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Solitude Lembeh Dive Resort

Destination: Indonesia

Desa/Kel. Makawidey, Lingkungan I, RT02, Kec. Air Tembaga, Kota Bitung 95528, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia | Full-board + 2 dives from $252++/ppn

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Solitude Lembeh Resort Quick Pitch 

Solitude Lembeh Resort (formerly Kasawari Lembeh Resort) is the first land-based opertion to bring the Solitude hospitality and service in diving to the world's capital of macro-diving, Lembeh Straits in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The resort consist of 16 well-appointed villas and deluxe rooms set in a lush tropical garden with their bar & restaurant and swimming pool at the water's edge. The divers also taken care by their very own dive team and the photographers, a dedicated camera room station to ensure a proper space for you to set your cameras up.


Quick Information 

  • No of Rooms: 16
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: AC, restaurant, bar, babysitting, massage service, camera room, Nitrox
  • WiFi:  Yes, free 
  • Nearest International Airport: Sam Ratulangi Airport (MDC)
  • Airport shuttle: Yes


How to Get There 

Solitude Lembeh offers car transfer to and from the airport for a reasonable charge. The resort is approximately 60-minute drive to and from Manado’s International & Domestic Airport. 


Dive Overview 

Lembeh is famous for being the "Macro Diving Capital of the World" as near enough anything weird, wonderful and smaller than a shoe can be found here. When visiting Lembeh one can hope see a plethora of fascinating creatures the likes of which you may have never seen! 


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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Solitude Lembeh Resort Accommodation Overview 

The resort welcomes guests with 16 spacious and well-appointed villas and rooms, all designed with a traditional Minahasan accent/decor. Three main categories of accommodation are available to choose from: Garden-View (8 with partial sea view), 2 Sea-Front Villas and 6 Deluxe Rooms with full sea views. They all have common luxurious amenities and facilities such as:

  • Spacious bedroom 
  • Individually controlled air‐conditioning 
  • Ceiling fan 
  • Writing desk and wardrobe 
  • Electronic in‐room personal safe 
  • Free Internet connection via WIFI 
  • In‐Room coffee/tea making facilities 
  • Refrigerator/Mini‐Bar 
  • Bathrobe, slippers and hair dryer, shower amenities 
  • LCD TV with international channels (Villas only)
  • Indoor (Villas and Rooms) and outdoor showers (Villas only)


Seafront Villa with Full Ocean View

  • Solitude Lembeh Resort's Seafront Villa King
  • Being on the water's edge, this room has a great, uninterrupted view of the sea. Also designed into the villa is a cantilever deck over the shoreline with sunbathing lounge chairs where you can spend time to take in the view with a book or just nap. 
  • Max. occupancy in each villa: 2 Adults + 2 Children below 12 years old or 3 Adults


Garden Villa

  • Solitude Lembeh Resort's Garden Villa Twin
  • A cluster of eight (8) villas set in a lush garden setting with six twin‐sharing villas and 2 double‐sharing villas. The high timber ceiling makes the room an airy, comfortable space beautifully appointed for your enjoyment. From your room, you can walk out onto your private verandah set in a lush tropical garden with direct or indirect views of the sea. 
  • Max. occupancy in each villa: 2 Adults + 2 Children below 12 years old or 3 Adults 


Deluxe Room

  • Solitude Lembeh Resort's Deluxe Room
  • Set‐up with similar internal furnishings as the villas, these comfortable rooms are located in the main building. Each room attempts to showcase its own unique character, from private‐exclusive garden setting to colonial‐style building to modern‐contemporary.   
  • Maximum occupancy: 2 Adults + 2 Children below 12 years old or 3 Adults

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Resort Facilities

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Solitude Lembeh Resort's bar & restaurant Solitude Lembeh Resort's pool

Solitude Lembeh Resort's restaurant & bar (LEFT) & pool (RIGHT)


Solitude Lembeh Resort Features

  • Swimming pool with built-in jacuzzi
  • Restaurant & bar
  • WiFi connection throughout the resort
  • TV Entertainment
  • Babysitting services
  • Dive center
  • Dedicated camera room
  • 24‐hour on‐call medical doctor


Solitude Lembeh Resort Food & Drinks

Their team of chefs offer an extensive choice of delicious local cuisine and international dishes. All meals are available a-la-carte, and a choice selection of wine, cocktails, spirits and local beer are available at the bar. 


Solitude Lembeh Resort Activities

  • Diving/snorkelling 
  • Village Walk
  • Bitung half and full day tours 
  • Minahasa Highlands Tour 
  • Tangkoko National Park 
  • Mountain Trekking 
  • White Water Rafting 

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Package & Rates

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All inclusive no dive package rates

All rates are in USD and are per person. Valid until December 31, 2024.

Dive Package
Seafront VillaGarden VillaDeluxe Room
4 Days 3 Nights$815.00$1,210.00$665.00$985.00$550.00$705.00
5 Days 4 Nights$1,065.00$1,585.00$870.00$1,290.00$715.00$925.00
6 Days 5 Nights$1,305.00$1,955.00$1,070.00$1,585.00$875.00$1,135.00
7 Days 6 Nights$1,550.00$2,315.00$1,270.00$1,880.00$1,040.00$1,340.00
8 Days 7 Nights$1,770.00$2,650.00$1,450.00$2,150.00$1,185.00$1,535.00
9 Days 8 Nights$1,985.00$2,975.00$1,620.00$2,415.00$1,325.00$1,725.00
10 Days 9 Nights$2,190.00$3,285.00$1,790.00$2,660.00$1,460.00$1,900.00
11 Days 10 Nights$2,385.00$3,580.00$1,950.00$2,900.00$1,595.00$2,070.00
12 Days 11 Nights$2,560.00$3,835.00$2,090.00$3,110.00$1,710.00$2,220.00
13 Days 12 Nights$2,720.00$4,075.00$2,220.00$3,310.00$1,815.00$2,355.00
14 Days 13 Nights$2,870.00$4,300.00$2,340.00$3,485.00$1,915.00$2,490.00
15 Days 14 Nights$3,005.00$4,505.00$2,455.00$3,660.00$2,000.00$2,605.00
+ Nights after 15 Nights$205.00$310.00$170.00$250.00$140.00$180.00




All rates are in USD and are per person. Valid until December 31, 2024.

Dive Package
No. of Dives
Seafront VillaGarden VillaDeluxe Room
4 Days 3 Nights6$1,015.00$1,400.00$865.00$1,180.00$755.00$905.00
5 Days 4 Nights9$1,360.00$1,870.00$1,170.00$1,580.00$1,015.00$1,225.00
6 Days 5 Nights12$1,695.00$2,330.00$1,465.00$1,970.00$1,275.00$1,530.00
7 Days 6 Nights15$2,035.00$2,785.00$1,760.00$2,355.00$1,535.00$1,825.00
8 Days 7 Nights18$2,340.00$3,205.00$2,025.00$2,715.00$1,765.00$2,110.00
9 Days 8 Nights21$2,640.00$3,610.00$2,280.00$3,060.00$1,990.00$2,385.00
10 Days 9 Nights24$2,925.00$4,000.00$2,535.00$3,385.00$2,210.00$2,640.00
11 Days 10 Nights27$3,195.00$4,370.00$2,770.00$3,700.00$2,425.00$2,890.00
12 Days 11 Nights30$3,440.00$4,690.00$2,980.00$3,980.00$2,605.00$3,105.00
13 Days 12 Nights33$3,665.00$4,990.00$3,175.00$4,240.00$2,775.00$3,305.00
14 Days 13 Nights36$3,875.00$5,275.00$3,355.00$4,475.00$2,940.00$3,500.00
15 Days 14 Nights39$4,065.00$5,535.00$3,525.00$4,705.00$3,080.00$3,670.00
+ Nights after 15 Nights+3$280.00$380.00$240.00$320.00$210.00$250.00



All rates are in USD and are per person. Valid until December 31, 2024.

Dive Package
No. of Dives
Seafront VillaGarden VillaDeluxe Room
4 Days 3 Nights6$1,055.00$1,445.00$910.00$1,225.00$795.00$950.00
5 Days 4 Nights9$1,425.00$1,935.00$1,235.00$1,645.00$1,085.00$1,290.00
6 Days 5 Nights12$1,780.00$2,420.00$1,550.00$2,055.00$1,360.00$1,615.00
7 Days 6 Nights15$2,140.00$2,890.00$1,865.00$2,465.00$1,640.00$1,935.00
8 Days 7 Nights18$2,465.00$3,330.00$2,150.00$2,840.00$1,895.00$2,235.00
9 Days 8 Nights21$2,785.00$3,755.00$2,425.00$3,205.00$2,135.00$2,530.00
10 Days 9 Nights24$3,085.00$4,160.00$2,695.00$3,545.00$2,370.00$2,800.00
11 Days 10 Nights27$3,375.00$4,545.00$2,950.00$3,880.00$2,600.00$3,065.00
12 Days 11 Nights30$3,635.00$4,885.00$3,175.00$4,175.00$2,800.00$3,300.00
13 Days 12 Nights33$3,870.00$5,200.00$3,380.00$4,450.00$2,985.00$3,515.00
14 Days 13 Nights36$4,095.00$5,495.00$3,575.00$4,695.00$3,160.00$3,720.00
15 Days 14 Nights39$4,295.00$5,765.00$3,755.00$4,940.00$3,310.00$3,905.00
+ Nights after 15 Nights+3$295.00$395.00$255.00$340.00$225.00$265.00


accommodation rates 

All rates are in USD and per person. Valid until December 31, 2024. 

Seafont Villa$450.00$375.00
Garden Villa$340.00$290.00
Deluxe Room$250.00$185.00



For information on rates, availability and to book, drop us an email at or call us at 310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation!

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Dive Information

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Lembeh Dive Sites

The bulk of the dive sites within the channel are varying muck dive locations. Whereas if you venture North and around to the East side of Lembeh Island you'll find the stunning reefs. Generally these trips are scheduled for full day trips - If you'd be interested in organizing such a trip during your stay please let us know in advance!

Solitude Lembeh Resort's dive map


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Dive Center Information

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Solitude Lembeh Resort's camera room Solitude Lembeh Resort's dive boat

Solitude Lembeh Resort's camera room (LEFT) & dive boat (RIGHT)


Solitude Lembeh Resort Dive Center Overview

A fully equipped professional dive center with top‐rated safety standards that Solitude are known for in their diving operations which originates from their first brand, Solitude Liveaboards.  

Courses are conducted in the resort’s swimming pool and surrounding calm, shallow, open water. 

The compressor room is specially designed for the natural influx of fresh air and the center uses only the best quality of high pressure air purifiers to ensure every dive is as safe and enjoyable as it should be! The dive center also provides an Enriched Air Nitrox option.

The Dive Team is trained in First Aid and In‐Water Rescue procedures, and conduct regular refresher courses to assure their knowledge remains current. All of Solitude’s dive boats are equipped with Emergency First Aid Kits and DAN Twin Jumbo D Oxygen kits as well as mobile phones. 2 large (40L) Medical Oxygen tanks at the dive center to provide additional support if required. The nearest Decompression chamber is located in Manado city which is approximately 120 to 150 mins by car. 

Open daily from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm unless for night dive. 

The complimentary unguided shore/jetty dive can only be performed between 10am to 3pm daily and must have reasonable surface interval between the last dive and/or the next dive.

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Other Information

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Practical Information

  • Electricity: 220V 50Hz
  • Time zone:  UTC+8
  • Languages: Indonesian & English
  • Accept Credit Cards?: Yes, Visa & Master Cards

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Got Questions? Ready to Book?

Call us today at 310-915-6677 or email us

And let us book your dream vacation! 

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Underwater Gallery

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Coming soon!

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Reviews (2)


Solitude is an excellent resort. The hospitality is top notch, starting from when they pick you up from the airport and lasting throughout the entire stay. They check all the boxes most high end scuba resorts do: good dive briefings, good food, nice rooms, good bar at the resort...Then we get to the 5-star area, which includes an amazing pool, spa, turn-down service in the rooms, your dive gear being carried to and from the boat without you lifting a finger, and the large and air conditioned camera room, full of workstations that have outlets and towels for you to do whatever is needed (I observed they locked the room at night too which I loved).

What I really appreciated about Solitude is the small touches. Like, refreshments, snacks, and hot towels after your dive, even though you're still immediately going back to the resort to relax in between. Or the sandwiches and waters provided at airport pickup for the long drive to the resort. Or how the dive guides would help underwater with the extra tools on the camera, like a snoot or macro diopter, to focus and get the best picture possible. They really made us feel at home throughout the entire process, and it was a great experience.

The diving operation was very professional and well run. The boats are quick to reach the dive sites and are incredible easy to assemble gear then enter, plus exit the water via the ladder. They also include a rinse bucket both on the boat and on the dock for cameras. Before each dive, a detailed dive briefing was visualized and discussed. I appreciated their flexibility to accommodate a Mandarin fish dive on one of the days, which involved shifting dives earlier in order to do the night dive earlier. The dive guides were fantastic.

I would 100% go back to this resort next time I am in Lembeh.

Visited on 01/2024 - Submitted on 01/14/2024

Solitude Lembeh is an excellent dive resort. The resort and dive staff are very friendly and they have thought of everything to make your stay comfortable. The transfers are easy and they even brought water and a snack box for the hour long ride from the airport. Meal times are a blast as the menu is extensive with both local and western dishes. After your scrumptious meal, you choose what you want for your next meal. Lunches and dinners include a starter, main and a dessert. They even arranged a BBQ and a song and dance on our last night as we came with a group.
The camera room is large and has at least 20 camera stations. There is an infinity pool next to the restaurant/bar, and there is also a spa which offers very reasonably priced massages.
The dive operation is excellent with great guides and good air fills. The dive boats are fast with one of their boats having two 200hp engines and the other boat having two 150hp engines. After the dive, a hot face towel is presented to everyone, which is an amazing touch. Water, fruit and bath towels are also available on the dive boat. All surface intervals are done back at the resort which is great.

Visited on 01/2024 - Submitted on 01/16/2024


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