the small harbor of Wangi Wangi. The first day is devoted to briefing, discovery and familiarization with the equipment and the boat and the local environment and possibly you will do your first dive in Wangi Wangi Bay. You spend the night in Wangi Wangi’s harbor.
  • Day 2 - Diving in Wangi Wangi
  • You discover your first underwater sceneries of Wakatobi with very nice dives around the island of Wangi Wangi such as Wandoka Pinnacle, Sombu or simply Wangi Wangi Jetty. This first day will also be an opportunity to discover idyllic beaches and do some snorkeling. And of course there is also the possibility to discover Wangi Wangi’s Bajo village. After dinner, the Jakare will make its way to pulau Tomia (about45 NM or 8 hours of sailing).
  • Day 3 - Diving in Tomia
  • Arriving in Tomia with a beautiful sunrise, Jakaré will find its anchorage in the north west of the island. We will offer you to dive on sites close to Jakare mooring, such as Mari Mabuk, Magnifica or Coral Table. Snorkeling sites are also superb and many and you will have the possibility to stretch your legs on the ground and discover the village Bajo of Tomia.
  • Day 4 - Diving around Tomia
  • Early in the morning, the Jakare will head west for a superb dive along the atoll, Blade Pinnacle. Then the Jakare will move to other dive sites such as Pastel Wall in the channel between Tomia Island and Tomia Atoll to the west. By mid-afternoon, the Jakare will return to the Tomia mooring point from where further activities will then be organized.
  • Day 5 - Diving in Kaledupa, arrival in Hoga
  • The Jakare will leave its anchorage early in the morning and head towards Hoga, passing through kaledupa (about 30NM or 5 hours of navigation). On the way, we will enjoy superb dive and snorkeling sites such as Tanjung Peropa and Twin Pick Pinnacle. The Jakare will eventually find a mooring between the island of Kaledupa and Hoga, you will be able to enjoy the pristine beaches of Hoga and a good restaurant on the beach at the Hoga Diving Resort.
  • Day 6 - Diving in Hoga and visit Kaledupa
  • The Jakare will remain in the area and you will visit some of the beautiful dive sites in Hoga and Kaledupa such as North Wall or Outer Pinnacles using the Dinghy. You can visit the amazing Bajo village of Sampela or discover other local villages such as Limbo Langgo and traditional weaving centre or take a boat ride in the mangroves.
  • Day 7 - Return to Wangi Wangi and departure
  • The Jakare will leave very early in the morning and arrive at sunrise in Wangi Wangi (distance of about 30NM or 5 hours of navigation). Guests will be able to enjoy the beaches and snorkeling in Wangi Wangi and visit the traditional Wanci market as well as the traditional village of Liya Togo in the south of the island. Then it will then be time to say goodbye, we will drop you off at the airport or your hotel in Wangi Wangi.

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Other Information

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Boat Specifications

  • Length: 30m
  • Width: 7m
  • Draft: 2m
  • Cruising Speed: 8 knots
  • Engine: Yuchai 240 Hp
  • Generators: 12KVA & 20KVA
  • Max Guests: 10 - 12
  • Number of Guest Cabins: 12
  • Tenders: Rigid 5.80 m / 40HP and Rigid 5.0 m /25HP
  • Fuel Capacity: 7000 liters
  • Water Capacity: 7000 liters
  • Water Maker: 280 lph


Practical Information

  • Time Zone: UTC+8
  • Local Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 
  • Language: English, French, and Indonesian
  • Electricity: 24V and 220V

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Reviews (1)


I recently returned from an unforgettable week onboard the Jakaré, where we embarked on a captivating cruise through South/Central and North Komodo. I am still in awe of the incredible experience I had!

The boat itself is small yet luxurious, creating a cozy and homely atmosphere from the moment you step onboard. The crew's warm smiles and exceptional service further enhance this feeling. There are three double bed cabins, each with an additional single bed, as well as two twin cabins available.

Mealtime on the Jakaré is a delightful affair, as everyone gathers together for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is no separation or isolation onboard; instead, Audrey, the cruise director, joins you for each delicious meal. We were truly spoiled by the talented chef and indulged in homemade ice creams, which may have contributed to a few extra kilograms!

One of the highlights of our experience was being the first and often the only ones at the dive sites. The absence of crowds made each dive even more enchanting and enjoyable. The Jakaré caters to both divers and non-divers, offering activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and wakeboarding. We also had the opportunity to venture ashore and witness the magnificent Komodo dragons. On our last evening, we were treated to a breathtaking beach dinner, creating a memorable finale to our journey.

I cannot recommend the Jakaré liveaboard enough, especially for families or those seeking a small yet well-equipped vessel. It truly exceeded my expectations, and I am already eagerly anticipating my return!

Visited on 07/2023 - Submitted on 07/10/2023


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