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Destination: Fiji

PO Box 69 Waiyevo, 0000 Waiyevo, Fiji | Full-board + 2 dives from $208/ppn.

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Paradise Taveuni Quick Pitch

Family owned and operated, Taveuni is a boutique oceanfront resort with a friendly staff and newly renovated bures. Paradise Taveuni, formerly known as Susie’s Plantation Resort, is just north of Vuna Point at the southern end of Taveuni, one of the island’s most beautiful areas.Set on an elevated piece of land, Paradise offers impressive sea and sunset views and plenty of strategically placed hammocks and sun lounges from which to enjoy them. The bures and vales are an incredible way to experience Fiji.


Quick Information 

  • No of Rooms: 16
  • Dive Center: On-site
  • Amenities: AC (in Vale Lomanis only), mini-fridge, pool, free shore dives, activities (snorkeling, kayaks, fishing), Wifi, spa
  • Wi-Fi: Paid WiFi is available in public areas
  • Nearest Airport: Matei Domestic Airport
  • Airport shuttle: Yes, free


How to Get There

The resort is located on Taveuni Island, a 1-hour drive from Matei Airport. Free transfers are available to and from Matei Domestic Airport located in Taveuni.  


Dive Overview

Easy access to over 40 dives sites. Fiji offers excellent dive diversity. Fiji is home to an amazing variety of fish life, including colorful angelfish, anemone fish, anthias, frogfish, hawkfish, moray eels, ghost pipefish, and countless other photogenic species.

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Types of Rooms, Amenities and Photos

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Paradise Taveuni Room Overview 

Re-opened since June 2016, Paradise still offers 16 accommodation choices. Each of the newly built lodgings includes ocean views from each room, tropical outdoor shower in your own private lava-rock garden, generous king bed, spacious deck to read and enjoy the views and air conditioning.

  • Paradise Honeymoon Bure with 1 King bed in private bedroom, lounge room, indoor bathroom, outdoor couple shower and Deluxe Tub in private garden, Honeymoon Dining Vale with hammock & couple sun loungers.
  • Deluxe Oceanfront Bures with  1 King bed in private bedroom, lounge room, modern bathroom with bath tub and shower, outdoor shower and Deluxe Tub in private garden, sundeck & Day Bed.
  • Oceanview Bures with  1 King bed in private bedroom, lounge room, indoor bathroom, outdoor shower in a private garden, sundeck & Day Bed.
  • Oceanview Family Bures with  1 King bed in 1 room, 2nd bedroom has 1 king bed or 2 single beds, indoor bathroom, outdoor shower in a private garden, sundeck & Day Bed.
  • Deluxe Oceanfront Vales with 1 King bed with lounge furniture, modern bathroom with shower, outdoor shower in private garden, sundeck & deck furniture.
  • Deluxe Oceanfront Family Vales  - Interconnecting Vales – with 1 king bed in each Vale or up to 4 single beds in room #2, both rooms with lounge furniture, indoor bathroom, outdoor shower in private garden, sundeck & sun lounges.

Paradise Taveuni Paradise Taveuni

Paradise Taveuni Paradise Taveuni


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Resort Facilities

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Paradise Taveuni Paradise Taveuni


Paradise Taveuni Features 

  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Bar/lounge
  • Spa
  • Dive center
  • Paid Wi-Fi


Paradise Taveuni Activities 

  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Cultural activities
  • Spa
  • Fishing
  • Whale Watching
  • Kayak
  • Hiking
  • Surfing

Paradise Taveuni Resort Map
Paradise Taveuni Resort Map

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Packages & Rates

The actual rates are based in FJD. The starting price indicated above may vary based on the current exchange rate.

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Paradise Taveuni Nightly Rates

 2022/2023 Rates

All rates are in US Dollars and inclusive of Fiji Taxes. Rates are valid 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023.


RoomStyle/Nr of BedsRates
Luxury Honeymoon Bure

1 King bed in private bedroom, lounge room, indoor bathroom with shower, outdoor couple shower and Deluxe Tub in private tropical garden, sundeck, Fijian Daybed, couple hammock & Private Dining Vale

1 adult per night 

2 adults per night

Luxury Oceanfron Bure

1 King bed in bedroom #1, 2nd bedroom has 1 king bed or up to 4 single bunk beds, indoor bathroom with shower, outdoor shower and Deluxe Tub in private tropical, garden, sundeck, Fijian Daybed & Private Dining Vale

2 adults per night 

3 adults / 2ad + 2ch per night $800

4 adults / 2ad +3-4ch per night

Deluxe Oceanfron Bure

1 King bed in private bedroom, lounge room, modern bathroom with bathtub and shower, outdoor shower and Deluxe Tub in private tropical garden, sundeck & Fijian Day Bed.


1 adult per night 

2 adults per night 


3 adults / 2ad + 2ch per night


Oceanfront Vale

1 King bed with lounge furniture, indoor bathroom with shower, outdoor shower in private tropical garden, sundeck & sun lounges.

1 adult per night 

2 adults per night

Oceanfront Family Vale

Interconnecting Vales – 2 bedrooms with 1 King bed in 1 room, 2nd bedroom has 1 king bed or up to 4 single bunk beds, both rooms with lounge furniture, indoor bathroom with shower, outdoor shower in private tropical garden.


2 adults per night 


Up to 4 adults /
2 ad +3-4ch per night

Oceanview Bure

1 King bed in private bedroom, lounge room, indoor bathroom with shower, outdoor shower in a private tropical garden, sundeck & Fijian Day Bed.


1 adult per night 


2 adults per night

3 adults per night

Oceanview Family Bure

1 King bed in bedroom #1, 1 king bed or 2 single beds in bedroom #2, indoor/outdoor lounge room,indoor bathroom with shower, outdoor shower in a private tropical garden, sundeck & Fijian Day Bed.

2 adult per night 


3ad / 2ad + 2ch per night

4ad / 3ad + 1ch per night




  • All meals – Full cooked breakfast, 1 course lunch and 2 course dinner
  • Matei airport return road transfers
  • Complimentary Salusalu (Fijian floral lei) on arrival
  • Complimentary Welcome Foot rub on arrival (15 mins)
  • Complimentary Gift Pack
  • Bure or Vale serviced daily
  • Complimentary tea, coffee & cookies
  • Complimentary snorkelling gear hire (mask, fins & snorkel)
  • A large selection of complimentary resort activities

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Dive Packages

Check out Paradise Taveuni Specials here, valid for travel until March 2023.

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Paradise Taveuni Packages

Paradise offers a selection of various rates to suit everyone – Honeymooners, Wedding Couples, Divers, Families, Single travelers, Adventurers and Groups. Paradise specializes in Tailor-Made Vacation Packages. Drop us an email at or call us today at 310-915-6677 and let us help you plan your dream dive vacation!

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Dive Information & Itineraries

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Fiji Dive Overview

With Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef just a short boat ride away, Paradise Taveuni offers you some of the best diving in the world. Fiji, known for being the soft coral capital of the world, will give you some of the most memorable dives of your life exploring astounding soft corals and diverse marine life, all on the world-famous Somosomo Strait. With over 40 sites on hand, Paradise offers divers like The Great White Wall, Orgasm, The Zoo and many more dive sites that you will reminisce on for the rest of your life.


Fiji Dive Sites

For your convenience, Paradise Taveuni has classified their dive sites into levels of experience: Level 1 for beginner diver (Maximum depth 18 meters, gentle with no current), Level 2 for intermediate diver (depths range from 20-25 meters, some current, some surface waves at times) and Level 3 for advanced diver (depths up to 30 meters, expect current and exposed surface conditions at times). Here are a few of their favorite sites: 

  • Orgasm (Vuna Reef) Level 2 - Vuna Reef at its finest! This wall dive faces Open Ocean and it is here that we have seen some of our favorite regulars: Sharks, Rays and Napoleon Wrasse. As well as drift by schools of Spanish Mackerel or Giant Tuna from the deep. All of this in only 60f /18m, a truly awe-inspiring dive site that never seems to disappoint us.
  • The Great White Wall (Rainbow Reef) Level 3 - The soft coral capital of the world’s signature dive offers an astounding wall of pure white soft coral. This site is definitely the world famous Rainbow Reef’s top draw. A coral encrusted swim – through leads onto the wall from the reef top. A dazzling 
  • myriad of color and life inhabits the reef top. Manta rays glide past with ethereal grace. On exiting the water from this site an awed silence lasts awhile before an excited chatter that lasts for days starts among divers. Not to be missed!
  • The Zoo (Rainbow Reef) Level 3 - An extreme marine experience! Schools of Barracuda are common here, swimming above the White Tip reef sharks resting on the sand. Moray Eels, Groupers and small reef fish are plentiful and lucky divers will glimpse the graceful bronze whaler sharks patrolling the deep blue waters.


Paradise TaveuniParadise Taveuni


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Dive Center Information

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Paradise Taveuni Paradise TaveuniParadise Taveuni Paradise Taveuni


Paradise Taveuni Dive Center Overview

Paradise Taveuni dives daily on the legendary Rainbow Reef only a 20-minute boat trip from the Resort. With over 30 dive sites to offer, you won’t visit the same site twice, unless you want to. Every day, divers from all over the world choose Paradise Taveuni to experience the extraordinary formations of hard and soft corals and an abundance of fish life including: Anemonefish, Maori Wrasse, Lionfish, Reef Sharks, Rays, Turtles and much, much more. With a variety of deep wall drop off’s and shallow drift dives; there is something here for every diver. Paradise dives daily on Rainbow Reef on their new dive boat, Taveuni Explorer, one of the best day dive trip boats in Fiji. Paradise offers Nitrox for only FJ$20 per tank. Paradise Dive also offers various PADI dive courses.  


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Other Information

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Practical Information 

  • Electricity: 240 Volt
  • Time zone: UTC+12:00
  • Languages: Hindi & English
  • Accept credit card?: Yes (VISA, Mastercard, American Express 

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Underwater Gallery

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Paradise Taveuni Paradise TaveuniParadise Taveuni Paradise TaveuniParadise Taveuni Paradise Taveuni Paradise Taveuni Paradise Taveuni


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Reviews (6)

  • Top Reviewer
Huntington Beach, CA
United States

My dive buddy and I recently had the opportunity to return to Fiji, so we had some idea of the dive conditions we could expect but were looking forward with anticipation to the accommodations at Paradise Taveuni.
Come on. A place called Paradise would be perfect, right? Well...
ACCOMMODATIONS: Our bure was beautiful, neat and clean. It came with a grotto-like outdoor shower and spa - the shower was great and romantic. The spa never worked. For a couple with romance as the highest priority I would give this and big, solid "A". For those of us who appreciate romance but are serious divers, the bure could have used a small desk area with good seating and lighting for writing log books or working on some piece of dive or camera equipment. Let me hasten to add that here is a nice area for working and servicing your UW camera attached to the main lodge. There is a double sink camera rinse area just outside the camera room which is nice if there are just two divers. It was something to be negotiated when there were more than two UW photogs returning from an outing. In the camera room there are outlets (240V) and lights at each station and the stations are well laid out and easy to work at. The downer is that although the area has an air conditioner, it was anemic at best and we often found ourselves wiping beads of sweat before they fell in our open housings and exposed cameras equipment .
Food at Paradise was pretty bland with an unvarying menu (at least for the week we were there). Portions were such that the bag of salted nuts we kept in the bottom of the travel bag for those airport layover emergencies was pretty well depleted by weeks end. One evening the staff created a four course dinner that was quite good, but for our stay, it was a one-of event.
DIVING: In coming to Taveuni, we were quite excited by the prospect of diving Rainbow Reef. The hype and accolades for the site are easily found on any web search. We were well aware that many sites in Fiji are current controlled - that is that at higher current conditions you'll find much better representation of soft corals than at slack tides. But the Dive Masters need to judge the currents carefully so as to experience the best of the soft corals and yet not blow away less experienced divers. It is often a difficult act to handle successfully. The good news is we never lost a diver, the bad is that we never caught Rainbow Reef at its best. Sites like Fish Factory, Rainbow's End, Freeway, Christine's Garden and Great White Wall were interesting, but well below the color and diversity of Bligh Water sites we had dived previously - OK but not breath-taking as often described in the advertising literature. The one site that was interesting was Mini-Cabbage Patch. Very interesting coral structure and fish life made this a site we would have done more than once.
Coastal sites along Taveuni were a disappointment - Vanu Reef, Tabua and Coral Garden really were not worth the air to dive them. On one of the trips across the Soma Soma Strait, we came upon a pod of sleeping Pilot Whales but were not allowed to snorkel so we could not take any UW images of the beautiful critters. Actually, we had an immense amount of fun diving the house reef and drop-off. Close, easy, good species diversity (Blue-ribbon morays, leaf scorpion fish, lion fish, puffers, big anemones and the requisite clown fish, octopus and Tridacna clams) and amazing dusk dives kept us pretty happy. A night dive on our own would have been nice, but there were no unguided night dives allowed. The one we went on we were moved along with the herd of newbies and the experience garnered an extra charge.
STAFF: First, the dive staff - first rate and willing to bend over backwards to help the guests - A-1! They do the very best with the site they have.
The room staff - the ladies who tended our bure everyday were excellent - fastidious and inventive. We would return from dives with welcome messages written in flower petals on the floor- quite nice.
The wait staff needed nearly daily reminders regarding certain things (i.e. no bread or flour foods) Had the resort been packed with hoards of people I could understand there might be some confusion, but a full house was not the issue while we were there.
AMENITIES: As we were there for the diving we didn't take advantage of most of the amenities that are available to guests, but we did do an hour massage with banana wrap finish that was quite awesome - I would definitely recommend experiencing it.

Visited on 05/2015 - Submitted on 06/08/2015

The resort has been completely rebuilt after Hurricane Winston in 2016. It is family owned and has the perfect personalized feel for all guests. It is the only dive resort in the south of Taveuni and is the perfect dive getaway for couples.
The bures are all very well designed with french doors, four poster king beds and a separate living area that an extra bed can be added.
Food is excellent as the owner Allan is a chef by trade. If you would like to have a private dinner by the ocean, just ask and they will set up a table for you there. The grounds are very well kept and all the staff are very friendly, accommodating and helpful.
Paradise Taveuni provides access to 3 different reefs and a nice variation of diving. The famous Rainbow Reef is a 30 minute boat ride away and has some of the better soft coral reefs in Fiji. Vuna Reef is about 10 minutes away and while it isn't as colorful as rainbow Reef, they do have some dramatic geological formations. The house reef is an easy giant stride from the dock and has many critters like garden eels, leaf scorpionfish and cuttlefish.
There is a large dedicated camera room, a stocked dive shop with full rental gear and multiple boats for all group sizes.

Visited on 05/2015 - Submitted on 11/07/2017
  • Top Reviewer
Fountain Valley, CA
United States

I traveled to Fiji in October. The first week of my trip was spent at Paradise Taveuni. The owners, Terri and Alan, are wonderful hosts. They endeavor to meet every need of their guests. They live across the road from the resort and take a hands-on approach to everyday operation. Alan dove with us every day and Teri sees the onsite operation. They have an on-site farm to supply the kitchen with fresh produce. We had a meal plan that provided three meals daily, with everything being prepared to order. The menus differed each day with specials available for both lunch and dinner. We found the food to be delicious and abundant.

The staff is beyond wonderful. You are always greeted with a big smile and an enthusiastic “bula”. Fijians are the friendliest people on the face of the earth and it shows at Paradise Taveuni. Our bure had an ocean view, with a king-size bed, air conditioning, large bathroom, outdoor stone shower, mini-refrigerator, and coffeemaker. The grounds are well kept and there is a beautiful pool. Tables are set around the grounds to sit and eat or gaze at the ocean. The great room has wifi and a comfortable lounge area.

The diving was almost exclusively at the rainbow reef, where the dive sites were exceptional! The dive staff was very attentive and dedicated to safety. They tend to your gear at the end of the day by taking it off the boat, rinsing, and drying. We happened to be there on Fiji Day (independence day) and we joined in the giant celebration with the other guests and all the staff. The resort staff also arranged day excursions for us on non-diving days to nearby villages, waterfalls, natural waterslide, international dateline, and the historic church. We loved this resort and would definitely return.

Visited on 10/2019 - Submitted on 02/13/2020
Cambridge, ON

This is a resort designed for scuba divers, especially photographers. There is a great air-conditioned room for photographers where everyone gets their own workstation for the week. There is a rinse tank and compressed air to keep everything clean.

I found the Rainbow Reef better than the reefs close to the resort. Because the resort is at the far end of the island it is a 30-45 minute boat ride to the Rainbow Reef. Because of this on most days they will do 2 dives and then lunch on a beach close to the Rainbow Reef so they don't have to go back to the resort. They made meals for us to take but we were surprised when they offered us a coke to drink. We later found out when we checked out that we were getting charged for those drinks.

The house reef if great. We only did a night dive there but it was one of the best dives of the week. We saw so much stuff and wished we had time to do another one.

The staff were a highlight. Everyone is friendly and always smiling. Dive guides were great as well, pointing out everything they saw and making sure everyone had time to see it.

The rooms are great. Indoor and outdoor showers and an outdoor tub. They have a farm behind the property where they grow most of the food they serve. There is a menu with a few options and you pick between the options for your meal. The options get repeated throughout the week though so if you're there a week you will have some repeats.

There were some non-divers at the resort and they mentioned how through the day it was very quiet and there weren't many people around because the majority of people were divers. They do offer day tours and activities but I found them to be costly.

If you want to dive the Great White Wall make sure you check with the resort when booking because there are only certain times of the month when they are able to dive it due to the current.

Visited on 09/2018 - Submitted on 04/10/2020

The staff of this resort are just amazing--very helpful and always friendly. We enjoyed our weeks visit very much. The house reef isn't much but the short boat ride (30 min) to Rainbow Reef is worth it for sure. The boat was covered and convenient. And the food was just to die for. Very interesting every day. Would recommend for families and newly marrieds as the cottages are large and private.

Visited on 08/2014 - Submitted on 08/28/2014


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