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Phoenix Liveaboard

Destination: Bahamas

Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration (6 Nights) | From $250++/night

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Phoenix Liveaboard Quick Pitch

Phoenix is a dream yacht, Lagoon 450 built in 2012 by world-class French manufacturer. The yacht was completely renovated in 2018 to meet guest's sailing and diving needs.


Why You'll Like the Phoenix

  • Fullboard accommodation
  • Dedicated camera room with table and charging point
  • Shark encounters: oceanic whitetips, dusky, lemon, tiger and silky sharks
  • Perfect for small groups

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The Phoenix embarks from Nassau Yacht Heaven. When arranging transportation to the vessel please use the destination of Harbour Central Marina 671, E Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas.


Dive Overview

The Exumas is a beautiful Caribbean island puzzle piece consisting of more than 350 small islands and cays. Renowned for the abundance of sharks the area is seasoned with a fine flavor of wrecks, cave, and blue holes.

[See: Bahamas Dive Travel Guide]


Check Out This Great Video from the Phoenix!

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Types of Cabins, Amenities and Photos

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Phoenix Liveaboard cabinPhoenix Liveaboard

Phoenix Liveaboard cabinPhoenix Liveaboard cabin


Phoenix Accommodation Overview

The Phoenix accommodates 8 passengers in 4 double cabins with private washrooms and showers.


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General Facilities

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Phoenix Liveaboard Phoenix Liveaboard


Phoenix Boat Features

  • Air-conditioned saloon
  • Sundeck
  • Camera room
  • Audio & video entertainment
  • Stocked kitchen and toiletries on board, with regular cleaning by the crew


Phoenix Dive Facilities

  • Dive compressor and tanks on board to refill tanks between dives.
  • Din/Int adapters
  • Rental equipment available
  • Dive dinghy 


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Phoenix Liveaboard Deck Plan

Phoenix Liveaboard dive deck

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Schedule & Rates

Phoenix Liveaboard 2023 Schedule & Rates

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Phoenix Liveaboard Schedule & Rates 2023

All prices quoted are per person in USD. Click here for sample itinerary details.

28-Jan-20233-Feb-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
4-Feb-202310-Feb-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
11-Feb-202317-Feb-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
18-Feb-202324-Feb-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
25-Feb-20233-Mar-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
4-Mar-202310-Mar-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
11-Mar-202317-Mar-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
18-Mar-202324-Mar-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
25-Mar-202331-Mar-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
1-Apr-20237-Apr-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
8-Apr-202314-Apr-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
15-Apr-202321-Apr-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,697Email Us
22-Apr-202328-Apr-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
29-Apr-20235-May-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
6-May-200312-May-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
13-May-202319-May-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
20-May-202326-May-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
27-May-20232-Jun-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
3-Jun-20239-Jun-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395 Email Us
10-Jun-202316-Jun-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
17-Jun-202323-Jun-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
24-Jun-202330-Jun-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
1-Jul-20237-Jul-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
8-Jul-202314-Jul-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
15-Jul-202321-Jul-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
22-Jul-202328-Jul-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
29-Jul-20234-Aug-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
5-Aug-202311-Aug-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
12-Aug-202318-Aug-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
19-Aug-202325-Aug-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
26-Aug-20231-Sep-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
2-Sep-20238-Sep-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
9-Sep-202315-Sep-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
16-Sep-202322-Sep-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
23-Sep-202329-Sep-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
30-Sep-20236-Oct-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
7-Oct-202313-Oct-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
14-Oct-202320-Oct-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
21-Oct-202327-Oct-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
28-Oct-20233-Nov-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
4-Nov-202310-Nov-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
11-Nov-202317-Nov-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
18-Nov-202324-Nov-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
25-Nov-20231-Dec-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
2-Dec-20238-Dec-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
9-Dec-202315-Dec-20236Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour$2,395Email Us
16-Dec-202322-Dec-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,597Email Us
23-Dec-202329-Dec-20236Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,697Email Us
30-Dec-20236-Jan-20246Exuma & Eleuthera Exploration$1,697Email Us

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  • VAT
  • Food, snacks, coffee, tea, juice
  • Skipper & mariner on board
  • Cleaning & toiletries
  • Divemaster on board
  • Dives (no extra charge for dives per day)
  • Tanks, weights, and belts



  • Flights
  • Gratuities
  • Transfers
  • Park fee $135 USD per person
  • Port fees $195 USD per person
  • Rental Equipment

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Other Dates & Availability

For more information on other departure dates that are not listed above and on availability email us at or call us at 310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation!

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Dive Information & Destinations

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Exuma (Highborne Cay) -New Providence (Tongue of the ocean)

  • Day 1: Saturday. Boarding at 11.00 AM. Check-in unpack, orientation, and safety briefing. 1 dive – Check dive – around New Providence
  • Day 2: Sunday. 3 daytime dives and 1 night dive today around Exuma Cays – Dog Rocks
  • Day 3: Monday. 4 daytime dives around Exuma Cays – Allan’s Cay
  • Day 4: Tuesday. 4 daytime dives around Exuma Cays – Highborne Cay
  • Day 5: Wednesday. 3 daytime dives and 1 night dive around West side New Providence
  • Day 6: Thursday. 2 daytime vies around West side New Providence. Last dive 13:00. Return to marina around 19.00.
  • Day 7: Friday. 08.00 am Breakfast. 09.00 am sign off.
  • Exuma Route Map


The Bahamas Dive Overview


Exuma Leuthera Map


Periwinkle Reef

  • This is a shallow patch reef that is teaming with fish. The local Nassau operators feed fish here, so sergeant majors and angelfish will approach scuba divers looking for a handout.
  • Lost Blue Hole
  • The rim of this large blue hole lies in 40′ of water surrounded by coral heads, stingrays and many schools of fish. There is a lobster filled crevice at 80′. In the sand surrounding the hole, divers will find many small fish such as banded jawfish, Seminole gobies, and tobacco fish. There are usually 1 or 2 nurse sharks here and during the late spring/early summer a large school of blacknose sharks inhabits the bottom of the 200′ hole. This site is normally visited on the way to or from the Exumas. This is the location of the Caribbean’s first lionfish sighting
  • Amberjack Reef
  • A 50′ patch reef that has a prolific fish life. You will see reef sharks and large grouper. This dive also has many interesting small critters such as pirate blennies and garden eels. Back on the hang bar scuba divers will be surrounded by a school of 100+ horse-eye jacks that hang out underneath the Phoenix.
  • Austin Smith Wreck
  • A 90′ Bahamian Defense Force Cutter that sank in 1995 while being towed to San Salvador to be sunk there as a dive site. Their misfortune was our gain. This intact wreck lies in 60′ of water.
  • Cathedral 
  • This site is part of the Dog Rocks Reef. This reef starts at 35′ and slopes off to 50′ before dropping straight down into the Exuma Sound. The Cathedral is a large swim-thru where the light filters down from above reflecting off the thousands of silversides that occupy the swim-thru. This swim thru has many grouper and jacks that come to feed on the silversides. If you like to identify fish, you will marvel at the large variety of fish. The wall has large stands of black coral and orange elephant ear and tube sponges. Pelagic, eagle rays and sharks are frequently seen off the wall.
  • Jeep Reef
  • This is one of the prettiest reefs you will ever see. The strong current that
  • sweeps through this cut keeps the reef’s corals very healthy. This dive can only be done at slack tide because of the strong currents. It is in the middle of the Exumas Land & Sea Park, so you will find a very healthy population of fish. This dive site gets its name from a coral encrusted jeep that sits near the mooring.
  • Pillar Wall 
  • One of many excellent wall dives. It starts at 30′ and slopes to 50′ before dropping 5,000′ to the bottom. There are many caves and crevices. There is a large colony of yellow-head jawfish in the rubble inside the reef.
  • The Washing Machine
  • The strong incoming tide of up to 6 mph takes scuba divers thru a narrow cut where water drops off a ledge and then makes a sharp bend to the left. This causes the water to swirl like the water in a washing machine. This swirling water will toss scuba divers head over heels. Scuba divers who wish to avoid being tossed around can stay to the right where you will have a smooth fast trip through the cut. After passing through the cut you will then glide over a large patch reef. Enjoy the ride!
  • Whale Tail Wall
  • A great wall just south of Wax Cut. Large parrotfish roam the sand inside the reef while sharks & eagle rays are frequently seen off the wall. We have had some very unusual sightings here like a Caribbean torpedo, one of only 4 sighting of this very rare ray.
  • Hole in the Wall
  • The walls in Southwest Eleuthera are some of the most abrupt & beautiful anywhere, literally going straight down. At this site, there is a hole just inside the edge of the wall that drops 15′ with a swim-thru that heads west before popping out of the wall.
  • Jake’s Hole
  • This tidal blue hole lies in 20′ of water. The highlight of this dive is the vibrant corals surrounding the hole. Because it is very tidal, scuba divers aren’t permitted to enter the hole.
  • Monolith        
  • Large mounds of coral rise out of the sand at the edge of the wall. They start at 100′ and rise to 55′. There is a colony of Garden Eels in the sand next to the mounds.


Tiger Beach and Bimini Islands Tour

Embark on an unforgettable diving adventure to Tiger Beach, Bahamas, where you will have the opportunity to encounter one of the most awe-inspiring predators of the sea: the tiger shark.

Your tour will begin with a scenic boat ride out to the turquoise waters of Bimini Islands, located midway between Florida and The Bahamas Islands. Upon arrival, you will gear up and receive a safety briefing from your experienced dive master before descending into the crystal-clear waters of New Providence.

As you descend, you will be greeted by an abundance of marine life, including colorful tropical fish, reef sharks, and nurse sharks. However, the true highlight of the dive is the chance to come face-to-face with the mighty tiger shark, known for its impressive size and distinctive striped pattern.

Despite their intimidating reputation, tiger sharks are actually quite docile and often approach divers out of curiosity. Your dive master will guide you through the encounter, ensuring your safety and helping you to appreciate the magnificence of these creatures.

After your dive, you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a delicious lunch onboard the boat, as you reflect on the incredible experience you just had. With memories to last a lifetime, this diving tour to Tiger Beach, Bahamas is not to be missed.


Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1: Saturday. Boarding at 11.00 AM. Check-in unpack, orientation, and safety briefing. Transfer to Bimini Islands.
  • Day 2: Sunday. Diving Safari at Bimini Islands.
  • Day 3: Monday. Diving Safari at Bimini Islands. Transfer to Tiger Beach.
  • Day 4: Tuesday. Diving Safari at Tiger Beach.
  • Day 5: Wednesday. Diving Safari at Tiger Beach.
  • Day 6: Thursday. Diving Safari at Tiger Beach. Return to the marina around 21:00 (9pm).
  • Day 7: Friday. 08.00 am Breakfast. 09.00 am sign off.



[See: Bahamas Dive Travel Guide]


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Other Information

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Boat Specifications

  • Year: 2012
  • Overall length: 13,96 m
  • Beam: 7,87 m
  • Draft: 1,30 m
  • Displacement: 15,1 t
  • Mainsail: 79 m²
  • Genoa: 51 m²
  • Engines (Diesel): 2 x 57 PS
  • Diesel: 2 x 520 l
  • Water: 700 l
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Cabins/berths: 4+2/8+2
  • Max. persons: 12


Practical Information

  • Time Zone: UTC-4
  • Local Currency: Bahamian Dollar (BSD)
  • Language Spoken: English and Spanish
  • Electricity:  110/60Hz
  • Payment Onboard: Cash


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Underwater Gallery 

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Phoenix Liveaboard Bahamas underwater Phoenix Liveaboard Bahamas underwaterPhoenix Liveaboard Bahamas underwater


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Reviews (1)


I took this trip in June 2019 as a solo diver. Overall my experience was the following:

The sites visited were superb and plenty of marine life from large to small. I've dived all over the world and The Bahamas is top-notch given the amount of marine life one can see on a single dive + clarity of water + temperature of water + low currents. The dives were varied (reefs, shipwrecks, deep dives and blue holes).

The boat can accommodate 8 guests in total. On my trip, there were 4 of us and that was perfect. It felt like a private scuba diving trip! I think more than 6 would be crowded on the boat given its size and layout. The boat was in good condition, however the crew could have done better job in doing a daily clean of the common areas. The two divermasters themselves were good - experienced, friendly and happy to have a good conversation. The captain on the other hand was disappointing - he was often frustrated, angry and just seemed to not enjoy what he was doing. Never a good morning or happy face. His cooking was average too - meals were good but wouldn't say memorable.

Overall I would recommend this trip for those looking for a superb diving experience aboard a boat which felt safe, and almost like a private boat given the small amount of guests. We had perfect weather and conditions for the most part so were lucky.

Visited on 06/2019 - Submitted on 04/16/2020


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