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Anilao Trip Report December 2023

Clown fish guarding eggs in Anilao Philippines by Kevin K Hurtz
Throughout the Anilao workshop, instruction remained a cornerstone, featuring six comprehensive presentations covering macro photography, snoot shooting, creative techniques, wide-angle photography, blackwater shooting, and a live Lightroom demonstration. Daily image reviews were conducted to gauge guest progress following the formal instructions. Interestingly, these sessions often resulted in overwhelmingly positive comments from both instructors and guests, underscoring the exceptional quality of the images produced.

Fiji Trip Report 2023

Fiji Trip Report 2023
There are some destinations that we all want to dive at least once, just to see how they compare to other places, see a certain creature, or check that box on our travel wish list. But there are also a handful of very special places that make you want to return again and again, and for me, Fiji belongs solidly on this short list. For sheer scenic beauty, healthy reefs, abundance and variety of marine life, and vibrant underwater colors, there is nothing quite like it. And as a bonus, it’s easy to access, safe, and boasts an incredibly friendly and welcoming local culture. Topping it off, our floating home on our recent trip was one of my very favorite liveaboards, the venerable Nai’a, which recently celebrated their 30th year of operation in these waters.

Moorea 2023 Trip Report

Moorea trip report humpback whale surfacing
Every year, French Polynesia hosts humpback whales who travel from Antarctica to the islands’ warmer tropical waters, to mate, calve, and nurse their young. Interactions with these giants of the sea are life-changing, and for the lucky few who encounter humpbacks in the water, the experience is described as once-in-a-lifetime!

Best Diving Nearby for Americans

Sharks swimming in Fiji

Explore the best dive sites close to home! Whether you have limited vacation time or want to save money on flights so you can spend more time underwater, Bluewater Travel has got you covered. With our headquarters in Southern California’s Culver City, we have explored plenty of local dive sites and destinations that are within easy reach of the region, and here are our top dives this side of the world:

Lembeh Trip Report 2023

Yellow and purple nudibranch lembeh
Lembeh is a place where you can truly appreciate the beauty of the small and often-overlooked creatures that inhabit the world's oceans. It is a must-visit destination for any diver with an interest in macro photography and a fascination with critters. The combination of knowledgeable dive guides, fantastic marine life, and excellent accommodations make this trip in which many guests return year after year. There is something about Lembeh that never gets old, and returning can never happen soon enough. Read our Oct 2023 trip recap...
Whale Tales & Coral Trails: A French Polynesian Odyssey
Dive into adventure with us! Today, we plunged into the turquoise waters of Moorea for not one, but two wonderful morning dives. We saw white-tip and black-tip reef sharks on our first dive, complemented by graceful sea turtles. As if that wasn’t enough, our surface interval was graced by two magnificent humpback whales frolicking in the lagoon... Read our full trip recap!



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