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Philippine siren, Philippines

Liveaboard Trips to Malapascua, The Visayas, Tubbataha (6-13 Nights) | From $420++/night

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The Philippine Siren is a beautiful 40-meter (131-foot) Phinisi-style liveaboard yacht with great itineraries covering Philippines' top diving spots in the Visayas and Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park. The boat features spacious and modern cabins, plenty of space on the main deck with dedicated areas to store and share underwater photography equipment, and exceptional chef-prepared meals.




Departures from Cebu (Mactan), Puerto Princessa, or Moalboal.


Dive Overview

Diving the Philippines means access to a wide assortment of marine environments, such as coastal reefs and steep walls and pinnacles. The S/Y Philippine Siren places divers amongst beautiful corals and a plethora of wildlife. Whale sharks frequent many of the dive sites. 

Some of the highlights for the Visayas & Malapascua itineraries are hard and soft coral formations, muck diving, whale sharks in Oslob, thresher sharks in Malapascua and the famous sardine run in Moalboal. While the vibrant hard corals growing on pinnacles and steep walls, and frequent sightings of reef sharks, rays and whale sharks are present for the Tubbataha itineraries.

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Types of Cabins, Amenities and Photos

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S/Y Philippine Siren Cabin Details

The Philippine Siren has 8 staterooms that accommodate up to 16 divers. There are two types of cabins: Double Master Cabins and Twin Master Cabins. 

Philippine Siren Philippine Siren

Philippine Siren Philippine Siren

The cabins


S/Y Philippine Siren Cabin Amenities

  • Individual aircon control
  • Personal audio/video system
  • Ensuite bathroom with hot water
  • Overhead reading lights
  • Lockable safety box
  • Cupboards for personal items
  • Bath & hand towels, Bathrobe, Shower gel

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General Facilities

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Philippine Siren Philippine Siren

The dining area and saloon

Philippine Siren Philippine Siren

The sundeck and camera tank


S/Y Philippine Siren Boat Features

  • Aircon lounge/cocktail bar
  • Comfortable lounge sofas
  • 42″ Flatscreen TV
  • Library of movies, books & games
  • Covered outdoor dining
  • All meals served buffet style
  • Self-service drinks & snacks
  • Sundeck (8 cushioned loungers)
  • 2 high powered RIBs
  • Laundry service
  • Massage (available 3 hours/day)
  • Yacht boutique (Equipment/Merchandise)
  • Kayak usage (Free of charge except for arrival/departure days)


S/Y Philippine Siren Dive Facilities

  • Shaded dive deck
  • Individual dive stations
  • Personal storage drawers
  • 12l Alu-Tanks, weights & belt
  • Basic Aqualung equipment (Free of charge for the duration of the trip)
  • SMB (Safety Sausages) (Free of charge for the duration of the trip)
  • Numbered Towel – Diving/Deck use
  • Free Nitrox refills
  • Diving courses (charges apply)

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Food & Drinks Aboard S/Y Philippine Siren

Each meal is served buffet style in the rear deck dining area. Hot breakfast and eggs cooked to order start the day, lunches offer at least 2 choices of chicken, fish or red meat with salads and vegetable accompaniment. Evening meals consist of 3 courses: soup, entree, dessert. A choice of 2-3 entrees and a selection of side dishes are available with some evenings following a theme, to include Filipino specialties.

Each trip offers a freshly prepared BBQ. Fresh fruit, snacks, and cookies are available throughout the day. A wide selection of carbonated soft drinks (coke, coke light, sprite, tonic, soda) and fruit juices are available. Freshly brewed coffee, black and herbal teas and hot chocolate are also available free of charge. San Miguel and Red Horse lagers are provided in cans and guests may help themselves at no cost. Wines and spirits are also available and additional charges apply.

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S/Y Philippine Siren Deck Plan

Philippine Siren 

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S/Y Philippine Siren Schedule & Rates

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Prices are in USD, per person and do not include park and port fees, and taxes.

See also: Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Local transfers from/to the airport
  • Essential dive equipment (BCD, regulator, 3mm shorty wetsuit, mask, finds, tank & weights)
  • Free Nitrox
  • Meals & drinks
  • Local beer



  • International & domestic flights
  • Torch and dive computer rental (6 USD/ day)
  • Mandatory: Marine park and port fees & taxes (prices vary) 


Important note

Optional extras, Marine Park, Port fees and taxes payable on board the S/Y Philippine Siren are priced in USD. They accept cash payment in USD, Euro, GBP, AAU$ or Philippine Peso (PhP) as well as all major credit cards (excepting Amex). All credit card transactions will be billed in Philippine Peso dependent on the exchange rate at the time of your trip and an admin fee of 3% will be applied.



For more information on rates and availability email us at or call us at +1-310-915-6677 and we will gladly help you plan your dream dive vacation!

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Dive Information & Itineraries

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Malapascua (June – February, 10 & 12 Nights)

Combine all the favorites from the Southern Visayas itinerary with a 2-day extension in Malapascua Island for thresher sharks, wrecks and more! 10-night and 12-night trips start in Mactan and culminate in Malapascua or vice versa. When divers think of Malapascua they immediately think about thresher sharks and with almost guaranteed daily sightings on Monad Shoal, it's not surprising. But there is more to Malapascua than just the threshers, especially when it's combined with the rest that the Visayas has to offer.

  • MONAD SHOAL, MALAPASCUA ISLAND - Is one of the few dive spots in the World where the shy pelagic thresher sharks may be seen on a daily basis. Divers rest at approximately 25m (90ft) on the sandy bottom to watch the sharks approach and be cleaned. Other visitors to the shoal include manta, devil and eagle rays. Diving with Nitrox is recommended to enjoy extended bottom time.
  • WHITE TIP ALLEY, GATO ISLAND - As the name suggests provides an almost guaranteed sighting of white tip reef sharks that enjoy their rest on the sand tucked under rocks and coral bommies. Other species found here include scorpion fish and seahorses. Pygmy seahorses may also be found too as well as whip coral shrimps which cling to the colorful whip corals adorning the overhangs of the island."
  • DONA MARILYN, MALAPASCUA WRECKS - Lying on her starboard side at a depth of 32m (110ft) this 100m (300ft) long passenger ferry is now a haven for marble and blue spotted stingrays and home to schools of sweetlips. Covered with corals and the remains of fishing nets she gives an eerie vibe to divers – not least because of the many people who lost their lives during her sinking more than 20 years ago. Guarding the wreckage is a resident giant moray eel and also commonly seen are large scorpionfish, lionfish and cuttlefish. Minimum depth 18m (60ft)

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Visayas (June – February, 6 & 10 Nights)

The Visayas region is home to some of the best diving in the Philippines, with its nutrient-rich water supporting a variety of eco-systems & a wide diversity of marine life. Sites range from steep coral covered walls to gentle sloping reefs and muck diving hotspots. During the tour, we visit and dive the islands of Cebu, Cabilao, Panglao, Balicasag and Pescador. Along with Apo Island marine sanctuary and critter hot spot Dauin. Your Cruise Director will schedule up to 4 dives per day; 3 day dives and either a sunset or a night dive. A typical diving day is scheduled as follows:

  • Light Breakfast followed by a briefing & Dive 1
  • Full Breakfast, relaxation followed by briefing & Dive 2
  • Lunch, relaxation followed by briefing & Dive 3
  • Snack
  • Briefing for Sunset or Night dive (no Night dives: strong currents)
  • Dinner

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Tubbataha (February – June, 6 & 13 Nights)

The reefs of Tubbataha consist of vertical walls or near drop off's rising out of great depths where hammerheads, thresher sharks and whale sharks can be seen. The shallow reef tops are teeming with colorful reef fish whilst at many dive sites stingrays, spiny lobsters, immature manta rays and turtles are found. Your Cruise Director will schedule up to 4 dives per day; 3 day dives and either a sunset or a night dive. A typical diving day is scheduled as follows:

  • Light Breakfast followed by a briefing & Dive 1
  • Full Breakfast, relaxation followed by briefing & Dive 2
  • Lunch, relaxation followed by briefing & Dive 3
  • Snack
  • Briefing for Sunset or Night dive (no night dives in Tubbataha: due to strong currents!)
  • Dinner

Watch this awesome video to learn more about Tubbataha

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Other Information

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Boat Specifications

  • Built: 2013
  • Length: 40 meters
  • Breadth: 9.7 meters
  • Draft: 3 meters
  • Construction Material: Ironwood
  • Engines: Marinized Nissan RH-10, Mitsubishi 6D-22
  • Max Speed: 10 knots
  • Generators: 3 x Yanmar
  • Water Storage: 16 tonnes


Practical Information

  • Time Zone: GMT+8
  • Local Currency: PHP (Philippine Peso)
  • Language Spoken: English and Tagalog
  • Electricity: 220v or 110v
  • Payment Onboard: Cash & credit card

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Underwater Gallery 

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Philippine Siren Philippine Siren

Philippine Siren Philippine Siren

Philippine Siren Philippine Siren

Photos provided by Aaron Wong & Gerald Rambert & Chris Huss.  


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Reviews (7)


Philippine Siren is a classic boat where its crew keeps it in shape. The leisure area and our room were very spacious. The dive prep area is a little tight in space, but they run a very efficient operation and literally take care of everything for you so you don't have to run here and there to grab your camera, fins, etc. When it's dive time, practically every crew member comes to the dive deck to prep for you. Once you step into your wetsuit, you practically don't have to do anything else. They will remember every piece of your gear to bring to the zodiac, along with your favorite drink once you come out. I've taught my wife to be self sufficent, including setting up the gear to taking the nitrox measurement. I feel that they have spoiled her here. The crew really goes out of the way. My wife had a quacker that stopped quacking. I borrowed a tool from a crew member and opened it up to see what is wrong to no avail. I thought that's the end of her quacking on this trip. But later on, the crew member disassembled it and got it working without my asking.

The food is great, with a change of theme every day. Every meal was provided, and they were full meals, from lunch on day of arrival to dinner on the last night and breakfast on the last day. The automated cappuccino machine is awesome, nothing like a quadruple shot before the morning dive.

Every dive site is different, unlike some other liveaboards, and each location they take you to is completely different from the others that you visited, from reef, wall, cavern right through an island, sardine, whale shark, thresher to muck. It's like going to many destinations on one trip. Some people said they could have done all this via land based diving, but it's a lot of traveling by land and sea to get to each of these dive sites. The guides were great, they would point out to so many things that we would have definitely missed. Gotta give a shout out to Jonah, who glee with excitement on her finds and made sure everybody got to see them, even though it's probably the 1000th time she has seen it. I thought the muck dive would be OK but it would definitely not be for my wife, but she loved it because things were just crawling around everywhere. We were kind of disappointed that we only got a limited sighting of the thresher shark, even though we had the advantage of dive extremely early and getting there first. I guess the fact that people show up with all their bubbles causes the sharks to leave. We did make a second attempt the next day with the same result, although my insistence on getting a good sighting caused me to stay back for an extra few minutes, thereby missing the humongous jellyfish that everybody else saw. We also got a visit from Dr Frogfish to give us a presentation on all the varieties out there, and believe me, this place is filled with frogfish.

I thought the fish variety was great, but another diver said the fish life is not like what it used to be when she visited 10 years ago. I was expecting worse, hearing how the lack of enforcement have allowed the locals to clean out the reefs. We did hear a couple of loud bangs from a distance while underwater. We thought it was someone doing dynamite fishing far away, but was told it was the local diveboat's engine misfiring.....I still have my doubts.

At the end, they even provided an extremely detailed daily dive log with every fish they saw, accurately identified. I see the cruise director and DM flipping through the fish ID book for hours in order to identify the exact fish that were seen.

It was great that they provided pickup and dropoff service to anywhere in the city area, plus their boarding was quite early compared to other liveaboards, so we don't have to be stuck hours in limbo between the time after checking out of our hotel and being picked up.

Visited on 10/2019 - Submitted on 05/21/2021

This was probably the best liveaboard boat we have been on. This was in our top 3 trips---and yes, all of those have been with BlueWater (Anilao and Sea of Cortez were the others). This ship was beautiful. The crew keeps it in top shape, it was spacious and comfortable, clean and organized. The crew made this trip so pleasurable. Everyone was treated like royalty!! Jonah is the best cruise director and has a great talent to manage both the ship, crew, unruly guests and negotiate with local Filipinos. The food was delicious and the crew had so many surprises for me for my birthday! Cake, Tshirt, decorated dive station, celebration underwater, gracious of them!

Visited on 02/2020 - Submitted on 03/19/2020

Outstanding boat, crew, and organization. It was my 25th live-aboard and I was not disappointed.

I was on the Coron to Anilao trip which also visits Puerto Gallera and Apo reef. Every site was very different and 3 days in each was perfect. Coron has WW2 wrecks. Apo is reef and walls, but few fish. Sad! Puerto Gallera has amazing corals and macro. Anilao is muck and little else.

I wish that there were more fish, but when you see the local poverty and fishermen, you realize that fish is the primary source of food for many of them.

Siren does a great job of arranging travel and transfers. Free gear rental and nitrox is sweet. The crew is extremely helpful and friendly. Dive from zodiacs. Food amazing and an experience. Stable and sea-worthy boat.

Visited on 11/2014 - Submitted on 12/10/2014

I spent a week on a beautiful boat, eating excellent food and diving with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable crew. Despite the fact that the weather didn't get the memo we had a wonderful week exploring some of the great diving the Philippines has to offer. The seascape was varied and interesting as was the wildlife. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would gladly sail with a siren again given the opportunity.

Visited on 09/2012 - Submitted on 10/30/2014

The S/Y Philippine Siren is the most comfortable live aboard I've been to. It's designed in order for the diver to be conformable anywhere he/she is. The dive deck is well distributed, so each one has it's place to get ready, its space to store dive equipment. As I use glasses, the drawer available for each dive position was a nice addition to the diver position. Also, the live aboard other TWO spaces available to each diver to store other equipment like camera and photographic equipment, as well as laptops.

The rooms are also design to be spacious, and not cram together like other liveaboards I've been to. The food was excellent because of it's diversity, taste and presentation. As I 'm following a special diet, they were very accommodating with my diet, and I got to enjoy the excellent cuisine.

The staff was kind, accommodating, helpful, friendly. Always ready to help.

The marine life was incredible. I think there was flora and fauna for everybody's taste. From huge tunas and sharks, through sharks, turtles, cuttlefish, bluespotted ribbon tail ray, Napoleons, very big photogenic jellyfishes, schools of jacks, barracudas,

This live aboard is suited for photographers and divers that do not mind a rough sea in order to get to very healthy and well protected marine natural park

On this trip we visited the Tubbataha Reefs Marine Park.

Visited on 03/2014 - Submitted on 08/19/2014


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